Commit to get Fit & Lean January 2016 - 2023


Today was a walk outside. I was wishing for Spring:) We went to my SILs for dinner it was a nice time. I was thinking get togethers are better when you can go outdoors.

Belinda - I hope all is well and RV situation works out.

Cookie - Nice rebounding workout:) I still have a China Cabinet but my SILs got rid of their's. I keep a lot in them so don't think I could do without. It sure could use decluttering though.


I did a belly dance today and yesterday. I will get a weight workout in later…I hope.

The reason that the manufacturer made this structural change was based on several owners stating that they had made mods to their RVs by replacing the doors with curtains. Mostly easier for kids to get in and out. At some point the owner told the design Team and engineers to creat a new Bunk plan, they did and conducted what is known as a rolling change, The manufacture and assembly is immediately transitioned.

The mistake was not asking owners who had designed their RVs to specific specs like us. Since they stopped production of these particular doors they will hand craft and install. We had the dealer sent us pictures on the theater seats we had them put in instead of the couch. My DH saw in the picture there wasn‘t a door instead there was a a kiddy ladder which we don‘t want/need. They have to replace all that. We wanted a closet to hang clothes in. No need for bunk beds. There was a overhead bed above the driver/passenger seat. We didn‘t wanted that either. It was an eyesore for me, lol.

Debbie - we are still waiting on when we can pick it up. I doubt we go before my infusion next week. I wished it was Spring too. I am getting tired of this cold.

Cookie - glad you enjoyed Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz from Lincoln Center Orchestra. I need to look them up, maybe I can see it in DC one day.


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Today was a walk outside & Cathe Total Body Barbell. I had my mammogram today and it went well.

Belinda - Loved the pictures of the RV theater chairs, looks so comfortable! A closet will be great, looks like it will be a nice size too. It looks like it will be ready before Spring. Great getting your dance workouts in:)

Cookie - Did you have a day off for President's Day?


CL# 482 Jump to it is done. Instead using a jump rope, I used my rebounder.

Debbie - thank you. We have a closet in the bedroom too. Having an extra closet is nice to have. We love the RV theater chairs too. I hope the comfortable. Great job on your Cathe TB barbell. Glad your mammogram went well.

Hi Cookie!

I will be back later.
'Evening! Had to take a rest day yesterday and today. Had cataract surgery on an eye. Had such a headache yesterday but today is better. Today's bright sunlight was challenging though. Kept moving around the house avoiding it so I could do work w/o the light or glare bothering me. Should be better soon.

Deb, my cabinet needed a good clean out, and I'm really feeling good that it is done. We use a house/dog sitter when we're not here, so it motivates me to get some stuff done before a trip. We're going away in March and again in May this spring. Very thankful all went well with your mammogram!

Belinda, glad you're able to get the rv the way you want, and more closets are always a great idea. Those theatre seats sure look comfy!

Today was Gloved Up & Sweaty. It was a nice day snow/ice in our driveway is almost gone.

Belinda - Great work with Jump to it, it must be fun using the rebounder. I like the neutral color of the interior.

Cookie - Nice to hear your surgery went well. I'm sure the light/glare would be troublesome. You have lots to look forward to in the Spring.


I did a dance today. Feeling under the weather today. Dance was perfect today.

Debbie - it was fun using the rebounder. My Apple Watch didn‘t give me any exercise minutes. Thank you! I like the neutral color of the interior too. Some had some awful disign. Great job on Cloved Up $ Sweaty.

Cookie - glad your surgery went well. Be carful with the light sensitively. Hopefully you will be back to normal soon. The theater seats do look compfy. I do need them to elevate my knees after driving for long periods of time. The passenger seat is also a recliner, lol. Comes in handy when we drive long distance, I can put my feet up.

Good night. I will try to to the CL she is doing tomorrow.
'Evening! Met a friend for a walk today. Love catching up with her.

Deb, glad the snow/ice is almost gone. What a crazy winter this has been.

Belinda, be careful with your knees and driving for long periods of time. My sister drives her rv, and I have no idea how she manages it. Those things are big!

Today was zoom yoga. I skipped walk outside, it was sunny but cold. I didn't feel like going outside today.

Belinda - I hope you feel better and aren't getting sick. It's funny I was tired today and was hoping I'm not coming down with anything. Having a recliner passages seat is nice!

Cookie - It's nice to catch up with a friend and get your walk in too:) The leaves of my daffodils were coming up, but the snow and cold came. Not sure if they will bloom.


Today I did CL# 214 Total Body Giant Sets 2.

Debbie - thank you. I feel like I am coming down with something? I hope you are not coming down with something too. I don‘t blame you not wanting to go outside yesterday. It was so cold here.

