~~Clean & tidy Friday Eve~~

done with dr, and we had a great swim - aidan is coming along, and finn is such a fish! poor guy got 3 shots, but he was so brave! eats are clean and tidy.

klaudia, how long will you be at the beach? you are really rocking those wos! hope thingsd stay drama free.

kate, i hate hate hate grocery shopping and am so lucky dh goes, though sometimes he does not know the right stuff to get, even with my list. enjoy yourself.

colleen, great wo! sorry for not having the right day yet. what are you guys doing for the 4th

anne, hope your weekend goes well with the family stuff.

clintonya, sorry for ttom. mine is fast approaching too:rolleyes:

katie, enjoy that vacation. love love love that baby bump.

julie, enjoy a rest day, and hugs to your little guy

uh oh - spilled milk. bbiab
clean, pc lunch!

anne, boooo to drdrama! hope everything is ok!

hi kl!

nina, wtg finn! hope you have a good afternoon!
no crying over spilled milk!:p
Hey thanks ladies. I felt funny telling my supervisor and co workers but at least I'm giving them a heads up. In retail you really don't have to.

Kate congrats on your up coming anniversary. Decathe..LOL

Becky sts legs at the gym. Good idea! My new job is at West and I'll be working with a pharmaceutical company maybe pushing drugs ;) not really. I think I will be promoting their new online/phone RX refills program.
It's a sit-at-your-desk type job so now my knee and shoulder may not be hurting so much.

Angie sorry about Anabel and both of you should take a napmax. Congrats

Nina glad you had a fun workout.

Julie sorry about the baby ^5s on the clean eats. I so glad you was able to get ods to drink a smoothie. That's really good news. My DS really is not too much into healthy stuff but my DD is really into it. She also does no white carb thing, but she hates brown rice. She will eat whole grain pasta.

Katie LOL that's ok :D

Colleen I plan to work at west full time and if I want to I can work overtime. The only reason why I hate to leave JCP is because of the discount.

Klaudia I'm so happy about the dance. It does feel like that when it's all done with.

Clintonya feel better.

Gotta clean the house with sil. We are having a baby baptism/ 4th of July celebration this weekend. So yes I'll be back with FD.
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Robin, Hope the FD is kept to a dull roar!:eek:

GS back is done - cardio tonight after dinner - maybe Ath Step. :D
Gonna go play Just Dance w/ G. Isabel has a friend over.
All right, I am such a bad check-in friend, but y'all already knew that, right? I'm out of time again. I'm going rowing now and we may get a bite to eat afterward. Tomorrow I'll be with my Dad all day. KL, I may try to call you and see if you want to join us for lunch.

Robin, sorry for the FD!

Okay, I'll be back on Saturday. Have a great Friday, everyone!

OMG I'll never be able to catch up ! You guys are super CHATTY today !!! :) :)

I took the afternoon to just read outside and relax. I cleaned/did laundry all morning and the laundry held over into the afternoon. Still, I had a nice quiet afternoon.

Thanks for all your suggestions and comments about glasses. The eye dr. told me about a brand new lens for ppl who don't adjust to the progressive lens. I did have a prescription filled for them before but HATED them and never wore the glasses ! So , I might look into these, called AT LAST ........still the same cost. (she said it turned out to be around $12 cheaper when it was all added up- BIG DEAL , right ??? ha)
Anyway, I'll check around.

My poor dad found out today he needs back surgery. So they are trying to get it scheduled. :(
AH! I am just loving Steady State Step right now! So sweaty, so fun once you get the steps down!

Becky, Sounds like you had a nice day!:D So sorry abt your dad tho. I hope he has a good dr & makes a speedy recovery!
When I got my glasses I started a thread abt glasses and someone posted a link to a discount online place. You might want to search and see if your glasses are there - mine weren't.
Well, I did so good this week, until I went a little heavy on the carbs (still ate really clean) but then threw in the towel and had ice cream for dessert!:eek::mad::eek: Where is the sigh button?! Oh well, my next goal will be to make it 5 straight clean days!:) I'm not opposed to treats now and then, just wasn't good on a day I went over my limit.;) I knew it would be challenging on little sleep, no exercise and the stress of my lo being sick.

His fever was back up, but no ear infection, no strep and they tested his blood count and that was normal. So hopefully just a virus that he has to get through.

Thanks for reading about my drama today...

Kate, I'm not sure what Steady State Step is, but it sounds like a good one! Apparently I was the one with no OFF switch today.:p Thanks for the rec of Netflix, I hadn't even thought of that. Will have to check it out. Not sure what a deCathelete is?:eek: I'm guessing it is something you should be proud of?:)

Becky, I'm sorry to hear your dad has to have back surgery. I know that's tough as my mom had it when I was a kid (still remember it). I will keep him in my prayers. Will it be soon?

Anne, sorry about your dr.'s office troubles. Hope you had fun rowing, and enjoy the day with your dad!

Robin, good for your dd - wish I could rub her habits off on my kids. I have two really good eaters, so it's not completely out of control. Not exactly sure what FD stands for, but I hope it's not bad whatever it is. Hope the baptism and 4th of July celebration go well.

Klaudia, if you have access to read this hope you have a wonderful weekend away.

Nina, great job on the clean eating and for getting your boys out swimming so often.:)

Goodnight everyone! Soooo glad tomorrow is Friday.:D
Kate, okay, had to do a search and figured out a deCathelete is somebody who posts a lot! You are too funny!:D

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