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I'm having the same problem too with not getting a new password emailed to me. I checked my email address listed on the old forum before the site went down. I've checked my spam folder through the web, and there isn't any emails there. I've requested a new password about 5 times since yesterday. I also sent an email to the admin through the contact us link at the bottom of the forums page.

I set up a new account using my son's email address to use until I can get a password change emailed to me. Hope this is okay for now.

Additional Spam Filters

I had the same problem as others have mentioned (was not receiving new password after resetting). I use my work email and discovered that my new password was trapped in our 3rd-Party spam filter, Postini. If you use email at work, this could be the culprit for you as well.

JodiJodi -- Thanks for sending a reply. It STILL ended up in the AT&T spam folder. DRAT. I've now added the Forums email as a contact in my address book. I hope that helps. I don't know what else to do. I can't find anywhere to stop it from going into spam. Sigh.
One more idea: check your ISP's junk mail folder on their server. Many ISPs (Comcast and AT&T among them) have a spam filter system that takes out some emails before they even reach your computer. In order to check that folder you need to use their webmail email access, not your computer's email program.

For example, at AT&T, go to, then login using your at&t email address and password (make sure to choose your domain from the drop-down list). Once you are logged in, you will see a list of mail folders on the list, with one named "Mailguard". check in there to see if any mail has been filtered by accident. (While you're there, mark the email as "This is not spam", so it doesn't happen again.)

For comcast, go to, and click email in the upper left hand corner. Then login. (I can't give more specific instructions than that because I don't have a comcast account anymore)

Other ISPs should have a similar setup.

Hope that helps some people! Good luck!

That is the first thing I did, still nothing....
Hey! I got an email notification for this one! YAY!!! Now I'm hoping to get my avatar to pop up -- no luck there yet.

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