Casey Anthony-Your Thoughts


...a lack of evidence won't matter and a defense attorney's shenanigans won't work...
When I heard about That Photo being allowed into "evidence" I actually jumped out of my chair and said "Oh no they DIDN'T!!!" You know, the one where Casey and Caylee were hugging and smiling for the camera but the prosecution switched out Caylee's smiling face for one of dead Caylee, with duct tape over her mouth. It was meant to shock the jury into seeing Casey as a murderer but it obviously backfired. You just know the whole jury was angry at the prosecution's shameless attempt to manipulate people they assumed were too stupid to "get" it but who were, instead, insulted at the attempt. I believe Casey Anthony is a sociopath who murdered her child just because she could (I doubt this is uncommon, actually) but I also believed Patsy Ramsey did it - and I was wrong. You can't trust your gut when you're talking about murder. You must have proof. And in Florida the burden if proof is a much higher hurdle than in most states.


Interesting thought--she was mad at her mother. I can see that as being a motivating factor.

that crossed my mind, they apparently had a fight right before she left the house with her daughter. another thing, jose baez acknowledged casey was a compulsive liar...i wonder how much of casey's story he believed and where he had doubts. guess we will never know the truth. sad.

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