Commit to get Fit & Lean January 2016 - 2023

"Evening! Happy Birthday, Belinda! Hope it is a wonderful day for you, and this is a year of good health and happiness. Did Essentrics today.

Deb, thanks, I'm trying to rest it and wear compression on it. Glad you're happy with the reno. They are a pain to go thru, but worth it. I love the unpacking and settling in portion! Yeah, I know, I'm crazy.

Belinda, enjoy the day with your family.

Today was a walk outside & zoom yoga. I feel like a regular at Lowe's today I was there for door handles and a shower faucet for one of our bathrooms. TG it is so close.

Happy Birthday, Belinda!!!
Belinda - I hope you are enjoying your birthday with your family. Wishing you many more:)
Cookie - Too funny that you like the unpacking part. You could probably start a business for people. I would be your 1st customer;)

Checking in early for a change! Did Cathe Live Awesome Upper Body, and loved it. My wts have gone down a lot, but I did it all. Funny it is onlly the wts I lift that have been going down, I'm afraid to get on a scale and always tell the dr's office to not inform me.

Deb, we renoed the first floor and then the second, one year each. Still have a lot to do, but anyway, I ordered so much from Wayfair they offered me a pro discount quite a few times. Must of thought I was a designer ordering for customers! I'd be happy to help you unpack

Belinda, hope you're enjoyng your time with family and still celebrating.
Good morning,

I am still keeping up with my workouts. Today is a rest day. I will go for a nice walk soon.
I had an amazing day yesterday. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. I got a iPad Pro 12.9 inches plus a magic keyboard. So far, I am loving it.

Debbie - glad your kitchen is coming together. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Cookie - every time I take a break from lifting I have to lower my weights. Did you sign up for Cathe Live? Thanks for the birthday wishes.

I will try to catch up on personals later.

Today was a walk outside & lower body machines at the gym. I was also back at Lowe's again, measure wrong for some hardware for food closet doors.

Belinda - Sounds like an awesome birthday & gift. I love my ipad:) I never heard of a magic keyboard?

Cookie - That is a fun workout:) I have never ordered from Wayfair before but yesterday put some throw rugs for the kitchen in my cart. Our contractor told me he is ordering vanities for a house he is doing that needs 5 of them.

Have a great night:)
Good morning,

Iron TB circuits is done.

Debbie - the magic hey board is great to use. My son has one and I liked it so much they bought it for me. I usually bring my computer everywhere I go. I do like how light and small the iPad is. My son helped me to download all the apps yesterday too, I am all set Great job on your workout at the gym.

Cookie - I love that Cathe live workout. I also own it. Did you subscribe to CL? My kids oder a lot from Mayfair for their house.

I try to be back later,

Today was a rest day for me. It's cold & rainy here, tomorrow too:(

Belinda - Nice workout! I really like the ipad for traveling so much easier and light weight.

Cookie - Any plans for Mother's Day?


Today I did Lite Metabolic Blast dvd. It was too rainy and cold for a walk. We went to my Mom's to take her to dinner for Mother's Day. It was nice except for the weather.

Be back tomorrow

I forgot to hit enter!

Good evening,

Today is a rest day. my daughter and daughter in law took me shopping today. We also got friends ship bracelets in gold today. My daughter in law has one and I really like it. It’s permanently on your wrist. It’s a new thing tat originally came from NY. They are nor cheap bracelet’s.

we went to New Mexico, Old Masia. We had an amazing day. We found a very nice outdoor restaurant with very yummy food.

Debbie - so far really like the iPad. I think I will use it when I am traveling. Any plans for

Cookie - what your plan tomorrow?

Good night
Happy Mother’s Day everyone,

We all went for over an hour walk with all the dogs. Than I did Carline’s Shoulder workout today. Really liked the exercises in that one.

I had an amazing Mother’s Day spending time with both my kids. My DIL parents invited us again to have dinner with them. Had a great time. The weather is beautiful here. I got a little sunburn.

Good night everyon.
Good morning,

Carline Iron Legs and 3 mile walk is done. Getting ready to drop off DD at the airport.

