~*~CHEETAH'S DOM-ilicious Thursday~*~


Howdy Friends!

Sneakin’ in a post while I can. Next week will prove to be even more hectic at work as the semester begins Monday and we are not anywhere near catching up the mounding piles of backlog from the break. Um, yeah, my motto this week has been: SERENITY NOW! lol. Also thinking I should wear this shirt to work next week, especially when I have to do window time…..lol

I cooked up another round from my latest Giada cookbook. What? did I just say the COOKING word again? LOL. Chyeah, whipped me up some Orzo Stuffed Peppers…..shhlllurp! yummo. I’ll take some for lunch and am sure DH will eat some with a salad for his dinner tomorrow. Then I’ll be making Veg-Head Three-Bean Chili for the days after. I got the recipe off of Food Network last year – good stuff.

Found out last night there was a glitch in my CLX delivery. Beachbody sent my stuff “BASIC” UPS instead of “Ground” or higher which means the UPS peeps deliver the goods to the local post office of the shipping city. Wellll, unfortunately I can’t get US mail at my physical address so my stuff was sent back to Beachbody. The frustration from that BS and just the day in general, lead me into a Collage-athon buying spree. So now I have Powerstrike, Powerstrike 5, Long and Lean Bosu, and Yogilini on the way, UPS 2ND DAY AIR no less. LOL. Beachbody customer service said today they will UPS 2nd day a new order of CLX but I ain’t holding my breath there. Heck, then it will be time for the STS to ship and DH is gonna think I’ve lost my mind! LOL May have to acquire some Christine sneak-it-in-the house techniques.

Ok, on to the personals>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Teach – Absolutely, need a break after my vacation! LOL Oh well, brought that on meselves – always offering to cook for all the visitors and my kids never turn down meals. They even invite friends! I did get a lot of the painting done though. Um, yeaeeeah, serious Frank tunes are being belted. Yesterday was excerpts from “I’ve Got the World on a String”…lol. Glad the UPS Gremlin family cut loose of your CLX. Hope I’m gonna like the Powerstrike 5 and Powerstrike. The Collage previews seemed aiight… Need to get that domilicious feeling, ya know? LOL BTW, busted me gut over Lil Aiight’s poetry…

Wendi – Perhaps you’d be interested in the ice skates I have in the garage? JK.. Stay safe in all that ice. Hope your workout was superb. Is that Benjamin Button the movie with Brad Pitt? Never really liked him as an actor much…

Judy – Yeah, DS had to return to school today and he certainly did not want to hear the alarm. Hope your icing rain moves on – that stuff is the pits!

Wendy – Yeah, you need some CLX! LOL. JK - I'm sure you'll be on the Chalean wagon soon. Hey, isn’t it time for TNT to start informational meetings? Any good wines lately? hhe hee hee

Carole – MMMmmmmm, Carrot Cake…my fav too. Saw you mentioned you prefer other KB workouts…like which ones? Yeah, don’t think DH would take the time to follow P90X. I think he wants to get back to working out like he did back in the day (way back in the day) but he is so burned out after work that I don’t see him doing it. We’ll see though, I may ask him again. Do you like P90X? wowza, 4 miles of intervals…dang girl, you are workin’ it - gonnna BQ!

Christine – How’s Ved? Hopefully good. Thanks for the borrowing offer – I may PM you on that. I’m gonna ask DH again if he really was interested or just still “browsing”..lol.

Jackie – Yay, I too am enjoying reading the comments on CLX. I can’t wait to get mine! I think the program is just want I need right now with my hectic schedule. Huh? you have another race? I must have missed that. Which one is next for you?

Brighton - Sounds like ITB irritation to me as well. Also, don’t know if someone has already suggested, but how old are your shoes? Are they the same as you have always run in? I have the foam roller and swear by it too. Then of course, ice and rest are best for bad flare ups. Hope it gets better for ya.

