Commit to get Fit & Lean January 2016 - 2023

Did a JS workout and a walk today.

Deb, Penne must be adorable! Love her name, and three pounds is mighty tiny. My ds and his wife are building a house, but I can't remember the name of the town. I think it is about 30 minutes south of the Newton area.

Belinda, sorry about your uncle. You're wise to take care of your teeth.

Today was a walk outside & Cathe Pyramid upper body. We are going to help out with Penne tomorrow. DIL works from home 3 out of 5 days so that is good.

Belinda - Great idea to do the November rotation! I wonder if Penne will be the size of Sadie. The good thing is they aren't heavy if you carry them.

Cookie - Nice work with JS & walk. It felt cold today. DS & wife are probably inbetween her hometown and my house.


No workout to report today. I ran some errands, just got home. I will catch up tomorrow on my workout.

Debbie - it sounds like Penne will be the size of Sadie. Great job on Pyramid Upper Body. Haven’t done that one in so long. I enjoy the November rotations.

Cookie - thank you about my Uncle. Great job on JS workout and walk.

Have a great evening.
'Evening! Did a JS workout this morning, meetings, hair appt, dinner w/a sister and my uncle, and errands. That type of day.

Deb, little Penne is lucky to have you nearby. They're building in Montville, sorry my brain couldn't remember that before. How is your other son feeling?

Belinda, will you be traveling for your uncle's services? It is always hard to lose a loved one.

Today was a walk outside & Pyramid lower body. It was fun to see the puppy again. I ran to stores and it was so crowded, hopefully I remembered everything.

Belinda - I'm sure errands was a workout:) Will you make dinner for you and DH?

Cookie - Nice JS workout, boy are you busy:) You did get it all in though. I think I forgot that you mentioned they were looking in Montville. I believe it is close about 15 minutes away.


Today I did RWH low impact HIIT followed by RWH Chest, shoulders and Triceps. I am all caught up on my rotations.

Debbie - it sure was a workout. Well, DD’s BF’s parents canceled TG dinner. BF’s dad is very sick. I end up having TG at my house. Great job on your walk and Pyramid lower body. Will you dog sit Penne?

Cookie - great job on workout. Unfortunately I will not travel to Canada.It’s very hard to lose loved once’s.

Have a great evening.

Today was a walk outside. Another trip to the food store:( I cooked almost everything today. Just a little more cooking tomorrow. I will bring everything to my Mom's.

Belinda - Great RWH workouts:) It's hard to be sick during the holidays. Lots of things going around. We will sit for Penne when they need us.

Cookie - I bet you have a lot of people coming over tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving! Got in a JS workout this morning, and had TG dinner w/one of my sisters, uncle and a lot of relatives. Came home with a dog that a cousin needed to rehome! He didn't get along with her cat.

Deb, cooking and traveling with the food can be tricky. How did you manage to transport things?

Belinda, great job on the rwh workouts and catching up on rotations.
“Happy Thanksgiving”

Today was a walk outside. It was a nice day. Everything turned out good. So thankful for our group:)

Belinda - We stopped by our neighbors and they were all sick. They were having 24 people over. We left quickly LOL. I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. I joked with DS the turkey was bigger than his dog;)

Cookie - Nice JS workout! It sounds like you had a nice dinner. I’m already looking forward to leftovers. I hope my sandwich gets thru TSA tomorrow. I used coolers to transport and heated everything in the oven except turkey (it dries out) so microwave for that. A new pet:)

'Afternoon! Did a JS workout and had an "exercise snack" at lunchtime, which hopefully will cancel out the baking taste sample testing I did a little bit ago. DH and I are planning to go for a walk in a bit. New guy is settling in, but it was a big surprise to discover he is not fixed! Perhaps that is why he didn't get along with my cousin's cat! DD is here, working, and a ds, and niece come tomorrow for another round of TG dinner!

Deb, you sound very organized with your cooking and then transporting of things! When do you go back to FL? How are your sons doing?

Belinda, how are you doing? Does Sadie like the Thanksgiving smells?

I am so thankful for our group!!

Today I walked outside and did HWR Legs. I also did some Black Friday shopping online. I am almost done with Xmas presents.

Debbie - that is a lot of people. Too bad the all sick. Did you get through TSA? Are you going to FL?

Cookie - did you end up with the dog? Oh, Sadie loves the smell of TG, lol. My TG part of it wasn’t good. My Dh brother made a rude comment about me. I wasn’t happy. Once DD arrived I was ok. We had a lot of fun. As far as, my RP going? Not so good. The meds haven’t kicked in yet. How are you doing?

I hope everyone had a good TG. I cooked way too much.

We arrived to Florida yesterday afternoon. The airport was empty, no wait at TSA. I guess we were on an off day.

Today was a walk on the beach.

Belinda - Nice work with HWR legs. No problems with TSA, they seemed very happy since no crowds.

Cookie - Lots of visitors, they can help eat the baked goods;). I’m missing leftovers while in FL. My son is doing well. We are in FL for about 9 days.


Afterburn is done.

Debbie - glad you arrived in Fl and had no wait at the TSA. Great job on your walk on the beach. Glad your son is doing well. Is he in Fl too?

Cookie - I hope you get a break with your visitors.

I am starting Week 4 of the Nov rotation tomorrow. Wonder what Cathe has plan for Dec?

Have a great day. It’s too cold to walk these day’s.

Today was a walk on the beach, before the rain. The weather isn’t the greatest but still taking it easy and catching up on sleep.

Belinda - it’s great that you are so good at getting the rotations done:). It’s unseasonably cold here too. For us not bad but for Floridians cold. My son is staying with relatives but will be back to us when we get back.

Cookie - Enjoy time with your family.

Goodnight :)
Good morning,

I started Cathe November 2023 Week rotation today. I Idid Fit Split Boxing Bootcamp | Legs & Glutes this morning. I did all my Xmas shopping this weekend. I am done.

Debbie - I am glad your son is doing better. Good idea taking it easy and catching up on sleep. It’s so cold in WV. Hopefully the weather will get better for you.

Cookie - how are you doing?

Have a great Monday.
'Evening! A JS workout this morning. Had my medicare exam today - boy, does that acknowledge age!

Deb, glad you made it to FL and had no troubles. Enjoy those beach walks!

Belinda, all your shopping done already! You are amazing!

Today was a walk on the beach. It’s still cool, I did some cyber shopping, we need a new desktop. Geez too much to choose from.

Belinda - Great you are starting the rotation. I’m just starting Christmas shopping, kudos on having it all done!

Cookie - Time is going by so quickly it’s only a matter of time before we will be looking into Medicare. Do you need to have the exam to qualify or is it an annual physical?

Good morning,

Fit Split Low Impact Cardio | Metabolic Conditioning is done.

Debbie - I took advantage of the Black Friday sales online. I am shipping everything except Alesia’s gifts to TX. DD and I agreed not to schlepp our gifts back and forth. We probably end up shopping in TX for other things, lol. Good luck with your shopping. DH and I put on our wish list (we all list 5 things we all want/need) things we would like for the RV, lol. DH and I bought the RV (things for the RV) and we getting ready to look for a new car to pull for the RV.

Cookie - we been doing this for the last few years, we all list 5 things that everyone would like to get. We buy off that list. Makes things much easier to get everyone what they really want instead of buying stuff they don’t need. I also took advantage of the shampoo that my stylist has and I really like. It’s 30% off on the website. Buying at the stylist is expensive. How long did it take for the exam? We are all up there in age, lol

I will try to be back later. I need to shower. Dh and I will test drive another car today.

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