Commit to get Fit & Lean January 2016 - 2023


I did another dance class. We are at DD’s watching the superbowl.

Debbie - you are welcome! I am sure trying to figure it all out. Great job on that walk.

Good night

Today was a rest day. Lots of running around so did get steps in. We watched the Superbowl and the kids came over and it was fun having a dog in the house.

Belinda - Nice getting a dance class in. I watched parts of the games, commercials & Taylor Swift LOL.

Cookie - Do you watch the Superbowl?


Walk outside and CL# 471 Metabolic Mania is done.

Debbie - I also watched parts of the game just like you. We watched the game at DD‘s and BF‘s house, we got home very late around 1 am. I am tired today. If I stayed home, I wouldn‘t watched it, lol.

Cookie - I hope you doing well.

Have a great day and workout.
'Evening! Got in long walks yesterday and today. Watched most of the Puppy Bowl yesterday and enjoyed the second half of the game. Very exciting finish.

Deb, I think it is great you can enjoy the benefits of having a dog. Getting everything ready for a get together takes a lot of time and energy.

Belinda, I'll bet you're tired, staying up late and traveling home. Did Sadie see the Puppy Bowl?

Today was a walk outside & Slow & Heavy leg & shoulders. I stayed clear of the food stores, passed and it was crazy. They increased our snow totals to 8+ inches:(

Belinda - The game did run late so I'm sure you are tired. Nice walk & Live Metabolic Manic. Are you expecting snow too?

Cookie - Nice to get your walks in before the snow. We watched part of the Puppy Bowl too:) It was a nice finish.

'Evening! Got in another walk today and Essentrics. We had a flurry but no real snow accumulation.

Deb, did you get the expected amount of snow? That's one tough workout you did yesterday!

Belinda, how are you feeling today?

I had to get up very early to pick up my passport. We got so much snow, we had to turn around to go a different route to DC. Which took us an additional 50 min. I did a dance workout today before I was heading back to DC to meet my son and DIL for dinner. Lots of driving. At least the snow is almost gone.

Debbie - the game ran very late, not to mention we had an 1.5 hour drive home. We could have stayed at DD‘s and BF‘s house. I rather sleep in my own bed. We got 2 inches in one hour this morning. That was just the beginning. I am glad it melted in DC, we still have a little.

Cookie - I am doing ok. How are you feeling? You are lucky you didn‘t had a lot of snow. It was crazy this morning. Sadie did saw the puppy show, lol. I went to bed early last night, couldn‘t keep my eyes open.

I have to retake the blood tests tomorrow.

Good night.

Today was just snow cleanup. We had over 8 inches of snow. I called a snow plower to do our driveway early this morning, waited all day & eve never showed:( DH and I did front/back & mine & our neighbors sidewalks but the driveway is just too much. Two boys showed up and wanted to do the driveway but I told them l asked someone else. So annoyed would have liked to given the business to the HS boys.

Belinda - Wow, lots of driving it's tough driving in the snow. Nice dance workout. I would rather sleep in my own bed too.

Cookie - So happy you were spared the snow:) I wouldn't have minded flurries. Great you were able to get your walk in and essentrics. I didn't see any people or dogs walking today.


Love Leg Day #475 is done.

Debbie - it was tough driving in the snow. Roads were very slippery. Glad I am not the only one prefers her bed over someone else. We had a lot of people wanted to clean up or drive way. My husband does it, he got a snow blower.

Cookie - did you get any snow? It‘s very cold here. No walk.

Good night.
'Evening! No snow but boy is it cold and windy. Blustery would describe it well. Did get in a walk, but I must have looked a lot like Randy, the little brother, in A Christmas Story. I was really bundled up, and still my face felt frozen. Upper body also today.

Deb, I would have wanted to give it to the HS boys also! Shoveling is hard work, hope you and your dh are feeling alright after it. Didn't see any other dogs out walking today either - they're all smarter than me!

