Daily Check - In Monday June 26


Good morning fitness buddies....

Just checking in to say hello. Rest day for me on the rotation today and I need it!!

Yesterday was a 50 minute run in the morning (which I did, no power walk for me yesterday) and PLB in the afternoon.

Have a good day!
Hello Jane and others who follow,

Jane I'll be glad when I can run that long, but for right now I will do my fastwalk/run.:p

Not sure what I want to do for today. I need legs and cardio,its just finding something I haven't already done 10 million times!x(

I will check back in after doing my workout.

have a great day!

Good Morning Jane & Kim and everyone who show up later!

We went camping over the weekend, so we won't talk about my diet!:eek: I did get in a GOOD walk (BIG hill) yesterday and also CTX bi's and Tri's . Today will be some step (to be determined later) and abs.

How many days till Friday?????

Hi Jane, Kim, and Becky.

I am a Becky too.
New to Cathe and these forums.

Yesterday I rested (I hadn't done that in over 3 weeks...I always felt too guilty, but figure since Cathe puts them in her rotations, I should not feel guilty about it)

This morning I did all 74 minutes of KickMax. Later, after work, if my DH feels up to it, we'll do a 20-30 min run (he's getting over a sprained ankle). If he doesn't feel up to it, we'll do some yoga instead.

I am dreading a bit tomorrow's workout...MIC. But I am excited because I should be getting 4 more HardCore workouts in the mail tomorrow! So Wednesday, I should hopefully be able to do IMAX 3!!!

Hope all have a great day. I am going to be dissecting out the portal triad of a liver this am. Yuck.

Hey Beckymd,

Welcome again, we are glad to have you! Sounds like you had a good workout this morning,KM has been in the back of my mind for a workout today.

Have a good day with the liver,I think?:p

Good Morning Fit Chicks!

I overslept this morning, so I don't think I'll get my whole workout in. I'm planning on 90xC/S/T, AbRipperX and maybe some cardio.

Jane: Enjoy your rest day!

Kim: I hope you find a fun workout...I feel like that sometimes too.

Becky: Enjoy your workout....

Beckymd: Welcome!

Hello to all that follow...have a great day!
Hi to all of you!
Welcome Beckymd, sounds like a fun day for you LOL!
Well, of course yesterday did not go as planned. I am a firefighter BTW, and we had a fatal motorcycle accident about 1pm, so I was at the scene all afternoon. I did alot of running around, but no WO. Was going to WO at night, but took benedryl and passed out about 7pm till 7 this morning.
So, my body should darn well be rested! Will get some good cadio this afternoon!
Hope you all have a great day and good WO and will ccheck in later.

Maeghan AKA megadoo

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Daily Check-in

I am officially out of denial now and admitting that I am depressed for whatever reason. I am still not sleeping at night. I willed myself to get off my butt and do a workout Friday night even though I did not feel like it. I tried several of Christi’s CIA workouts. I do not like CIA 7002 at all. I think I will really enjoy CIA 9801 when I have more energy. Christi’s CIA 5004 hi-lo workout is my favorite on her Humble Beginnings DVD. It is dancy and not as intense. It is just what I need right now. I love the set too. In fact, I ordered Cathe’s Mega Step Blast because I like that particular set so much. Christi and Cathe shared the same sets in their earlier workouts. It was not my best performance by far, but at least I did something.

Saturday was a rest day. I previewed the workouts on Cathe’s Cardio Hits DVD. Just watching her inspires me to get up and move! I am looking forward to trying Step Fit and Step Works this week.

I tried Cathe’s Step N Motion for the first time yesterday morning. I did the cardio only, which is short and sweet. Cathe is so young and cute in this one, and watching her makes me smile. It is the very first video she filmed. The moves are very basic. The leg drills and plyo step moves are intense. I will do this one from time to time when I want a change. It does not compare to her newer workouts because I love more complex choreography, but this is really good considering when it was filmed. Not to mention, I do not have the mental energy to tackle new choreography right now.

I did Mega Step Blast for the first time last night. I enjoyed it. Like Cathe’s other early workouts, it has very basic choreography. It is another one that is good for days when I want to work my body but rest my brain. I like the set and music. I never imagined that I would like Cathe’s dated workouts, but they are very good.

My hormones are out of control. I do not know what is wrong with my body. My butt and gut are not the only parts that are getting bigger. I have gained 4" in my chest this month and at least a cup size. :eek: This is not a good thing with all the Cathe high impact I do! My cycle finally started yesterday afternoon. I hope that helps!

Heather B.

