Cathe Live Request


I've been thinking about making a request so here are mine:

Another IMAX (please!)
Another Cardio Core Circuit (I adore the two live ones you've done)

Cathe, thanks for being my workout partner for 18 years! You are amazing!


Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! You're so sweet to ask about requests. I have to tell you honestly, if I opened up Cathe LIVE for requests it would become much too long of a list to fulfill. But feel free to list your suggestions if you like. I'm sure at times I'll enjoy reading through them for creative inspiration :)

Kathy G

I understand Cathe! But I'm going to throw my requests into the pile, lol.

Another "Push/Pull Total Body" with just barbell, weights, and chair (just different exercises.) This is such a time efficient workout, one of my favorites.

Low Impact version of "Compound HIIT." I love using the firewalker band and NO going to the floor on that one! Plus the metabolic weight work keeps your heart rate up.

Thank you!

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