Karen – Sorry about the legal matters. Cute about the St. Bernard – whoo boy, that’s gonna be a whole lotta dog! LOL. Bet the girls are excited as well. Hope you get "LUCKY"...lol

Linda – You buried at work too, huh? Glad to hear you like the Powerstrike 5 cuz I what done up and ordered me a whole collection…lol. Also, glad to hear you are likin’ the CLX too. I’m thinking I’ll want to add more ab work in there though. Yeah, I’m going to add in running to CLX as well.

Gloria – Holy Cow, sounds like you were keeping my hours! lol. Kidding. That was a good idea to take off and rest today considering the lack of sleep. Couldn't imagine trying to teach whilst the head is bobbing in front of the class! Frustrating when flights are delayed like that. Oh yeah, I’m with ya on the Carrot Cake…mmmmm…mmm..good!

Have a fabulous Thursday! YEESSSUUH! Friday EVE!

Good morning, cheetahs!

I’m likin’ the sound of Friday Eve. J

Posh—thanks for kickin’ us off. I bagged up at the shirt. Reminded me of the Frankie Says Relax tees back in the day. Hope y’all can dig out of the hole soon!...Sounds like you’re cookin’ up some nice healthy dishes there. And what a compliment to your culinary skills that you’ve always got a few tagalongs for dinner. :D …Looking forward to hearing what you think of Powerstrike 5, Long & Lean, and Yogalini. Here's hoping real hard your BB order gets there ASAP!!!

I'm continuing to do "whatever" until CLX officially starts on Monday, so tonight's workout will be determined later.

Have a great day, everyone!
Hiya Cheetah Babes!

Jackie – I think you have a great plan for CLX. I’m going to do the workouts as planned one week, then modify from there if I want. So Burn 2 is tougher? Thanks for the advice on the abs! I’m worried about getting burned out on cycling, too. I want to get in miles, but I’ll take it easy as well.

Brighton – yes, I could see how being surrounded by preschoolers would challenge your immune system! Some of the people I work with ACT like preschoolers – does that count? :p I’ll look into those vitamins, thanks! Yeah, not thrilled about the water damage, but what can you do? At least we have insurance to cover the majority of it – it could be worse.

Karen – Sorry you have to deal with the lack of a will and everything. What a pain. So basically you’re putting everything in your dad’s name, then getting a will made for him? Sounds like a good idea. And ITA that everyone should have a will! Did you get your “small” addition? I really do think you’ll enjoy having Lucky in your life. I so hope you get her. St. Bernard’s are just wonderful dogs. Smart, but not hyper, and they are sooo good with kids. As I said – just make sure you get her trained – a dog that size HAS to be trained or you have chaos on your hands – and you don’t need more of that.

Linda – Hope you get caught up soon! Sometimes I wonder if a week off is worth it, then I realize how stupid that sounds! :rolleyes: I did preview the CLX’s. I’m very excited to start. How do you like them so far?

Gloria – Everything went well for DH, thank you. The floors will probably take another week, but then DH wants to have the downstairs painted as the furniture is already out. I see the reasoning, but man, I’m done with the home repairs already! :cool: Hope you managed to get some sleep last night and feel refreshed. You must have been exhausted yesterday!

Cathy – I don’t know – I think of Turbo Jam as Tae Bo done by a girl. I’m sure they are very different, but … I loved Tae Bo, though. I may try one. :p I worked outside in the garage, with the door shut and another little heater on – it was fine. :rolleyes: But I do like Chalene in this one. She comes across as a great gal pal. What did you think?

Posh – I’m stomping my feet with you about the CLX delivery snafu!! That’s not right! Stupid UPS Express. Upgrade my butt. Oooh, your recipes sound fabulous!! Yum! Let me know on the P90X!