Debbie and Cookie - I hope you both had a great day yesterday.

I will be back to catch up on personals.
'Evening! Had a busy weekend with a wedding, visitors, and Mother's Day. Hope you both had a lovely day. Today was meetings and packing - tomorrow we're off to Barcelona and then Scotland.

Deb, my dh laughed at how picky I was on hardware for the kitchen cabinets. I knew I didn't want anything that catches on clothing and yet I could easily open and close with three fingers of one hand, plus look good. Found them, and he compliments them all the time. How's your mom?

Belinda, glad you're having such a great time. What a lovely idea - the three of you getting matching bracelets.

I missed posting yesterday:oops: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! It looks like you both had a really nice day. We went to dinner with my SILS and their families. It was really nice, we ate outside, they had the heaters on. I walked yesterday and today and did Cathe's lower body band workout.

Belinda - Nice workouts! It sounds like you are enjoying your time in TX. Perfect time to go for your birthday and Mother's Day:) I needed to look up permanent bracelets, didn't know what it was. I thought it was some kind of tattoo LOL. I like the idea.

Cookie - Have fun in Barcelona & Scotland!!! It's great you did an hour walk. Will you see your son the whole time you are there? It's funny about the hardware because my contractor suggested I get that kind so when I am cooking it's doesn't mess up the cabinets if I need to open one.

Good morning,

Iron Day 27 Upper Body is done.

Debbie - I do enjoy my time her in TX. Had an amazing birthday and Mother’s Day. I will try to post a link from the girl that did my bracelet to give you an idea. DD wanted me to have one so I never lose it or take it off. She is so sweet. Sounds like you had a great Mother’s Day too.

Cookie - safe travels! Have fun in Barcelona & Scotland. I need to look into the hardware you have. I am getting ready to replace/remodel our kitchen soon. Need ideas.

I have one more week here in TX. I really needed a break. The weather here is amazing. Everyday it’s very sunny and hot here. Love it. BBL

Today was a walk outside & upper body weights at the gym. It was a really nice day here:)

Belinda - Nice workout! It is so sweet of your DD. The last couple of years seem like a blur so it's nice to be able to travel and spend time with family.

Cookie - Have fun, can't wait to hear all about your trip!

Good morning,

Walk outside and Iron D28 30 min DB Glutes workout is done.

Debbie - I hear you on the last few years being a blur. It was rough for everyone. Hopefully we don’t go through anything like this again. We walk early in the morning, it’s in the 90’s. Great job!

Cookie - safe travels! Have lots of fun.

I will be back later.

Today was a walk outside and zoom yoga on my deck. There is a fox living behind our house in the woods. We see him when he hunts for food, hopefully it's field mice.

Belinda - Wow, 90's that is great but good idea to walk in the morning. Does it cool off in the evenings? It's in the 70's here.

Cookie - Enjoy your trip.


Today was a walk outside and upper body at the gym. We are going to grab a bite to eat tonight.

Belinda - Are you close to where you used to live in TX?

Waves hi to Cookie

Good evening,

Today was a scheduled rest day on the Iron rotation. DS and DIL took some time off work today, we ended up going to the El Paso zoo. We lived in EP for many years, we never went to the zoo? I was surprised how nice it was. Definitely worth visiting. We had a great time. It was crowded with school children.

Debbie - we used to live and be stationed in El Paso. We also owned a house here. Yesterday we drove to see our house. It’s a very nice neighborhood. When we bought our house, there was hardly any except our neighborhood which grew in size. There where a lot of desert around, it’s all new neighborhood, restaurants, hospital . Homes used to be cheap compared to other cities, They dribbled in prices. There is a 2700 square foot beautiful house, it listed at almost $ 800.000. Home are contemporary, very beautiful. I was told prices went up, people from CA and other cities are moving to EP. Th housing market is insane. Great job on your workouts.

Cookie - have fun!

Good night!
Hi everyone,

I did Iron Full Body this morning. We also went for a walk before it got to hot too walk all the dogs. Afterwards we went to New Mexico.

Debbie - hope you had great workout today.

Waving Hi to Cookie!

Good night.

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