Daily Check - In Monday June 26

Hi ladies!! I was wondering if I could join in on your check-in. I read it almost everyday anyway to see what great workouts you decide to do! I am also in need of some accountability.

Today was warm up and section #1 from Mindy Mylrea's Cardio Toolbox and PLB! My legs were not too happy going up and down the stairs. Sounds like everybody had great workouts.

Enjoy the day!

Hi Karen!!
Well, finally I got a realy WO in! I just did VIper and it was great. The only part I didn't do was the 4th cardio segment, but I did do all 4 weight segments. I was running out of time. So atleast I did get a full 60 minutes in before the stretch.

Maeghan AKA megadoo

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Hey ladies,

Was planning on doing another workout this afternoon but I am having some soreness in my hips. I think it was from those leg drills in KM. Has anyone else experienced that? I don't think I can do anymore cardio today.:-( Ouchie!

Also I have had a bad eating day today. Have you ever had a day where you felt hungry shortly after eating and food is the only thing that makes you feel okay for a while? I ate all day long! And not all of it was good.:-( AT least I worked out today.

Have a good night!

Hi Kim. The first time I ran outside, I must not have properly stretched and my hips were so sore for three days. Now I make sure after any and all exercise I take extra time to stretch my hip flexors and the outsides of the legs. My favorite is while standing, cross one leg over other knee and sit/squat. Love that stretch. Hope this helps.

Maeghan AKA megadoo

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RE: Daily Check-in

Robyn!! How sweet of you to think of me. The party was a great success! One more to go next year!

How is your DS doing?
Thanks Susan! His father and I were very proud as he has been an EXCELLENT student and really applied himself.
Hi everyone ffrom my NY hotel. I did 25 min on the tradmill as well as the travel WO that Cathe had posted a long time ago. It included a leg blast and various upper body exercises. I also spent some time in the jacuzzi! Til later. PHyllis
Phyllis, are you on vacation ?
Good for you fitting in your workout when you are on the road!!!:D
The jacuzzi sure sounds good.
Hope you are enjoying yourself.

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