Cheetahs Check in Saturday June 17th

I'm up!!

I was wide awake at 5:45 so I got up anyway. I'm eating my oatmeal & guzzling some water to be ready for the 5K at 8. My dh & kids are coming & they're running the 1/4 mile fun run too.

I always get nervous before a race. I'm not worried about the distance at all, just want to pace myself well & not go out too fast or go too slow! My goal is to come in under 24 min.

I also will be having my dh drop me off 6 miles from home & finishing up my run, I'm supposed to be running 9 miles today for my marathon training. So I'll get in my 3.1 in the race & then finish up w/ 6 miles. I just hope it isn't too terribly hot by then, it hit 92 y'day!!

Have a great day & I'll check in later w/ the results!

RE: I'm up!!

Jess--good luck. You'll do great. You are a pro at racing!

No time yet to check in, but wanted to wish you luck!
:) :) :)
RE: I'm up!!

Good Morning Cheetahs!

Jess: Good luck! I hope you make your goal time!

Barb: Hi, how are ya? :)

Karen: Have a good run!

Today is 9-10 mins run/1 min walk outside for 2 miles.
Tomorrow is my (active) rest day...w/u, abs, 10 mins of YP and then maybe StretchMax to finish it off if I have time.

I got up later than I wanted today. Was hoping to be getting ready to head out the door by now but instead I am still drinking my coffee.

I have lots of packing left to do so that is about all that's on the docket for me the rest of the day. In the evening however, we might take a ride to another beach area/boardwalk for a bit with Joey.

Have a great day!:+
RE: I'm up!!

Good morning cheetahs

Good Luck Jess!!!!

Have a good 6 mile run Karen!

Wendy...enjoy your outdoor run today.. glad you get to see your parents also!! Well, my MIL had quite the wealthy girl picked out for my DH...I guess he had a preference for the girl on the other side of the tracks...:)..ok I found sweaty smiley.... The weights were 33lbs for the one legged squats, 48lbs for the extensions, 43lbs for the curls and 25lb for the one legged calf raises.

I am thinking about trying the CTX upper body split and some floor legs either GS or PLB

Have a great Sat...:)
RE: I'm up!!

Hi :)

Jess- Happy racing day!!!
Wendy & Karen - Have fun on your outdoor runs today
Mattea- you are visiting with parents? I must have missed that post. Enjoy!
Carole- you weight selections amaze me! did you complete those reps and then go outfor a run???

I am beginning to be able to do small leg workouts after my runs. Today I ran 5 miles, and then did GS floor legs plus standing leg extensions with ankle weights for quad work.

Next week we go on a family vacation, so I will try to get my 4 runs in in 5 days before leaving. My plan is run Mon & Tue, rest Wed, run Thurs & Fri, travel on Sat. I'll have to get in 2 upper body sessions or more realistically I'll do one upper body part per day next week.
On vacation week, DD has said she will run with me and maybe Ds#2 will too. I'd like DS #1 to go too, but he won't run slower than an 8 minute mile, so he gets bored with us.

Judy "Likes2bfit"

If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.
RE: I'm up!!

Thanks Judy...I almost always work my legs before a run. So, yes I did run after that superset. But you know Cathe's endurance leg work seems to wear my legs out more than my supersets!! You did a great workout today!! I hope you have a nice vacation...and running with your kids should be fun...boys always want to run faster, but us women can pass them in the end...:)
RE: I'm up!!

Good morning everyone:

Jess - GOOD LUCK!!! Hopefully it stays bearable for you to run, stay hydrated. :)

Today is cross training, I'll probably get on my elliptical for that, or maybe try to get out for a walk if possible.

I'm still trying to figure out where we are going to eat tonight for our anniversary. My DH and I love to try different places and nothing fancy so we are planning to just drive along the Mississippi and find some nice place with good food to stop at.

I hope everyone has a great day!

RE: I'm up!!

Good Morning Carole ,Marcia, Wendy and Judy. Well, I went 8 miles instead. It is very rare I get an outdoor run other then when we the family bikes beside me. This morning no one wanted to get up. We were all up late do to a leak in the basement so I thought what the heck I go out myself around here. So i set out on my run and it turned out to be almost 8 miles. I had dh come and get me with the girls because I knew he wanted a coffee so I ended my run there. It was nice running through the town near us. It took two miles to get to the town. We live near woods and a rural area. We have one acre the people beside us have 10 and then another has two. So pretty much all land and woods. So anyway dh tracked my route for me in the car. If I would have came all the way home it would have been 10 . At least now I know. It was fun. Enjoy your runs everyone.. Tomorrow is my rest day.
RE: I'm up!!

