Cathe Live and Cathe on DeMand


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Hi gonnabea5, Cathe Live is only for our live weekly workouts that we do on Thursday morning from our Gym. We currently have 211 Cathe Live workouts in our archive.

Cathe OnDemand includes all of the same workouts and premixes you see on our DVDs and as long as you subscribe through us you will also get our Workout Blender which lets you create your own workouts or use workouts that other Cathletes have made. You also get Cathe Live for free when you subscribe to Cathe OnDemand. *Learn more about Cathe Live and OnDemand or sign up at


How do I find Cathe Live app for my Roku? I have the app on my phone and IPad but can't find it on to add to my television.

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