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Today was a walk outside & it wasn't too cold;) I also did an upper body workout at the gym. I slept in late which felt good since, I haven't been sleeping well.

Belinda - Nice walk:) That is a tough time difference to try and call your sister. Does your sister text? You are so good about organizing.

Cookie - You did one of my favorite workouts! Is this the 1st time you had the shingles vaccine? I'm sure paperwork is a pain for you.

Hi everyone,

CL 373 Bands, Loops and Weights – Oh My! is done. I also did SBF Barre Fire.

Debbie - it is tough sometimes to remember the time difference, I did call a few times when my sister was sound asleep :) My sister doesn't text except once in awhile she sent me something through What's Up. We rather talk on the phone. LOL, I am always looking for ideas to make my life easier by organizing my stuff. Hope you got some sleep last night.

Hi Cookie!

'Evening! Got together with a friend this afternoon and walked along a trail that used to be a railroad track. 6.5 miles! But it was a stroll pace.

Deb, have you been able to figure out why you're not sleeping well? Glad you were able to sleep. My youngest son encouraged us to read Why We Sleep, which sounds boring, but really is interesting. It definitely encouraged me to be much better about getting my sleep in. However, I'm still not good at it. Yes, this was my first shingles shot. Feel sluggish and have a headache but so far that's it. Have you had one?

Belinda, we use WhatsApp to chat and facetime with our relatives. It saves on the overseas fees. Hope your bil's uncle is alright. Zoe did pass away at home, so we had to take her body for cremation. The vets are so compassionate, thankfully. I also love to organize things, which probably only makes me hate paperwork all the more.
Back again, sorry.

Deb, you have great taste! I loved the workout done yesterday.

Belinda, I have the yearly CL subscription.

Today was a walk outside & zoom yoga. I finally did get a good night sleep and wouldn't you know it, I was more tired :confused:

Belinda - Your CL workout looks like one I want to try. Sometimes if I have a lot to say LOL, I prefer a phone call too.

Cookie - That sounds like an interesting walk, nice distance. There is wooded trail (real close to me) around a park/community center, I would like to try. I may have to give that book a read. People have asked if I have had the shingles shot, but I have not. The Dr. never mentioned it to me, they all said their Dr's did.

Hi everyone,

Today I did CL Slam Hit. I did all the high impact on my rebounder. Really enjoyed it.

Debbie - you should try that CL workout, it was fun. LOL, I always have a lot to say. Plus, I can speak in German with my sister and my family. Glad you got some sleep. Great job on your walk and yoga.

Cookie - that's what I signed up for a the yearly CL subscription. Mine is running out at the beginning of Jan. I had my first shingles shot right before covid hit. Never got the second one. I just got the flu/Pneumonia vaccine. My Rheumatologist wanted me to get both. If they don't mention the 2nd shingles shot I will pass, lol. Your walk sounds lovely. Great job on your 6 miler.

'Evening! Another walk and talk visit for me. This time with a different friend, and we did 5 miles with lots of hills. On the last one, we were both breathing hard.

Deb, I think the shingles vaccine is for anyone 50 and over. TBH, I put off reading the book b/c it sounds boring, but it really is written in an engaging format with good info. Was your Zoom Yoga with your Hawaiian friend? You're so fortunate to have a trail near you.

Belinda, you might want to mention to your dr about not having the second shot to see what they recommend. My friend who is a dr loves to say they never had a class in ESP!

Today was a walk outside and KPC. The Covid numbers in NJ are scary. I have 2 new K95 masks I had before Covid for when I used strong smelling products around the house. I tried to get more (since they are recommending them) and the prices are crazy. I guess people are price gouging. I will save them for traveling and just double mask now.

Belinda - Nice workout and good to use your rebounder. I will try the CL band workout tomorrow.

Cookie - It's good that you can get your friends to walk with you. I'm still sneaking Christmas cookies;) The zoom yoga was with my Hawaiian friend. She has an 9 year old golden retriever who is her buddy. The dog was just diagnosed with cancer:( Her dog has been her companion/friend. It was difficult for my friend since 2 weeks after she arrived in Hawaii Covid started and she didn't have anyone but her dog.

Happy Almost New Year! Getting ready to go for a walk w/dh. Got in CL Boss bands & loops metabolic - gosh, that was good. Hope I can walk up a few hills. Any plans for the evening? We're going to stay home and finish the Shetland series on BritBox.

Deb, the cookies are gone over here - they don't usually last long w/dh around but with ds2 visiting, they disappeared in a flash. You and your family must have much more restraint than over here. Your poor yoga friend! Hoping there's something they can do for him. Yes, the rates here are also scary.

Belinda, I'm going to try that CL band workout next week. My legs really feel the difference w/the bands. How's your shoulder doing?
Happy New Years Eve everyone,

I did SBF D26 TB tabata and went for a long walk. It was almost 56's outside.

Debbie - I know the # of covid are scary. I wear a N94 with a medical grade mask/3 layer cloth mask. Be careful with those K95's they are not all the same from what I read on CNN today. I only buy the ones are made in the US are approved by niosh.

Cookie - I think you would like the Cl. I loved the CL band workouts. I still have shoulder pain. Just don't get it? I have an appointment Monday with the surgeon. With all the steroids I take you would think I am pain free, lol. Good job with all your walks.

Happy New year everyone!
Happy New Year!!!