Good morning Cheetahs!

I'm planning a 5 mile hike/run today. There's a local park that has fairly steep hills (the big one is 1.5 miles long and 1000 feet in elevation gain), so I figured I run what I can and hike the rest. It's going to be hot, so I'm going sooner rather than later.

Graduation was nice. They really do go through the whole ceremony - speeches and everything. Afterwards they had a dinner dance. I picked her up at 10:30 last night. DH and I went to the Elephant Bar with the parents of a friend of DD17's whose DS graduated as well. Food is okay, but it was fun. Today DD17 gets her wisdom teeth out (DH will be taking her), and I go shopping with DD13 for her trip East. Karen - I'll have her wave to you as she heads up 95 to Philly on Friday!

If I have time I'll sign back on. What plans do you have for Father's Day? DS is going to grill. I think I'll get some filet mignon. DH will love that.
RE: I'm up!!

Hi all!

Just wanted to report quickly on my run and I'll do personals again a bit later in the day after more folks have checked-in!:)

Just over a 2 mile distance: Ran 11 minutes/1 FULL MILE STEADY!--walked 1 minute--Ran 10.52 minutes/2nd FULL MILE STEADY! I was so excited when I pushed and was able to run the mile each way with out stopping!:+ :+ :+

I'm on a short break from packing...I'm actually almost done with my own stuff and I haven't freaked out yet! LOL I HATE packing...find it to be extremely aggravating most of the time so I am surprised that I have been able to stay so calm......:)
RE: I'm up!!

Mornin Cheetah-babes! Just finished a great 7 mile hilly run- actually just around my neighborhood. In a little while I'll head to the basement for some HSTA, then some final packing and I'm OFF FOR MY VACATION TRIP:7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7

Karen- great job on your 8 miles. Sounds like the distances are getting easier for ya! Your neighborhood sounds a bit like mine in how its spread out. Except mine is high desert! I'm on 11 acres and we have one of the smaller lots! A run around my "block" is 10 miles.

Jess- Good luck on your 5K speedy cheetah! That's going to be tough to run another 6 miles after going 3 at race pace! :eek:

Barb- Hi there!

Wendy- Sounds like a great outdoor run you have planned today!

Carole- I love your sweaty smiley! I got a kick out of your description of your MIL being disappointed your DH married a gal from the other side of the tracks. My DH is Italian American 100%,My MIL is a sweet lady but I know she was appalled at her son marrying a WASP!!!!:eek: :eek: :eek: Today is a big weight workout for you!
I guess your long run is tomorrow?

Judy- Wow you have quite a workout for today also! And this follows your 7mile run-tennis match yesterday- quite impressive!! That is so great that your DDs run with you!

Marcia- Happy Anniversary:+ :+ How many years?

Well, time to get moving. Hello to Mattea, Christine, Gayle, Elaine,Pamela, Laura,Cathy, and anyone else I've missed.
Have a great one!

RE: I'm up!!

Way to go WENDY! 2 miles steady w/ only 1 minute walking between?
WOOHOOOO! Congratulations!
Good luck with the packing. I always make a list beforehand and just cross it off as I go along. It really helps! Have fun!

RE: I'm up!!

Hi Christine- That sounds like some big MAMA hill---Go get em! Dont let those EVIL hills get the best of ya! }(
Filet Mignon for Dad's day? Sounds nice!
RE: I'm up!!

Christine- I will defiently wave as she goes by. I wish you were coming as well for a quick run with me.

Shelly C- My leg is doing much better with the distances. No IT band pain as of yet but I'm being so carful to strech and such as not to injury it. It really pays to stretch.

Marcia- Happy Anniversary as well.

Wendy- Awesome 2 miles Wendy.
RE: I'm up!!

Hi Cheetahs,

I got some kickmax drills and TurboJam in today. Then a mishmosh of GS Chest, Back & shoulders. I'm gearing up for a long run tomorrow and hope to fit in some Coremax or abripper later today.

Wendy -- good job on your run! Yahoo for running straight through and on the distance. Good luck packing. Good luck easing in to Mr. YP. Don't be intimidated by those first rounds of Sun Salutations. They move fast and it's hard to be in sync with the tape. Just do what you can and see how you like it!:) I love stretchmax 1.

Judy -- sounds like you have a good week plotted out for yourself working around travel. Fun to run with your kids. My son won't run with me because I am way too slow. I can only do floorwork after a run or L&G standing with ankleweights, but not weights, i.e. standing leg weights like squats and lunges.

