Daily Check in Friday September 14th, 2018


Good Morning Fitness Peeps,

Today I did another short - 45 minute - workout blender of heavy chest and legs. I included my own stretch.

Have a good day everyone.


Hi ladies

Yesterday was Fit Body Boot Camp Live and today a WB mix of various Hiit workouts.

I have worked out 12 days in a row and I am ready for a break!

FYI I will be MIA until next Sunday as we are on vacation.

Have a great day and enjoy your workouts!


Today was Metabolic Meltdown Live. Still struggling with breathing and endurance. This virus just keeps hanging on!
I am not supposed to travel Lisa- when I took this job it was stay at home. Then the mat leaves started for the younger ones that do travel and I have been chosen to pick up the slack. I also took an executive position with a beef producers organization which also has more travel than I thought it would. I do not enjoy it but it is was it is. Have a great time away!!


Hi ladies,

Today I taught my newest workout, Weights, Cardio and more Weights, to 8 ladies for about 56 minutes. I is a fun routine.

Then I did about 20 minutes of weights, leg press machine, inner and outer thigh machine, rope pull down, calf machine and floorwork abs to finish.

I am so so sore right now[emoji44]!

Especially across the top of my back , oh my!!

Have a great day and workout!![emoji41]

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