Man, am I tired today. The zinc seems to have worked, in that I SEEM to have avoided the runny nose phase, but I skipped straight to the coughing part. And as DH has the same thing, we kept each other up last night. Oh well, I don’t mind the coughing as much as the runny nose and fever. I’ll survive. I do a nice weight workout today. Probably Muscle Max. I think they will finally be taking the noisy dehumidifiers and heaters out today, so that will be a relief. I scared the heck out of poor DD16 last night when I walked into the room and put my hands on her shoulders. With all the white noise from the machines, she didn’t hear me walk in. I thought we would have to pry her off the ceiling! :eek: DH is doing well. He even grilled the chicken last night and was feeling pretty spry. Although, he did get up about 4AM to get some aspirin – so he may be feeling it now. :( He has off today again (lucky guy) so he can take it easy today, too. Have a good day all!
Good morning cheetahs

Cathy...the 4 miles of intervals went well. I seem to be staying between an 8:35-8:45 pace for intervals. Glad you are enjoying the oils. I forgot I also use one occasionally to help sleep, it is called "Peace & Calming" and you put in on the bottom of your feet before going to bed. Do you have any DOMS from the Squeeze workout today?

Posh...I could use that shirt whenever I am around my PITA sis!! Sorry about the CLX delivery screw up! That would drive me nuts! How cool you got some good workouts through Collage. I like Cathe's KB (of course!) and also Amy Bento's KBX and In the Ring. My DH worked out way back in the day also, not so much now. I do like P90X a lot and pull it out from time to time. I got great results back in 2004 the 1st time I did a rotation (I went vegan/vegetarian then too). I have done a number of P90X rotations and still do somewhat with other heavy weight workouts using the same P90X format.

Christine...I sure hope the Umcka works well for you. Echinacea and Zinc are also great! How did the busy day go yesterday? I remember trying to workout when our roof was being done a few years ago...tough in all that noise! Glad you avoided the runny nose phase. I went to the coughing after about 2 days. I still have a lingering one but feel oh, so much better. I can scare my DH like you did your DD16 anytime! I don't even need noise...:D..Glad DH is doing well, a day off will probably be good for him and the cough.

Jackie...I think Karen has done 14 marathons, so Napa should be the 15th for her, 13th for me. Good job on using ebates to save a bit on the vest. I always forget about that. Sounds like you are enjoying CLX.

Brighton...it definitely sounds like ITB. I also agree with the foam roller and I have the same one from Target that Cathy got. Stretching & icing help a lot. Also try to avoid running on uneven surfaces.

Karen..so sorry about the will mess! I have for sure heard that wills are so important as are Living Trusts. I hope you can get things accomplished without too much trouble. LOL about the St Bernard. That is one big dog but they are so sweet! I have my fingers crossed that things workout with her.

Linda...Looks like you are enjoying CLX too. How far is the race on Sunday?

Gloria...thanks for your vote of confidence for the BQ...:)...Carrot cake is for sure yummy. WOW!! I don't think I have ever been awake for 24 hours, you must be beat.

Today is B&G standing and an easy 6 mile iPod run...:D

Have a great day...:)
Good morning Cheetahs! Hope everyone is doing well this morning! We have some snow today and it is really cold!

Jackie – I did Burn Intervals today, along with a run this morning, too! It sounds like we are on the same wavelength! I loved it! I did it “after” my run, though. Normally, I would do it “before”, but due to circumstances beyond my control….I had to “flip flop” it. I didn’t have time for Ab Burner, either. I may do abs tonight. And I think I will do what you said about lowering the weights some next week and then going up the next. My wrists/forearms need to get a bit stronger to hold those weights! :eek:

Cathy – I am doing cardio/running along with their rotation (in addition) for now. I am really liking them more as time goes on! Burn Intervals was light weights, alternated with cardio. She used the band for moves, such as speed skaters, jacks, jumping forward and back, quad raises, back leg raises (glutes), and outer thighs. I loved the music in this one! This one was around 45 minutes. I haven’t done Burn Circuit 3, yet. I wasn’t that impressed “while” doing LBC, either….but afterwards, youch!! I hope you aren’t disappointed in that one!

