Daily Check in for Friday July 20/18


Looks like I got here first today!
Strong and Sweaty Ramped Up Upper body.
Love bicep isolation- they feel HUGE right now :)
Tris were still recuperating from Tuesday.

Have a great weekend,


Hi Melanie,

Yes, you beat me today. Today I went to the gym early and did my weight workout. I even did bench press and got 1 iffy rep at 105 pounds, really shouldn't push the shoulder but I had to try. Weight workout was about 30 minutes.

Then I taught my Variety Circuit to 8 ladies for about 56 minutes.

Thankfully my one lady likes my idea to revamp / reuse the music from Wednesday's failed attempt at a walking routine type workout. So I need to come up with an intense, ramped up cardio that is no longer than 23 minutes.

Have a great day and workout ladies[emoji41]!!

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Hi Everyone,

I had to take a rest day yesterday - again - bad sleep. DD didn't come in until 2 am so i had a hard time sleeping. and wow annette about the weight. whoa!

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