Commit to get Fit & Lean January 2016 - 2023


Today was a walk outside before the rain. It will snow overnight but now looking at 3-6 inches. I went to the store and forgot about the snow rush:oops: LOL on giving me your snow.

I almost forgot to say I did sign up for the RT and did get in.

Belinda - Nice work with STS! My neighbor usually wears a mask. DH talked to him today and he said he still feels tired and winded. Makes me worried for him.

Cookie - I like isometric work must have been fun. The weather patterns are scary, hopefully a normal summer. My Mom is doing really well. I thought about a party for her but all of her siblings and some of her friends have passed. She mentioned how it makes her sad to celebrate without them.


SBF barre workout upper and lower is done.

Debbie - lol, sorry about the snow. So far, no snow. It's very windy outside. Did you sign up for Cathe RT? I saw it's sold out. DD wanted me to sign up. I can't do hours and hours of working out anymore. Cathe would kill me at the RT, lol. Plus, I really don't want to wear a mask working out. Sorry about your mom's friends. That's sad.

Cookie - I agree, my body definitely needs more rest than I did before I was diagnosed with my disease. I also think a lot has to do with the meds I am one, you get tired a lot. I only do what my body allows me to do these day's. How are you doing these day's? Kitchen is huge, it's going well. Same thing, I used to knock it out in one day, now I do a row of cabinets each day.

Off to get some work done in my kitchen. BBL

Today was a walk outside after the rain. No snow! The weatherman didn't get it right here.

Belinda - Nice barre workout! I will probably not do the step workout, hopefully that will give me energy for the other workouts:) I just heard of a gym in our area offering step workouts, maybe it is making a comeback.

Cookie - I hope you are enjoying the weekend:)

'Evening! Yesterday got in a long walk and took today to partially recover from changing of clocks. No one told my dogs, and they woke me up super early. Had eldest son over for visit and dinner today. We're supposed to get 12-18 inches of snow tomorrow into Tuesday. What's your addresses? JK!

Deb, congrats on getting in on the RT! I remember how much you have always enjoyed them. Glad your mom is doing so well. My tio gets depressed sometimes that his friends have passed on and so many relatives of his age. He's now the oldest at 92. Earlier this year one of his granddaughters passed, and that really hit him hard. Oh, he's my dad's youngest brother, and the last of them all.

Belinda, there's no way I could do the RT either. Glad you're taking it easier. Doing kitchen cabinets is not reallly taking it easy, though!

No workout today. DD and DIL came today.

Debbie - hope you having a great day.

Cookie - glad you taking it easy too. I am trying to get all my cleaning done before the weather gets nicer. It snowed most of the day.

Good night.

Today was a rest day. We went to my Mom's and celebrated her birthday with my brother & ds's. It was a nice day.

Belinda - It's nice your DD & DIL will spend some time with you. You are smart to get your cleaning done when the weather isn't nice.

Cookie - Oops, I saw you were getting a lot of snow:( We are expecting 3-6 inches so I won't complain. Geez anything over 3 inches is too much. Hopefully you can enjoy the snow day. Your Dad's brother sounds like a sweet man!


STS Week 4 CST is done. Tomorrow I am getting all my MRI's done.

Debbie - glad you had a nice day with your mom and brother. Happy birthday! I am trying to knock my cleaning out now.

Cookie - did you get all that snow? It snowed yesterday. It's very blah outside today. I am very tired.

'evening! Did a Heather Robertson chest and back wo and got in a walk inbetween the snow. It snowed until about 11 this morning and supposed to pick back up again soon. Heard 12-18 inches.

Deb, glad your mom had a lovely party with your family and you had a nice day.

Belinda, good luck tomorrow on your MRIs. Hope the weather is agreeable for your travels.

Today was a walk at the gym & Butts & Guts. It rained today & tomorrow snow anywhere from 2-6 inches.
Belinda - Great STS workout! Good luck with your MRI's tomorrow. I'm still tired from moving the clocks ahead.

Cookie - Nice to get a workout in between the snow. Hopefully you won't get too much. It's supposed to be in the 60's on Friday here.

Good morning,

My MRI's went well today. I am super tired. I am up since 1:30 am. My appointment was at 4 to 5 a.m.

Debbie - great job on B&G. I haven't done that one in ages. It's so cold outside and windy.

Cookie - great job getting your workout in between snow. I hope you don't have to shovel too much today.


Today was a walk in the gym & upper body. It was so cold & windy. We only had snow on the grass not the streets or driveway.

Belinda - Happy to hear your MRI's went well. I'm sure you are so tired. Hopefully you make it up with a good night sleep.

Cookie - I heard areas in NY state had 3 feet of snow:( Hopefully it wasn't you and you didn't lose power.


I ended up taking a rest day yesterday. I was too tired.

Today I did SBF barre workout(modified).

Debbie - lol. it did had a good night sleep. I was beat yesterday. We didn't get snow. It's sooo cold outside.

Cookie - I hope you doing well.

Good night.

Today was a walk outside. It was bundled up so not too bad. It's supposed to be Springlike on Friday.

Belinda - Nice work with SBF barre. It's best to listen to our bodies and rest up. I'm sure the change of clocks didn't help you either. I'm still tired from that.

Cookie - I hope you making out ok.


I did SBF barre mostly upper body plus stretch today. DD and DIL are leaving tonight. We all going out for dinner.

Debbie - good point...I forgot about the time change. Maybe that's why I am so tired. Today it's in the 60's. Not too bad. Great job yesterday.

I will try to be back later if not I will catch up in the morning.

Today was a walk outside & Gym Style Legs. It was nice out.

Belinda - Nice job with SBF barre upper body. Have fun with DD & DIL, the week went fast.

Cookie - Tonight I had book club "The Measure". Did you read it? It was interesting really had you thinking.


I got the results from all my MRI's, I am waiting to talk to the doctor.

Today I did the last STS workout in M2.

Debbie - we went to a nice restaurant, the chef made DH and I vegan risotto. It was so good. We called him the same day if he can whip something up for us. That was a nice surprise. We defiantly will go back. Food was amazing.Great job on your GS workout.

Cookie - where are you?


Today was a walk outside & it was nice! We are going to dinner tonight.

Belinda - Good luck with the results from your MRI's. You are starting STS M2:) The risotto dish sounds yummy! It's nice when you find a good restaurant.

Cookie - I hope the nicer weather helps.

Have a great weekend:)
'Evening! Boy, we got snow! Lots of folks w/o power and internet. Thankfullly we're back up, healthy and warm. It's a real heavy snow, so shoveling is challenging. We may only use my dh's car for a while, since he was in the garage. Mine is buried.

Deb, glad you're getting your walks in. DH walked up to the pharmacy today, but said there's little room to walk. Did it feel like Spring?

Belinda, hope the results are informative. When will you chat with your dr? The risotto sounds yummy.

I did another SBF TB today. I am trying to figure out what I will do next week. I will not do M3.

Debbie - yes, it's very hard finding restaurants that will accommodate special needs. I requested no oil, no sugar, no dairy, no animal products. I will defiantly go back there and see what else he comes up with. I just finished M2. Hope you had a great dinner last night.

Cookie - I called my doc nurse, not sure if she got my message? I will call on Monday or stop by since I am going to the sinus surgeon on Monday. Risotto was amazing. Sorry about all the snow you getting. We have none. Yikes!

Good night.

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