Commit to get Fit & Lean January 2016 - 2023

'Evening! Did 1/2 tb wt circuit, and lots of steps walking around today.

Deb, it's so icy here's hard to walk outside. We don't have sidewalks, and I'm afraid of dh or I falling on the ice. Not good at our age. Hope you're careful when walking. Totally agree w/Cathe and her kb warmups!

Belinda, those are some tough workouts! I do most of cardio workouts on the rebounder. Aren't they a great tool?

Today was a walk outside & an upper body at the gym. Tomorrow will not be walking outside it's going to be in the single digits :oops: DH & I are discussing Florida trip for February. I want to go see my Dad but not sure what to do with Covid cases so high.

Belinda - That is one tough workout. It does seem to make you not feel well with the meds, TG you will be done in 2 weeks.

Cookie - It's not too icy, some spots, we have sidewalks. I don't blame you DH said the same thing today he wouldn't want to break something during a walk. By law, we are required to shovel our sidewalks, most do but a few don't so we go to the street for those homes.


Today is a rest day from Heather R. rotation. Unless she post the workout for tomorrow later today? I did SBF D37 UB plus abs.

I have 3 appointments lined up for tomorrow. I will check in late evening. Not sure, if I get a workout in tomorrow?

Debbie - kudos to you for walking in this cold. It's freezing here, way to cold to walk. Now I am getting a rash all over my body. I already contacted my Rheumatologist.

Cookie - lol, I feel the same way as you do. I don't want to break or fall on ice. Great job on your walk and upper body.

Have a great workout and day, everyone. It's freezing here. My rebounder is my most used equipment. I love my rebounder. I am glad I have one. Nice job on your workout and steps.

Have a great day and workout.
Evening! One degree Fahrenheit! It's way too cold for me. Did a walk on the rebounder.

Deb, two years ago, a close friend of mine fell on the ice, hit her head, and ended up in the hospital for over two weeks. She still has effects of the brain damage , no sense of taste or smell, and her personality has changed also - much more assertive and aggressive. A colleague fell shoveling her driveway and later in the day she died from the head injury. So those two incidents and being over 60, we're very mindful of ice! The Covid numbers are scary.

Belinda, hope every one of those appointments went well. How does Sadie do with you being gone all day?

I walked on the treadmill today. It was so cold, mostly stayed around 12 degrees :( The only good thing was the sun was shining.

Belinda - It must be better to get all your appointments done in one day. Good luck tomorrow:)

Cookie - Wow, 1 degree!! There aren't enough clothes and blankets for that temperature. My heat has been non-stop all day. The ice stories you mentioned are scary, I will keep that in mind before I walk.

'Evening! Another cold day but at least today was in the 20s. DH and I use 20 as a threshold, but he said our driveway was too icy. Did a Virtual Active hike instead.

Deb, yeah, I think that's why we are more aware of the danger of falling on ice. I do a lot of balance exercises, but still don't want to take a chance.

Belinda, hope you're doing okay, and that you are relaxing.

No workout to report today. My appointments went well today.

Lots of fun today. I am exhausted. I will see you all tomorrow and catch up on personals. Good night.
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Today was a walk outside it was in the upper 30's, not bad. I can tell if the weather is tolerable if I see the neighbors walking their dogs. I also did zoom yoga.

Belinda - It must be good to have all your appointments done & go well. I'm sure you will sleep well tonight.

Cookie - A virtual hike sounds like fun! You get the Canadian cold front before us, I cringe when they show the Canada temps on the news o_O I often wonder how Laurie (from our group years ago) can handle those temps.

I am back to report my workout.

I just finished Unilateral Upper Body: Back & Biceps Workout // Day 8 HR12WEEK 2.0

Warm Up

Circuit 1 (45s work + 15s rest x2 rounds)
Scapular Squeeze
Single Arm Row (R)
Single Arm Row (L)
Alternating Curls
Bicep Burn Out
Alternating Pull Overs
Plank Stroke
Rear Pull Jacks

Circuit 2 (45s work + 15s rest x2 rounds)
Bent Over Rows
Pull Overs
Super V-Squeeze
Renegade Row
Single Arm Curl + Press (R)
Single Arm Curl + Press (L)
Hammer Curls
Squat, Curl + Hop

Cool Down & Stretch

Debbie - glad all my appointments are done. I still have to go tomorrow. Good job on your walk and yoga.

Cookie - thanks. Great job on your virtual hike yesterday.

Have a great day and workout.

Today was a walk outside, not too bad 47 degrees. I went to do some returns and the stores were empty. I'm not sure if it's because of Covid or not a lot of inventory.

Belinda - You will have DOMS tomorrow:) Looks like a tough workout.

Cookie - I hope you are getting warmer temps before the possibility of a big snow storm Sunday into Monday.

Good morning,

I thought I posted this yesterday, not seeing it.

I had a lot of appointments Wednesday. Like I said last night they went well except one.

My first appointment was with the Orthopedics surgeon for my shoulder/biceps. She wants me to continue with PT until I am 100%. I still have problems with my shoulder/biceps.

I saw the ENT, I been having a lot of problems with RP. Since I have acute sinus issues, she ruled out sinus infection. I am having a lot of problems with RP for month now.

I also had mammogram. When I had the chest X-ray it showed something. Hopefully this one comes back normal. I need some good news.

