~~Clean & tidy Friday Eve~~

Sorry I could not check in yesterday. I was busy getting my ID and drug screening for my new job! YAHOOOOO :eek:

I start training on July 19th.

but today still gotta work the old job, but at least I'll have a smile on my face. :cool:

Have A Great Day.

Robin, Great news on the job!!!

This site has been down all morning...Couldn't get on for some reason????

NO PLANS TODAY! I can hardly believe it with as busy as we've been! It's kinda weird!!
BS back & cardio today..... AND CLEAN EATS!!!!

What are everybody's plans for the holiday? We got nada here - which is kinda nice. Maybe we'll end up having some company to grill but nothing major. Our 11th Anniversary is Saturday so maybe something that night to celebrate.
Good Morning Girls ! :)

Anyone else have problems getting logged on to Cathe this morning?
I tried & tried......

Just got back from our walk, heading into my little gym to do STS legs disc 17 !

Thanks Kate . I'll check Sam's & Costco. But I wonder if mine is expensive because I need a progressive lens ?? But I really feel like the office is still SKYHIGH so I'm going to look around.

Robin, thanks for getting us started ! Can you remind me where your new job is ? I've missed it somehow.

bb after workout HI KATE! We posted at the same time :)
b, have a great wo!
good luck w/ the glasses. i don have progr lenses so maybe thats it. still seems $$ tho!
Morning girls,

I'm exhausted from being up most of the night waiting for news about my nephew. He didn't arrive until 4:45 AM CST so it was almost noon here before I heard anything. Annabel was up a lot of the night as well because she had a fever. I sent her to school this morning but she's exhausted now and will stay home for the afternoon.

I tried to nap this morning but couldn't fall asleep because was still waiting to hear so I'm beat. Not sure when I'll get a wo in. I'm in quite a haze.

Robin, yay for your new job! Hope you have a good day!

Kate, happy anniversary to you and Mike. Go out and do something fun.

Becky, good morning! Did you sleep well? Have fun with legs.

Hoping for an afternoon nap with Anna and then I need to do some cleaning for our weekend guests.

I'll try to check in later.
good morning. fly by here - off to the dr for finn's check up then to swim lessons. this am i met a friend for a run and then swim. it was so fun!!! plan to do core and yoga later.

kate, a laid back weekend sounds great.

angie, i just found out my little sis is pregnant with her 2nd! congrats to you.

hi robin - that is fantastic about the job.

hi becky - def check sams or costco.

bbl - eats will be clean and tidier than yday
Angie, Congrats on your new nephew! My SIL is expecting a baby in Sept & I am so excited for them!
I hope Annabel gets feeling better! Poor thing!

Nina, Glad you had a WO buddy today! Awesome!
Hope your day goes well & Finn's appt goes good too!
Good morning!

Sorry I didn't make it back yday. Very busy, then last night I was timer at my kids' swim meet. Long day.

My 2yo was up again with vomiting and fever so taking him to the doctor this afternoon.


bbl to catch up,

Hey ladies! Sorry I have been so sporadic with my posting, but I'm sure you all know why. Workouts have also been sporadic and eats have been terrible! In fact, my husband is on his way to get me a donut for breakfast! So embarassing!

3 more glorious days at the beach!
Julie, Nice job on your celaneating! My eats are clean, just too much.:mad: I need to learn some PC (portion-control) - STAT!:eek::eek:
That's great your kids are such good swimmers! Isabel still needs some work but Gina does fine in water over her head.
So sorry your babe is still sick! Hopefully the dr finds him a-ok!

Katie, You're on vacation - no worries about personals, workouts OR eats! A couple days back home of water and movement & you'll be all good! I can't wait for our vacation!!! 9 more days!
Hi Everyone!

I really wish it was Friday and not Thursday. My body is ready for the weekend. This morning I did GS BSB and Hiit 30/30. Last night DH and I went out for dinner to enjoy the nice weather and ended up eating way too much. I am feeling it today and can't wait to flush my system.

Julie, love your mantra to eat clean every day. If only I could remember that at dinnertime!
Anne, Friday sounds great. Glad you will get some time with TCB.
Clintonya, this weather has been so nice that I hate to see it go away. There is a kettlebell instructor in this area. He does workshops at Quantico a couple times a year. I know that is still kind of far for you but I wanted to let you know.
Angie, congratulations!!!! I hope Annabel feels better and you get your nap today.
Wendy, let us know how it went with the trainer!
Katie, I love donuts but hate how they feel in my stomach after I eat them. Enjoy!
Becky, have you had progressive lens before? There is a break in period because you will have to readjust how you look at things (i.e. you can't glance left - you need to move your head). I don't have them but I know a few people who got them and hated them.
Klaudia, hope last night's recital went as well as the night before. Enjoy your weekend at the cottage.
Kate, happy anniversary! I hope you can do something nice to celebrate! Enjoy your quiet day - I am so jealous.
Robin, congrats on the new job!!! Will you leave JCP once you start your new job? Or work 2 jobs?
Nina, that's great you could meet someone for your run. I can only imagine how cute Finn will be playing tennis.
Colleen! LOL! You've been having the hardest time with the days of the week lately!!! :p
Sorry abt dinner....I can relate. For me that's the hardest meal. For B&L I just get up & start cleaning but at dinner..... so easy to just sit at the table & chat with DH being home and before I know it....dang! We WILL do better tonight!!!

