Cathe: 4-a-week rotations?


Hi Cathe,

Would you consider occasionally putting together rotations for people who only want to work out 4 times per week but still use your advanced workouts?

I'm very much looking forward to receiving the new series as I know this will fit the bill, but would also like rotations with the workouts that I have. :)

ETA: I would also like a rotation to help with the following goals:
- 4 workouts per week
- General all round fitness
- Increase upper body muscle
- Increase definition all over
- Not too much intense cardio (I have high cortisol levels)
- Stretching/yoga to unwind (in addition to 4 workouts)

Am I aiming for too many goals at once? I don't mind slow but steady results as long as I am going in the right direction.

Any help would be so appreciated! :) :)

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