Posh – Wow! The food sounds yummy! Oh man! That is a bummer about your CLX delivery! Hopefully, you will get them soon! LOL – don’t blame you one little bit for going on a buying spree with Collage! I hope you like the Power Strikes as much as I do! I agree with you, I will add more ab work to CLX, too. Enjoy your “Serenity Now”!

Christine – I said the exact same thing to my Coworkers about “vacation may not be worth it, since it takes me at least two weeks to get caught up!” I am really loving CLX “so far”! I hope you like them! I am glad your DH did ok with his biopsy. Was it a liver biopsy? I remember when my father used to have to get heart biopsies; he breezed through them like they were “no big deal”. I was amazed. I hope feels well today!

Carole – The race on Sunday is a 5 miler. Then the one in Feb. is a 10k. At least they will keep my in the “running mode” (I hope! ;) ) and keep me used to “races”…even though I won’t be fast! :eek: Enjoy your B&Gs and your run!!

Hey to everyone that checks in later!

Good morning Cheetah babes! :D

BBL with personals... thanks for all the support & advice with the ITB situation, you guys are the best! :D More on that later......

Anyway, gotta get going on a list of chores & errands to tackle for the day.
Just wanted to quickly post the carrot cake recipe, since there seems to be a lot of salivating in the den. ;) It's really good!

:D Brighton's Fab Carrot Cake :D

1 1/4 cups all purpose flour
1 cup whole wheat flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
2/3 cup granulated sugar
2/3 cup packed brown sugar
1/2 cup applesauce
1/3 cup canola oil
1/4 cup plain fat-free yogurt
2 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
2 large egg whites
1 large egg
2 cups finely shredded carrot
2 tablespoons flaxseed meal (optional)
2 tablespoons wheat germ (optional)

1. Preheat oven to 375.
2. Coat 2 (8-inch) round cake pans with cooking spray. I use parchment in the bottom too to avoid the horrible cake sticking nightmare!
3. Combine flours, baking powder, cinnamon, salt, baking soda & nutmeg in a large bowl, stirring well with a whisk. Beat sugars, applesauce, oil, yogurt, vanilla, egg whites, & egg together at med speed of a mixer. Add flour mixture, stirring just until moist. Stir in carrot, flax & wheat germ.
4. Pour batter into prepared pans. Sharply tap pans once on the counter to remove air bubbles. Bake at 375 for 25-35 min or until a wooden pick inserted in the center comes out clean. Cool in pans 10 min on wire racks; then remove from pans and cool completely.
You can use these as a layer cake with reduced-fat cream cheese frosting, or just dust with a little confectioner's sugar & call it good. :D If you go the latter route, I'd bake it in a 9 x 13 pan.

This recipe originally came from Cooking Light, and I doctored it up quite a bit more. I also sometimes up the spices and add allspice, cloves, & ginger if I want more of a spice cake. I sometimes play with the sugar too and use clean-eating alternatives. I'm at pretty high altitude so you might have to tinker with it a little if it comes out not-quite-right. ;)

:D Bon appetit!!! :D
Good morning cheetahs! I've missed a few days posting:( I was going to catch up yesterday afternoon after getting in a very nice 5 mile tempo run (paced around 8:30:D) However the weather interfered. Got a great classic ice storm thru the nite while I was working. It took me quite a while to scrape the thick layer of ice off the car in the morning (in the freezing rain of course:() Anyway, it was bound to happen with all the ice laden trees around my neighborhood-- power outage for a good half of the day. It didn't come back on until 9pm which pretty much ruined my computer time:(. I spent the time huddled under blankets reading mostly but also warmed up with an hour of stationary cycling. Unfortunately, for some reason the previous owner of this house did not install any fireplace or woodburning stove. There is no alternative heat source at all. That is one of the items on our list to purchase once we sell the Az house (IF we ever do that is:() Okay, enough griping!