Cookie - nice catching up with a friend and getting a walk in too. My Dh loves to drive, no worries. Kudos to your sister driving it. Not sure, if I will drive that thing anytime soon. The prednisone is affecting my eyes.

I am almost done decluttering/organizing my closet. I have a huge walk in closet.
'Evening! Got in a walk today. The wind was strong at times.

Deb, hope your daffodils come back. The poor things are probably so confused with this crazy weather. After dinner, I felt like all my energy drained out. I guess we're all feeling it. Hope you're resting and you didn't come down with anythng.

Belinda, I'm having to put prednisone in my eyes and boy does it sting. I sure wouldn't want to drive that vehicle. I miss having a large walk in closet. While the one we had in our other house was really too big, I wouldn't mind having a larger one than we have here in this bedroom. It does make me keep paring things down.

Today was a walk outside & Killer Legs. My legs are sore already. I feel better today and felt good to get outside.

Belinda - Great job with Live Total Body Giant Sets 2. I hope you are feeling better, this weather doesn't help. It gets warmer here next week.

Cookie - Not fun when it's windy when your walk, it wasn't bad here today. I gauge how cold/windy it is by how many dogs I see walk by;) I hope your feeling better.


Dance practice for me today. I am practicing with the veil. I like the veil a lot, just get caught in my hair..

Debbie - great job with your walk outside and Killer legs. Thank you. I feel a little better, got lots of rest today. I am glad next week gets warmer. I can‘t wait to walk outside again, I been so busy with decluttering and getting things ready for the RV.

Cookie - prednisone in the eyes will sting. Sorry you are going through this. You are a good patient. I doubt I will drive the RV anytime soon. I am on too many meds. With a huge walk in closet comes a lot of clothes. I still use the little walk in closet in the 4th bedroom for my winter jackets, blazers. Having a smaller closet has it‘s advantages and disadvantages.

Good night.
'Evening! Got in a longer walk today.

Deb, glad you're feeling better. Bet your legs are sore between your walk and that workout! Love the dog gauge for weather! Smart and clever!

Belinda, so true. Space does expand to fill a vacuum! It's funny, while I really did like our previous house, I really only miss my workout space in the basement and my closet! Dancing with the veil sounds interesting, but it would probably get caught in the nest of my hair.

I walked outside today. It was chilly outside. I bundled up. Felt good to be outside. Sadie enjoyed the walk too.

Debbie - glad you feeling better. I hope you having an amazing weekend.

Cookie - I‘ll be honest, I would miss my walk in closed and gym in the basement too if I downsized. I sweat like crazy dancing, I put my hair up. The instructor has her hair down. Mine still gets caught in the veil.

Have a great day and workout everyone

Yesterday was a walk outside & upper body at the gym. Today was a walk outside.

Last night we went to a surprise 70th birthday party for DH's friend. He owns an Italian bakery along with his 2 sons. It was at a country club. They have a house in Sorrento, Italy and flew in an Italian singer and some of his siblings from Italy. The singer sang in Italian but it was really nicely done. The desserts were from their bakery and I may have had a little too much;)

Belinda - It was nicer a walk yesterday, colder here today. Bundling up does help. Nice practicing your dance:)

Cookie - Nice getting in a long walk today. I can't wait for warmer temps. Do you enjoy the quiet time in the winter months? I'm sure visiting starts up again in the Spring.

Last night, in between periods of the hockey game, my dh and I walked around the campus, like we usually do. Unfortunately, I tripped, hit my right knee pretty hard, but also my left elbow and the left side of my face around my left eye, where I had surgery last week. I look like the bad loser in a fight. Taking it easy today.

Today was walk outside.

Debbie - the surprise 70th birthday party for your DH's friend sounds amazing. That is so cool he flew in the siblings and a singer from Italy. I would have been eating the desserts too. Yum!

Cookie - I am so sorry you tripped last night. You got banged up pretty bad. I feel so bad for you.You poor thing. Please take it easy. Feel better soon.

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone.

Today was a walk outside. We also visited DS & DIL and Penne. She will get fixed tomorrow.

Belinda - I hope you enjoyed your walk. It was cold here but warming up tomorrow. Any new pick up date for the RV?

Cookie - So sorry you took a fall yesterday:( I hope you recover quickly. You must feel so sore. DS's dog gave him a black eye, she jumped and knocked into him.

Good morning,

Today I did my last CL workout. I did CL # 483 Glute Glute Hooray. Tomorrow morning am getting the infusion. I hope I get a workout in somehow. We shall see.

Debbie - it dropped to 31 yesterday, it was cold. Felt good to be outside. We should here something ab out the pick up date for the RV today. Good lick with Penne getting fixed today. Great job on your walk yesterday.

Cookie - how are you feeling?

I will be back later.

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