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31 NIV).
RE: Daily Check-in

Morning ladies. Well, I have jury duty today!x( Actually I'm kind of "on call" and have to call them at 11:00 later this morning to see if they need me. Good news, I get a paid day off from work. So, I am going to go to the gym after I drop my daughter off at daycare. I'm looking forward to it because I'll have a bunch of time and take my time and not worry about getting home to get ready for work. I will do some cardio and some weight work.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Good morning everyone,

I thought I'd try to do the daily check-in...it might help with some dwindling motivation that I've been suffering from lately.

Because it's still raining here in NY I get extra time in the mornings to workout and I plan on taking full advantage. This morning I started with Push/Pull, followed up with IMAX 2 (my fav!), and finished off with the core work from SJP. If I can't ride anything today (horses, that is :7 ...get your minds out of the gutter!) I may even tack on something like ME or some kind of easier step (Rhythmic, maybe) this afternoon. I'm making a big push these next couple of weeks as I've been slacking in the WO department because of some very, very long days at work.

Everyone else have fun today!

RE: Daily Check-in

Did low-impact timesaver of KM. Wanted to do higher impact but foot was not up to it this morning. Will try some more short cardio and legs this afternoon. Off to do some cleanmax!

Katie-I hated when they called me for jury duty, but luckily I didn't have to go! They'll just call again.

RE: Daily Check-in

My step workout turned out to be a mish-mosh again.
I am trying to learn a few Christi and Seasun workouts, so this morning I did w/u and first combo from Totally Cool Step, then combos #1 & 2 from Rocky Steady Step, then combos 1and 2 from Step works . That was just over an hour I think.

Gonna skip abs for now, because my day is already getting away from me!

Good luck with jury duty Katie!!
Hi everyone!

I am glad to be back on board here. Cedar Point was great, believe it or not the weather was fine, also. Had some storms come through but only when we were inside, so we were very blessed on this trip!

Took two days off, which I never do, but I did keep up with ab work those days...

Sunday - Hi/lo to the max with intervals ( Donna Read )
Today - Bodymax. I really wanted to jump start my system back into training now.

Welcome Beckymd, we are a crazy bunch here.

Have a great day!
Morning everyone -
Today was Imax2 - I haven't done it in ages and I was so excited to do it again. Had a wierd feeling in my knee so I had to go easy on the jumps, but I still sweat my butt off (if only it were that easy, LOL)! :)

Beckymd - Welcome!

Maeghan - How do you do that - dealing with fatalities must the worst part of that job! I give you a lot of credit, I know it would be too emotionally draining for me.

Heather - Kudos for you - you got moving! :7 Keep it up!

Happy Monday to everyone!
Heather,I am glad that you got your workout in despite how you were feeling. I pray that things will look up for you soon.

I did the 37 min. premix off of KPC today. Look at the time ladies, I am early, only because my middle son has tennis camp that begins at 9am so I am forced out of the bed,LOL!!

Have a great day!!:7
Hi gym mom. It is really hard doing that job. Especially since we had another fatality last Thursday. It was a former member, and we are doing the wake tonight.
I must say, the chief is my uncle, and the 2nd chief is my dad. So they are really good at taking care of us (all the members).
Honestly it doesn't take much to be affected. I just keep telling myself that we did all we could do, and for whatever reason, it was that persons time, and offer comfort to the families/friends who are there. That is the hardest, seeing how upset they are.
Thanks for asking.

Maeghan AKA megadoo

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Hello everyone!
I took a rest day yesterday, which I really needed. Today I am going to run 5 miles and Gs triceps. I need to lose these last 5lbs. I have been eating everything in sight. I made the mistake of buying peanut M&M's. I don't know why I love those so much but I can eat a whole big bag. Anywyay, I am back on track today and ready to lose those last few lbs.

Tammy, your picture is beautiful and how proud you must have been at graduation.

Welcome Becky:)

Hello to everyone else and have a GREAT day and no M&M's for anyone}(

ACK! Susan, you reminded me I have Mega peanut M&M's in the freezer! OH NO!!!!!!!!

My favorite were the dark chocolate, but can't find them anymore!!
Also love the almond, and peanutbutter ones. mmmmmmmmmm!!!

I forgot to say WELCOME to you before Beckymd, so Welcome!!:D
RE: Daily Check-in

Kim I did that one (the top choice right on the menu list).

I like it a lot. KM otherwise is TOO Much jumping for me.

I'm on a kick box kick right now.

Cardio last week - CK, KM, KB, KPC

Tammy how was the party ? I was thinking of you.

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