Got in a great workout this morning with Viper and later will get in a good 40- 50 minutes on the EXT. :D

Posh- You put a smile on my face as always with your post:D Great idea to wear that T shirt for the week! Could use a double dose of some serenity myself! The last 2 nights at work I barely had time to sit down- no time for any "lunch" break- then dealing with the ice- then the power outage:eek: I was hanging on to sanity by a thread there for a while!
Sorry for the mini-rant! Anyway, I could use some of your ZEN! Can you wrap it up and send it express? LOL. I sympathize with your delivery woes. In Az the post office also did not deliver to my home address and I was ALWAYS having problems like that!

Cathy- How is your back to work week progressing for you so far? Better then mine I hope anyway. I'm quite intrigued with all this chatter about CLX-- guess I'll go to the beachbody site to check it out. Then again, being on a budget maybe I better not! (sigh) Hope you get in a great whatever workout!

Christine- Sounds like you and your DH have been battling a pretty nasty upper resp virus:( Alot of my co workers have been pretty sick lately too.
Surrounded by Eau de Cough Drop all nite;) So far I've managed to avoid falling victim... hope my luck .... and immune system hold out! Hope you both recover soon and enjoy MM today!

Carole- Awesome interval run for you! I bet your confidence level for you upcoming mary is sky high:D:D:D Hey.. my sis who works for the state dept (currently is in Pakistan) just got reassigned (yay) to Luxembourg!
Anyway ING has it's Europe marathon there every May so if that darned old house of mine sells this year I'd like to visit her in 2010 and do that marathon. Wouldn't that be cool?

Linda- Nice to hear from ya! I guess you've been pretty swamped lately but still keeping up with the workouts of course.... and the racing as well I see! A 5 miler on Sunday? Hope the weather cooperates for ya!

That's it for now cheetahs. Sorry I don't have the mental energy to go back and catch up with everyone else:( But ya know I LOVE you all!!!

Brighton- Posting together! That carrot cake recipe does look truly FAB!! Thanks.
I'm guessing you are having some ITB issues? Certainly no better group then the cheetahs to get advice from for sure. Many of us have dealt with that particular bugaboo!

Brighton - Oh wow! The cake recipe sounds so good! Carrot cake is pretty much the only cake that I like....and I love it! :)

Shelly - I am sorry about your heat and the ice!!! We have had snow...but not a lot. I hope you aren't regretting east! But, am I remembering correctly that you said you had snow where you were in Az? I hope things calm down for you soon and that you sell your AZ house! Great job with the Viper and enjoy your EXT!

I forgot to say that this morning I did CLX Burn Intervals and ran 5 miles. (I guess I posted it in a couple of personals...) ;)
Fly by here. DS21 and I are off to visit the grandparents ( DH's parents) for lunch.

Karen- I am so sorry that your parents did not have wills. What a big annoyance that is to you. I hope when this clears your and your Dad immediately get your wills taken care of. Did you get the BIG dog?

Shelly- I think you go the worst of the ice storm yesterday. We had the fringe of it and, today we got another 3-4 inches pf pretty snow, but everything is OK around here. I am quite surprised that there is not fireplace in your PA home.

Linda- You are a true Cheetah.... planning a races through the winter!

Posh- Which Giada book did you get? I have the new Italian Favorites. I am not ready to use it just yet.

Christine- yuck on the coughing! You need the 'serenity now t-shirt' between the coughing andf the construction.

shoot outta time!
Good morning Cheetahs!

Cathy - Don't think I've ever had nightmares about oversleeping but I go to bed thinking I don't want to oversleep. Most of the time I wake up before the alarm goes off. Hope the Squeeze DOMS found you this morning.

