Cathe Core Intensive Workouts?


I will be starting a new rotation in a few weeks and I want to put together one that is core intensive and also incorporate plenty of cardio leg wo's (Cardio Leg Blast, Lower Body Blast). The core is where I am finding that I have to modifiy the exercises the most on Cathe's DVD's ... (well, that and the hamstring exercises on the stability ball/chair. :confused:)

I have purchased many many Cathe DVD's while working on my XTrain/LIS rotation that I have almost all of them now. I also now have Horizontal Conditioning Vols 1 & 2. My plan is to (attempt) er, DO 3 core intense wo's per week, maybe a 4th add-on. I will use HC to the best of my ability along with Cathe. Since I have so many that I have not tried yet, I'd like to know which ones are the most core intensive. Obviously Cardio Core Circuit sounds like a good one to use, and Butts & Guts. What are some others that you would recommend?

I never found the kick boxing wo's to be very core intensive, but I have just acquired little pink 1-lb dumbells (these just make me giggle) to hopefully make a difference. STS Cardio series is new to me so maybe the MMA?

I don't have Core Max or Ab Hits, but I do have STS Ab Circuits. Would you recommend doing, say, 3 or 4 segments of Ab Circuits for a workout?

I'm also open to suggestions of other instructors. But mainly which Cathe DVD's work the core the hardest?
I love the STS ab circuits DVD. I personally can barely make it through one of them much less 2-4 of them :eek: But I'm sure there are others who can. Lately, I've been doing my core work before my cardio. Sometimes I find that I'm just too tired to get everything out of the core segment when I try to do it after the cardio, which leaves me with a lack luster core workout. Doing it first lets me get the most effective core workout plus all the cardio I need. Backwards I know. I have Core Max and those are also all good segments.

I also like Afterburn for a core intensive workout.
I agree with ATompki1 that the STS ab workouts are unbelievable. And I too can't imagine doing more than 1. If I didn't do cardio I might be able to do 2, but after a workout it's doubtful. I love STS Abs weights and plates, because I always find it to be a real challenge. Frankly, they are all a great workout. I have ab hits too and I could see doing several segments since they are typically shorter at 10 minutes each where the STS abs are longer, non-traditional and I believe more difficult.

Good luck. I think you are on the right track with Cardio Core Circuit (CCC). This one always kicks my butt as well. How do Cathe and the ladies move so quick on some of the core exercises, I'm always lagging behind them--lol!

I don't own any of Cathe's specific core workouts :eek:. Let's not get into that though ;). I find Afterburn, Slide & Glide, Supercuts, to work the core very effectively. Push-ups and plank related exercises just slay a good way of course :eek:.

Good luck!
TTM - Core segment

To Tony,

I can hear you on performing core prior to cardio ;)

My preferred core segment is The To the max core segment.

It's a compound core and upper body using few dumbbell.

Kickboxing do work my core. I can definitely feel it.

Hope you find what you want in To the max segment.
Ab Hits is a great investment. There are a lot of options on that DVD and since they are mostly basic moves, it's easier for me to focus when doing them than on some of Cathe's newer core-focused workouts (Cardio Core Circuit's core segments, for example).

I agree that the STS Core is good (love the med ball workout) and those ones are longer. CoreMax is also a good option. If you are looking at other instructors, Susan Chung's Rapid Fire DVD has a great standing/floor core workout that uses a med ball (it's a good DVD---love the shadow boxing segment)
I did the STS Core workouts for the longest time, and they were my go-to for abs. But now, for me, the Xtrain Core #1 and Core #2 (especially 2) hit it out of the ballpark!!! They are the best core exercises I've ever found, and sometimes, even on a rest day, I'll do them by themselves. Huge difference in my abs and "love" handles. I've done Horizontal Conditioning's "Get Stronger" and "Get Rolling," but still haven't worked up to the actual real workouts yet. My upper torso and shoulders/arms simply can't handle so much concentration on them, which has been my weakest point in the Cathe workouts, as well.
Afterburn has a decent amount of core work as well. If I remember, it has mountain climbers, push up jacks,spiderman mountain climbers, and front dumbbell swings, all of which are good for the core as well as other muscles.
Thank you, each one of you, for your wonderful suggestions. I have a very hard time remembering the exercises on each DVD since acquiring so many of them in the past few months.

BTW, I opened up MMA Boxing and tried it out using 1-pounders and WOW does that ever make a difference. Loved it! I felt it in my core the next day.
I'm glad the weights worked out for you in MMA Boxing! I use Cathe's weighted gloves during that workout, and love what it does for my abs.

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