Belinda, I'd vote for my own bed also! I really dislike driving in snow. It's not just the weather, it's the other drivers!

Happy Valentine's Day

Today was a walk at the gym & zoom yoga. It was cold here. The snow plower texted me this morning & said he would come by if I wanted. The driveway iced over so at this point not possible. The sidewalk we cleared doesn't even look like it because when the town plowed it landed on the cleared sidewalk :confused:

Belinda - Was Love Leg Day a special Valentine's workout? It seems so many people who don't have cars good in the snow still drive & get stuck.

Cookie - I'm sure it took you awhile to defrost, but good for you for getting out there. Going from my car to the food store was tough LOL.


I did a live dance workout this morning. Started cleaning my gym/basement with DH‘s help. I am still decluttering.

I am getting my first infusion on the 27th this month.

Debbie - no, it was the last workout of 2023. It was a good one. Great job on the walk and zoom yoga.

Cookie - you and Debbie are prove walking in this weather. I have RP really bad in my ears and nose, not a good idea to walk in this cold. I agree, about the other drivers. I can‘t believe how some people drive like idiots on icy roads.


Today was a walk at the gym & Slow & Heavy Tri's & Bi's. My SIL and her bf are visiting this weekend from TN so lots of get together's planned.

Belinda - Nice getting a dance workout in and decluttering. I am doing a little each day. Great you have an important to get your 1st infusion.

Waves hi to Cookie

'Evening! It's very windy here, so did an indoor JS walk and Essentrics. The cold and wind together is a tough combo!

Deb, have fun this weekend. How do you manage with the ice on your driveway? Ours gets ice also. Luckily this year, most of it has been melting slowing away.

Belinda, glad you have a date set for the infusions to start. My eldest son is moving so we've been getting his stuff to store - ugh!

I did a On demand dance today. Love those dance workouts.

We went to eat dinner with DS, Dil, DD and DD‘s BF.

Debbie - that’s what I do, each day a little bit. Have fun with your SIL and her BF

Cookie - glad the infusion dat is set too. Aww…hav your son go through his stuff. Mine left it and now I am dealing with their unwanted stuff.

Gold night.

Today was a walk at the gym. We went to breakfast with my SILs & BF and tonight it was only the girls. It was a nice time but it was cold out today.

Belinda - Great work with the Dance workouts. Is it always the same instructor? I'm sure it was nice to go have dinner with the kids.

Cookie - Nice walk & essentrics. It's been hard having the wind/cold return after the 60's last weekend. Will your older DS still be close to you?

'Evening! Getting ready to go to a concert, so I have to be real quick. Got in a walk today, and cleaned ktichen cabinets and shelves.

Deb, I love how close you are with your family!

Belinda, how nice to have a dinner out with all your family.

No workout to report today. I been doing lots of decluttering/organizing my closet.

Looks like we are not picking up the RV on Monday. Someone at Tiffin decided to make some changes to the RV, we are not happy. I will explain more tomorrow. The RV dealer are working on it to get fixed before we head out there.

Debbie - I agree, you close to your family. Yes, it‘s always the same instructor. Nice job on your walk.

Cookie - We had a great time last night. I hope you had fun at the concert? Which one was it? Great job on your walk and cleaning.

Good night.

Today was a walk outside, not too bad because it was sunny but bundled up. I went to Costco to get some things to bring to my SILs tomorrow.

Belinda - I hope they resolve the RV situation soon. My decluttering is on pause but maybe tomorrow before or after dinner at my SILs.

Cookie - Enjoy your concert:)

'Evening! Cold here, so did a rebounding workout. You two are motivating me - I cleaned out and reorganized a china cabinet! Thanks.

Deb, I'm sure you had a great time with your SILs! Bundling up with this weather is key.

Belinda, sorry to hear about the rv. Hope it is resolved soon. We saw Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz from Lincoln Center Orchestra. It was one of the best, if not the best performances I've seen.

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