Carole -- My MIL definitely sees me as from the other side of the tracks. Early in the marriage she told me someone "of your background would not be familiar with grape scissors..." and then my DH grabbed some grapes, put them in a bowl and started eating them hands-free.....very amusing.......;-)
Interesting that you say endurance leg workouts exhaust your legs more pre-run than a heavier weight workout. Were the weights you listed on a machine/cable machine? I really like the floor work on GSL & PLB. I like to mix L&G floor work w/PLB floorwork. Or sometimes I do PLB floor work: glutes and Hams, but do inner & outer thigh from GSL, and then glutes from L& G. I don't know why I like that combo, but I do!

Karen-- great job on your run. It's awesome you have your ITB soreness under control with stretching. Smart to catch it early.

Christine -- all your time with your daughters sounds so nice. Have fun with your hike/run today. Sounds like you are definitely in a good groove! I'm thinking of filet, too, for DH tomorrow for Father's Day.

Marcia -- happy anniversary. The elliptical sounds like fun. Hard for me to figure out what to eat for special occasions. I'm a creature of habit.

Shelly -- Have a great, great time on your trip! A hilly run and then HSTA??? Unlike my MIL, I cursty to you on that workout without any hesitation.

Hi to everyone coming by later: Elaine, Mattea (hope the weekend's going well!), Pamela, Laura, Cathy, Karin, Gayle, Thomasina....

have a great day


:) :) :)
Short details- time 25:03, 2nd in my AG. I forgot to turn my Garmin off at the end, so here's the splits that I have-
1 mile - 7:52
2 mile- 8:21
3 mile- 8:10

It said on the list that I had an 8:01 pace overall, so not too shabby! I came in 42nd place out of I'm guessing close to 150???

Longer details- woke up w/ some tummy issues but I figured I was just nervous & I'd be ok. Ate my oatmeal & drank some water & visited the bathroom a few times. (UGH!!!) We got packed up & headed out to get signed up & ready to run (the kids were doing the fun run too). The kids played at the park while we waited for the start (it was a 5K put on by Greg's work & the run was at the large employee park). I hit the potty a few more times & knew it was not going to be my best race but I knew I'd still be fine even if I had to slow down. My goal was just to keep it under 8 for the first mile & then speed up, but I just couldn't do it. My legs felt tired & my tummy was not liking me too much. I just focused on finishing!! It really helped that my dh & kiddos were waiting for me at mile 1 yelling GO MOMMY!! I got a little teary & kept on running. Greg said he could tell that I didn't feel good by that point. Once I hit 2 miles I knew it was almost over so I just tried to keep my legs going. I did end up passing one girl towards the end so that was a good finish at least! I felt sick after finishing but after about 10 min & some water later I was feeling MUCH better. I think the heat affected me too- it was in the 80's & I've been used to running at 5AM lately when it's much cooler!!

So, overall I was pretty proud of myself for getting through it under not the greatest conditions. We stayed for the kids' fun run which my older 2 dd's ran (and I ran w/ Kiersten)- it was a 1/4 mile run. And a guy that Greg works with & his wife were there- she ran the 5K also & came in 2nd in the 30-34 AG!! And their 3yo dd ran the fun run too, we had a good time w/ them. Got our post-race food, got my medal, & headed home.

THEN, I still had 6 miles to finish up since this is supposed to be a 9 mile run week for my marathon training!! So I had Greg drop me off what I thought was about 6 miles from home. It was 87 degrees by then!! (I know, I'm nuts I guess!) And, there was a HOT wind blowing right at me. I figured this was GREAT training for the marathon because I know those last 6 miles will be killer! My legs were tired so I just told myself that I'd be happy to finish in under an hour. (did it in 59:55!!) So I've eaten & stretched out & need to go stretch out some more!!! I might take a nap in a bit too!!!

We leave for vacation tomorrow, so I won't be around for a few days. We're going to WI Dells & staying at a nice hotel w/ indoor water park- the girls are soooo excited!!!

Thanks again for the great support here!!


P.S. I'm working to add pics to my picture trail, I'll post it when I get them up!
Quick pop in to say run was postponed 'til tomorrow - too much to do today. Instead I took Wendy's suggestion and modified it a bit. Instead of 20-20-20 I did 30-30-30. MIC W/U and Hi/Lo, KM Blasts, CK drills and the challenges from Step Blast and Rythmic Step. Phew, great workout! Won't need to jump for a while. LOL. Off the shower, and shop!

Have fun everyone! And I'll definitely get in that run tomorrow. I am really looking forward to it.
Christine --That's a really tough workout. I'm copying it down to aspire to do that at some point. Cannot believe you added the challenges from SB & RS!!! Good for you.

Jess-Congrats on your run!


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