And we're done!! Woo hoo! The girls did another fabulous job. Darrin even made the comment that watching them dance makes all the sacrifices worthwhile:) Now it's time to hit the beach!:) I'm all packed, just waiting for Danica to get up and then we have a few things to finish before we head out-like a 35 minute incline walk and abs;)

Angie, congrats on the new nephew! What's his name? Hope you can get that nap later!

Becky, I had Lasik a few years ago-I had 20/400 vision!:eek: I'm pretty sure I'll be needing reading glasses at some point though. And $600 does seem like an awful lot!

Robin, congrats on the new job!!

Kate, enjoy the quiet day! And Happy Anniversary!

Nina, congrats to your sister! I DID have to do the girls' hair and makeup-and my own! I don't know how I did it! You've already done more this morning than I do all day!

Julie, hope your little one is ok! Our neighbors kids are sick-one had Scarlet Fever and the dad got shingles! Scary!

Katie, just enjoy it! It'll be over-the vacation and pregnancy before you know it!

Colleen, I ended up eating spinach artichoke dip with tortilla chips AND a mini brownie sundae at Applebee's last night so don't feel bad! Great workout!

Hi Wendy, Anne, Clintonya!
Good morning~

Robin, great news about your job!! You have a great day too!

Kate, enjoy your quiet day :) We don’t have any special plans for the holiday either. Hope you all can get in something fun for your anniversary!

Becky, I have never had progressive lens, but I have very bad eyesight and have worn glasses/contacts since I was 9 and it does seem high. It can’t hurt to shop around because I have found some places have like a $200 difference.

Angie, congratulations to your sister :D:D I saw it was a long labor! I hope both you and Annabel can get in a nap!

Nina, glad you were able to meet up w/a friend this morning! Hope the dr’s appt goes well.

Colleen, thanks for the info, it’s not too far for an occasional thing. I am feeling like it should be Friday also, I did not want to get up this morning.

Julie, I am sorry your youngest is still not feeling well. Are you older children feeling sick also?

Katie, enjoy your donut, it’s vacation and you look great anyway :D

Klaudia, glad the 2nd recital went great also! Have a great time at the cabin!

I am tired today, probably due to ttom almost being here. It was cloudy this morning, which didn’t help w/getting out of bed on time, but the sun is coming out now. I will be taking a rest day today. I need to go to the grocery store this evening. Hope everyone has a great day!

Hi again everyone,

Don't know if I can catch up from yday, but will do my best for today.:)

At the moment my little one is doing OK, but I'm still taking him in this afternoon since it's twice this week he's been sick.

Klaudia, happy for you that the recitals went well! And what a sweet comment from your dh. Enjoy the cottage! My dh knows we don't leave the house before my wo is done! Sorry about your neighbors - I actually had Shingles last Sept. also. Not fun.

Colleen, dinnertime is not my problem- it's mid-afternoon when I'm stressed that I want to cave. It's helped that I didn't stock up on kid foods this week. Do you take your rest days on the weekend? IKWYM about eating out. I have no control in restaurants.:D

Katie, you deserve the break. A trip for our family wouldn't be the same without Krispy Kreme donuts! Did you get those? I remember one of my pregnancies I had about 6!:eek::p

Nina, I'm so sorry about your parents. Hope you are feeling better. Running is such a great way to release. So cute about your little one taking tennis lessons. Thanks for the yoga rec's yday. I've been interested in checking it out...in the privacy of my home the first time.:)

Angie, congratulations on your little nephew!:D I'm with you today on the exhaustion after being up all night myself. Hope Annabel is feeling better.:)

Becky, good luck with the glasses. I'm hooked on your "green" smoothie - yum!! Hope the rest is going better.

Kate, enjoy the free day! Hope your grandma is doing better. Happy Anniversary! Do you have special plans to celebrate? Good job on the clean eats for you - I'd rather eat too much clean food than junk food.:)

Robin, wanted to tell you that because of your comment about kids and food I talked w/my ods (who's probably the pickiest eater on the planet) and convinced him to have a berry/yogurt/milk smoothie that night. That was HUGE for him!

Hi Anne and Wendy!

Looks like I might have to take a rest day today and do Legs tmrw. Oh well, I prefer to get my longer wo's in on the weekend when dh is home.

Enjoy your day everyone!

Hi Clintonya! Just missed you. Sorry about ttom making you tired. Think I'll be joining you for a rest day. Fortunately my older kids are well. We've had enough sickness the past few weeks that I'm ready for it to be over! Hope you can catch a nap.:)

Klaudia, Have a great WO and CONGRATS on the dance finale!
Hope the beach weekend is GREAT and FD FREE!!!!

Clintonya, Enjoy your rest day and my fave----grocery shopping. It's sick, but I love it. I love getting my list in order of the store, clipping coupons, etc. It's an illness! Prob why my groc bill is sky-high every month!!:p

Julie, WTG on personals! Hope your LO continues to improve!
Do you do Netflix? They have a decent assortment of exer dvds so you could try the yoga at home. Some you can instant-watch too.:)
Thanks for the encouragement on the food, but too much is still too much (for me anyway)- even if its healthy! I have no OFF switch!

changing sheets - YIKES! HATE doing that on DDs bunk beds!
I hate dealing with doctors' offices. Their staff are so stupid and so incompetent it's not funny. It took me 4 days to get an appointment re-scheduled from today to tomorrow. And that's AFTER it was re-scheduled to next Tuesday. It's unbelievable. But I like the doctor, so I guess I have to put up with it.

Sorry, no time for personals, but I will try to catch up later in the day.

Oh, Klaudia! I will now be in PH for the day tomorrow and for the day on Monday. I'll try to call you to see if we can meet up at any point.


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