We went to dinner tonight with my 2 SILs and their DH's. It was nice not too busy.

Today was a walk outside & CL bands, loops & weights. It was tough but a good one! I did cheat somewhat, paused it 1/2 way to go for a walk and did 3/4 of it and my battery died on my ipad. I'm hoping I did most of the workout;)

Belinda - Thank you for the heads up on the mask, I will make sure it's made in USA. Nice workout, I agree the temps today was nice:)

Cookie - The band workouts are tough but I like them as a change of pace from weights. I see your DS is still staying, some businesses around here are going back to work from home.

Enjoy the New Year & see you next year;)
Happy New Year! I couldn't stay awake and actually went to bed at 11:56!!! Got in CL Low Impact Cardio Muscle. Ds1 is coming over for dinner. Not sure if my Tio and Mom are joining us.

Deb, love how close you are with your sils! That's awesome. Shh - we'll never tell about that other 1/4th. Ye, ds2 is still here. I think he's thinking of staying another week and work from here next week.

Belinda, shoulder pain is so tricky. Hopefully you'll get it figured out soon. I love the band workouts also.
Happy New Year, everyone!

I hope you all had a great start into the new year. I am glad 2021 is over. I hope the new year is going to be a better one. I didn't made any New Years resolutions. DH and I stayed home last night, it was a quiet evening. Sadie and I fell asleep early last night, I got plenty of sleep. I did Susanne Bowen Fitness (SBF) D27 Hip Opener and Active/Relax Stretch and went for a walk.

Debbie - great job yesterday. Mask are not all the same.

Cookie - I will see the surgeon on Monday. I also love the band workouts.

Have a great evening.
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Today was a walk outside. It was raining most of the day and really didn't do much. Tomorrow I will start the New Year;)

Belinda - Your stretch workout sounds really good. It will be interesting to see what the surgeon says about your shoulder.

Cookie - Too funny you almost made it by 4 minutes. Lots of people don't make it, it can be sad. Nice workout! Hope your dinner was nice.


I decided to do Heather Robertson new 12 week workout program 40 MIN Upper Body Push Workout // DAY 1 HR12WEEK 2.0. It was 4 Circuit total (40s work + 20s rest x2 rounds). Of course, I jumped right into the workout, didn't realize there was a 20s rest in between sets as she was showing the second round. I was sweating my butt off just keeping up, lol. Oh well, great workout. DH joined the workout, he also liked it especially since we both now know their is a rest in-between sets, lol.

Debbie - I see the surgeon tomorrow, I am also interested to hear what she has to say. It was a rainy day here too. I didn't do much yesterday.

Cookie - whatever you decide to do have a good one.

I will try to be back later.
Happy New Year! Had to finish up a project for work tomorrow, so that took most of the day so far. Did manage to get in some Essentrics though. Going to visit my mom in a few minutes.

Deb, starting the new year with a rest day sounds smart to me.

Belinda, good luck with surgeon tomorrow.

Today was a walk outside & it was nice out! But the cold and snow are coming tomorrow. We are expecting much but my Mom & brother are getting 6 inches.

Belinda - The workout sounds like fun but tough, it's good that you can look forward to rests. Good Luck tomorrow!

Cookie - It must have felt good to get the project done. You were even able to get a workout in & visit your Mom. How was she today?

Good morning,

I did Heather Abs & Glutes Workout // Day 2 HR12WEEK 2.0 this morning.
Warm Up
Ab Circuit (40s work + 10s rest x2 rounds)
Basic Crunch
Reverse Crunch + Kick Out
Frog Crunch
Side Bridge (R)
Side Bridge (L)
Plank Rocker
Rocking Chair
Single Leg Bicycle (R)
Single Leg Bicycle (L)
Bicycle Crunch

Glutes Circuit (40s work + 10s rest x2 rounds)
Rear Kick (R)
Rear Pulse (R)
Fire Hydrant (R)
Hydrant Pulse (R)
Rear Kick (L)
Rear Pulse (L)
Fire Hydrant (L)
Hydrant Pulse (L)
Glute Bridge weighted
Bridge Pulses
Cool Down & Stretch

Debbie - Heather's Robinsons workouts are fun. I have done her workouts before, never followed a rotation. We have a lot of snow, not as much as DD in DC. Great job on your walk yesterday. DH and I went for a short walk, than we ended up in DC eating dinner with DD.

Cookie - glad you got your project done. Hope you had a great visit with your mom. Does she live near by? Great job on Essentrics.

Have a great workout and day if you check in after me. It's snowing here. My appointment got canceled.
'Evening! Got in KPC Timesaver today.

Deb, I wimped out on a walk today - it was 17-19 degrees! About how far away are your mom and brother from you?

Belinda, do you have a lot of snow? My mom lives in a nursing home about 15 minutes away. That was some workout!

Today was a walk outside & it was brutal! I thought I was dressed well but I wasn’t. I took out my really warm gear out if that doesn’t work next time, not walking on extremely cold days:). My Mom & brother were lucky not much snow, I didn’t even get a flake!

Belinda - That does look like a really good workout! I saw on the news DC was getting a lot of snow. Must be tough for Sadie when it snows.

Cookie - Nice workout! We were about 28 degrees but it felt colder while walking, smart of you to pass;). My Mom lives 45 min & my brother about an hour.


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