On the way to all my appointments Wednesday my Rheumatologist called me. For the last 2 month I have been on high doses of steroids for RP. I am tapering down now. A little over a week ago, my Rheumatologist added another medication for RP to take along with MTX to stop my body from attacking my body. Even though I was on steroids my noise was hurting really badly he added another meds. Well, I started getting an allergic reaction to the new medicine. At first, my hands started to scaling like a prune. Not even lotion helped. I was getting stomach cramping and a rash all over my chest. I was getting blisters all over my mouth. My Rheumatologist was concerned, he ask me to see him after all my other appointments. After exams, he recommended I take Humira plus MTX. I can't stop taking MTX, it will build antibodies against the new medicine. Eventually they will reduce MTX to a lower dose if my body stops attacking my own body. My left ear is showing signs for RP :( My Rheumatologist took pictures from my ears. Humira is an injection I have to take once every 2 weeks. He also had another doctor from rheumatology to take a look at the rash, blisters and my hands. He confirmed I had an allergic reaction to the medicine. They both agreed I should start taking Humira. They both took their time to talk, answered all the questions I had about the new medicine. Today I already have an appointment with my Rheumatologist nurse to practice to inject into my thigh/stomach. I am a little stressed out since I saw my doctor Wednesday.

Debbie - my husband went grocery shopping, he said half the shelves are empty. Crazy times we live in.

Cookie - Sadie goes with us when I have appointments. My husband stays in the car with Sadie or takes her to the park. The hospital restricts people/if you don't have an appointment because of covid from coming into the clinic. Today we will drop off Sadie at DD's house. DH will go to my appointment today with me, he also needs to know how to inject the meds into my leg.

I will be back later tonight. Hopefully it will not take me all day long.

Today was a walk outside it was in the high 40's but the temps are dropping really quick now. Today I did a leg workout at the gym.

We are going to grab a bite to eat tonight.

Belinda - I'm so sorry you are going through so much. My thoughts are with you. Hopefully the new meds will help. I guess they prefer you to inject the meds rather than your DH. It's nice that you bring Sadie with you both for her and you and DH.

Cookie - Hopefully you have off for MK Day.

Have a great weekend:)
'Evening! Forgot to check in last night - sorry! Got busy and completely slipped my mind. Got in another virtual walk yesterday. Today was a rest day.

Deb, enjoy your dinner. I'm dreading the temps the next few days. I often wonder how Lori and Amelia are also! One meeting on Monday, so I'm hoping to work on a report.

Belinda, boy, am I glad you're in the right hands. Hope the Humira works well for you. It amazes me how you workout will all of your physical concerns.
I did Day 10 Hitt with H. R. Had a great workout.

Debbie - thanks you! It was easy to inject it to myself. These shots are auto injectors. Hopefully I can do it in 2 weeks, lol. I pray the new meds will work and keep it in remission for years to came. Hope you had fun last night. I miss going out and grab a bite.

Cookie - my Rheumatologist is amazing. I am in the right hands. I also hope Humira works well. There aren't many other meds out there for RP. Working out helps me to forget with all my health problems. I do everything low impact. My Rheumatologist is very positive, he always gives me hope. I am not going to lie, since Wednesday I am a little depressed after hearing my ear is starting to show signs of RP. I just need to snap out of it.

Great job everyone and good night.

Today was a rest day. It was so cold out, in the single digits. I didn't see anyone walking today!

Belinda - Nice Hiit workout. It would be great if the meds work and keep you in remission for years:)

Cookie - I see you are getting a lot of snow Sunday into Monday. They are predicting 3-6 inches here.

Good evening,

I only did a stretch today. Relaxing all day long.

Debbie - sounds like you having the same weather we have. The snow storm hit here today. I really hope the new meds will put RP into remission. I need a break.

Cookie - hope you having a great weekend.

Good night.

Today was a walk outside, before the snow started this evening. It wasn't too bad but not looking good for tomorrow. I also made a sauce today which took a lot of the day.

Belinda - I relaxed all day yesterday it was nice:) You really do need a break, keeping my fingers crossed.

Cookie - It looks like they upped our snow total for tomorrow:(

Good morning,

I started Week 3 Heather Roberson, Sculpted Back & Biceps Workout // Day 11 HR12WEEK 2.0 is done. I am still keeping my weights low. Biceps and shoulder still bordering me.

Debbie - thank you :) Besides getting a stretch in yesterday, it did feel good to relax. Glad you got some rest as well

Cookie - you must be busy. How are you feeling? I do wonder about Amelia and Lori.

Have a great Monday. We got hit with a lot of snow.
Evening! Was getting ready for bed and realized I hadn't checked in. Hope you're both doing well. Did another VirtualActive - must be a way for me to escape this weather and see something else.

Deb, how much snow do you have? We have a few inches but a lot of ice. We had to get a new dishwasher and they wouldn't deliver it today b/c of the road conditions.

Belinda, glad you're following dr's orders. Please take care of yourself.

Today I walked at the gym and did some upper body weights. We had about 2-3 inches of slush, it was a mess. The roads were clear but around our house wasn't, we needed to shovel the slush. My BIL plows our driveway the best he can, which is a big help. I also shoveled my neighbors sidewalk since they are in FL for 3 months. I'm hoping it doesn't turn to ice in the morning.

Belinda - The 3 weeks on the rotation is going quickly. Your better off keeping the weights low, still a good workout.

Cookie - I was thinking at the gym, wish they had a virtual feature. I had to imagine being in a warm climate;) I'm going to try and find sand tomorrow for the ice, because I guess we ran out last year.


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