Cheetahs Check in Saturday June 17th

Wow Jess! Great job under difficult circumstances!!! You did us cheetahs proud as usual. I can't believe after that you did 6 miles in that heat! You totally rock!!!

Great Job Jess! And it's the last 6 miles you ran that really count since your ultimate goal is to run a marathon!! You women always make me so proud.

Today DH and I ran a 1/2 at Vandenberg AFB. We didn't race it, just used it for a training run. I'm suprised I was able to hold myself back from pushing hard but I did it!! The course was described as hilly with majestic views of the Pacific Ocean but a better description would have been 6.5 miles *down* to the ocean then 6.5 miles back *up* to the finish!! LOL!! And the majestic views? Well, the marine layer was so thick I never even saw the water until I was running parallell with the beach for about 1/10th of a mile! But, it was fun and I got a long sleeved technical shirt (although the color is a mixture of lime green and mustard yellow, verrrrry ugly!!)

Hello to Carole, Barb, Christine, Wendy, Shelly, Karen, Judy......
Hey girls...While I was running this morning I was wondering when everyone here ran thier first race, how long they had been running prior, what thier time was and how they placed? It would be very interesting to hear where you all started out in comparison to where you are now. :+
HI Wendy,
I'm truly a novice racer, but a long-time fitness runner.

I ran one 5K in 2001 or 2002, but didn't really train for it -- but was running then 3-4 times a week, mix of TM and outdoor. And then ran a half-marathon a few weeks ago -- which I did train for. That sums up my racing experience!

I started running in 1984...for fitness and pretty much have run at least three times a week since then, but have had periods where I focused more on cross-training, e.g. swimming (circa 1988-1990..) and machines at a gym (1992-1996, when my kids were little) used to love the stepmill and the elliptical and running wasn't the entree on the workout menu. Once my 2nd kid was about 4, I got back into a more regular running schedule -- and we weren't gym members anymore.

So I've been running a long time in years, but it as after that 5K I really started reading some about running and trying to go about running, training in a more organized way. More serious hip injury in 2003 and have been most focused about running coming out of rehab, really trying to figure out how I could run, build up strength to run, and do it without injury since then. Discovered Cathe as part of my search of what to do to exercise while I couldn't run -- and then was hooked on Cathe tapes.

Part of how I injured my hip is that even though my weekly mileage was not huge, the rate at which I was increasing added up to more than 10% week and I overdid it, even though my mileage per week would not have told that story. So it was a wake-up call for me to be more thougtful about how to build up running distance and speed safely.

great question to ask. I'm excited to read all the other posts about this!
Marcia... hope you two have a great dinner tonight!

Way to go Karen....sounds like a very nice run.

Christine...graduation sounds like it went well. Good job on your 30-30-30!! A killer workout.

Very impressive Wendy....OMG, my first race? Like way can I remember the details except for it was 10 miles and with my DH before we were married....:(...

Shelly...have a great vacation! You deserve it. My MIL also likes to make snide remarks about us not having kids too...a real piece of work...:) arms are shaking like a chihuahua, CTX about killed me...yes I'll be doing a long run tomorrow.

Barb....great stories about our MIL's..I think with mine it could have been my junior year in High School when my DH's younger brother (His brother and I were in the same grade), had a party. I was in the kitchen chugging a beer when my future MIL walked in, the look she gave me was quite priceless...[/img] thanks for the info on your floorwork combos...they sound fun!

Jess...congrats on 2nd in your age group!!!! You did awesome...:)...Have a great vacation...

Elaine...sorry about the nasty marine layer...:(...I hated that when I lived down there. But the run sounds like it went well for you. Those colors of the shirt are a bit bizarre. I have one from the Humboldt marathon...bright orange/yellow....YUKKY!!!

So after CTX upper about killed me I decided to save my legs for a long run tomorrow...
Wendy- I'll go first. I began running this past Nov. My mileage was about 15-20 miles a week. I ran my first race a 5k in May at a time of 25:56. I ran my second 5k two weeks later at 24:38 and took first in my age group 30-34. Now my weekly mileage is 30-35 miles a week and I begin training this Monday for my first half marathon Oct 14. So I'm really new at this but I know I love it. I had one other 5k about two weeks ago planned but that was when my grandmother took ill. I know there is another 5k I'll be doing in Sept but not sure of the date.

Jess- Congrats. girl you did great. Have fun on vacation.
Barb, Carole and Karen, Thanks for answering!

Barb, I am very afraid of injury so I am careful to try not to over-do it. I hope I succeed!

Carole, Don't you know that you are supposed to remember EVERY detail JUST IN CASE someone like me asks you about it!? ;) :p :7

Karen, Wow you really progressed in your running FAST girl! What you have accomplished in such a short time is no less than AMAZING! :)

Well, today was a bunch of nothing kinda day. DH isn't feeling well so I didn't do much aside from pack and tend to DS. DS and I went for a short walk this evening and then he got a bath. That's about it. I hope DH gets better before Wednesday! :eek:
Finally checking in again!! Been busy packing, finishing up laundry, and getting things ready to leave in the morning!! My quads are sore- I stretched out well but we'll see how I feel when I get out of bed tomorrow!! Note to self- do NOT do Muscle Max 2 days before a 5K & then run 6 miles!!!! DUH!!

Thanks for the kind words, I felt kinda crummy earlier but am feeling better tonight. My dh grilled out some wonderful teriyaki marinated t-bone steaks & I have half a baked sweet potato & a big salad so I ate well tonight!! And I even treated myself to some light vanilla ice cream & strawberries- delicious!

I did add some pics to my trail in the June '06 folder if you get a chance to check them out!

Have a great rest of your weekend/ week & I'll check back in when we get back!


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