Posh - Serenity Now is a good motto. LOL!! Nice meals you cooked up there. Sorry for the BB mix up. Both of my packages came through USPS and got here on the same day. Collage was happy to see you too! Hope you get yours soon. Running Partner is trying to talk me into doing 3-4 halfs this year. The first one would be in April - The Andrew Jackson half. He wants to do Chicago too. Told him I had to see how I felt after January. Maybe all of the burn out will bill gone.

Christine - Burn 2 was probably harder because my arms got tired holding the weights. If my vest gets here soon, I'll see what I come up with using it. Laughing at your preschoolers at work comment. LOL! I use to threaten my employees with color coded pacifiers they whined so much. Have a nice workout! :D Hope you and DH both feel better. I can just picture your DD in shock!

Carole - Good job on those intervals! You and your sis have done a lot of marathons. Maybe I'll become the half marathon queen. I would like to conquer the foot numbing. Need to pick up samples of the power drink you mentioned too before I start training for another one. Glad you're enjoying the ipod on your runs.

Linda - Enjoy the snow! I thought Burn Intervals was fun too. I didn't get my run in though. Those bands about killed me this morning because I'm using the ones I bought for B&G. They have a lot of tension. Next week I'll use the one that came with CLX. You added 5 miles! Wow! Great job! Good luck with your race Sunday!

Brighton - Thanks for sharing that recipe! I'm salivating again.

Shelly - Nice pace on that tempo run! Weather is quite different there than AZ, huh? It'll toughen you up! Glad you have power back! I'm glad I have a gas fireplace. If the power ever goes out, I'll have some source of heat as long as the pilot doesn't go out. Then, I'm in trouble. Didn't have an alternative source at the other house. I'm picturing you pedaling hard on your bike trying to stay warm. LOL! Good workouts for you today!

Judy - Enjoy lunch with the grandparents!

I did Burn Intervals and Ab Burner. I didn't get my run in because I needed to get to work a little earlier this morning. I'll probably add it to BC #3 tomorrow. Really enjoyed the workout. She gets every body part in there. I can't wait to hear the results that people are getting.

Gotta run! Have a terrific day!
No luck with Lucky. The spca found an issue with her and she could not be adopted out today. I wished they would have called us before we came to get her but Oh Well. It was not meant to be. She won't be available again until futher notice. They had an issue with her shots but didn't go into it. There was a pug there we liked but really dad wants a bigger dog. So we are still on a doggie mission. We visited another shelter and are second in line for a yellow lab. Keeping fingers crossed.
Good evening ladies!

Ack, another super duper quickie fly by:confused:...I should have more time to post tomorrow morning (I hope!).

Yesterday's workout was an Imax 2/DM drills circuit of sorts. 2 Imax intervals followed by a DM drill (except I skipped the forward bounding one...too much impact at that point). It was a fun one and will definitely be up for that one again.

Today's workout was a 4DS BC/ MM UB circuit and, boy, this one kicked my boo-tay!!! I used my Perfect Pushups (from DSO for Christmas) and oh my what a difference! It's the first time I've actually felt my chest working instead of my shoulders and they were sooooooo much easier on the wrists. A keeper for sure:D.

Gotta scram and get ready for bowling. Hasta manana amigas!
Hi Cheetahs!

Karen - Sorry things didn't work out with Lucky. Hope your dad sees another one he likes. Got my fingers, toes, legs, everything crossed for you. How are the kids doing?

Wendi - Great workout yesterday! Glad you like the Perfect Push Ups! I don't pull mine out too much.

It's chill time again. Have a good night ladies!
Jackie- The kids are ok with it. My 12 yo was disappointed but the other two who are 6 and 9 were a tad bit afaird of the size. My kids are short. My dh is Japanease and his mother is 4ft 10 at best so my youngest is really short for 6. The dog really was two sizes bigger than her. She would have gotten use to the dog but she was really ok with not getting her and maybe getting somthing a tad bit smaller. :D

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