can I tell you my dirty little secret??


Cathe is coming out with new workouts in a few weeks, (that I pre ordered on the first day) , but I have never attempted to try the ones from her last batch yet. I always overlook them when I am deciding which workout to do an any given day, I always feel intimidated by these workouts, like I am not fit enough to do them. I guess I am afraid of trying it,and failing ,meaning that I can't finish the workout. I am okay with this, I know I will attempt them one day. So.. anyone else have secrets they would like to share? :) :)
No secret here (that I want to disclose anyway LOL) Just some advice.

If you have the last series, quit stalling and pop it in your DVD. They are so much fun, you are really missing out. Drill Max is my favorite. If you don't think you are ready for them, just do a little at time until you build up.
Just do as much as you can as a warm up to whichever workout you have planned. You'll find yourself so hooked you can't stop!
I agree with the above posters. Try the workouts, they are so much fun and just do what you can to begin with. :)

I can't believe you haven't done the last series! You are missing out on so much fun!! Get those workouts in your dvd player, girl! My kids like it when I do these the most because they love the music and to watch me do the step segments. :) They are my favorite of all my Cathes so far.
There are some good premixes in there that you might want to try, or just do certain sections. For example, I have never done Body Max 2 in its entirety. I always split it up into shorter segments, like just the step and legs sections, or step and upper body, etc. Often I just do the cardio in LIC also. Take it in smaller bits and it won't seem so intimidating. Good luck!
Get a grip luvmylabs!! No one will know if you don't make it through the workouts. No one will know but you if you hit pause on the DVD player while you catch your breath ad guzzle a gallon of water. You are missing out on the fun if you don't try these. Seriously! Now get thee to a dang DVD player and get crackin! ;-)
My dirty little secret is that Cathe talks to me in code. She gives me signals many of you miss.

Yes it is true, sometimes when Cathe is doing low ends she has given me a signal to get a drink of water!

Video workouts are guidelines not rules!

It is supposed to be fun! Pop it in, do your best, forget the rest, and enjoy!
Oh my!!!:eek: I better get to ordering before I'm forced to change my user name!:p

Actually, I do have Cardio Fusion & I'm planning to add one to my pre-order when I place it too (maybe B&G... DM... LIC... ALL of them!?!:eek: }(). Okay... that brings me to ANOTHER dirty little secret. I still haven't preordered!:eek: :eek: :eek: But I plan to. I'm just waiting to (hopefully) see some clips & get just a little more information before doing that. I already informed my DH that I was planning to preorder these for myself... for HIS birthday - LOL!}( :p
<I already informed my DH that I was planning to preorder these for myself... for HIS birthday>

Now that's a hip chick! LOL!
I'll share a similar fitness secret (rather than the dead body in the basement secret....oops!): I still haven't done Drill Max in its entirety. I've done the segment on Cardio Fusion, I've done the lower body (I think) premix, but never the whole shebang.

But I can't imagine leaving the entire series for this long without at least dabbling in one of the premixes!

Get at it, girl! You'll need to prep for the new workouts when they come.

But the up-side of not having done any of them yet: they're 'new workouts' to you, so that can make the wait for the upcoming workouts less painful.
Thank You all for your encouragement!!! :) I think I will do eenie meanie miney moe to pick one, this weekend , once my out of town company leaves. That's another thing, I am to embarrassed to exercise when we have guest in the house, so I have not worked out all week. :) :) Thanks again everyone!!
Just pick one and do it -- lol! One thing I've never been able to understand, though, is why anyone would feel bad if they couldn't get all the way through a new workout on the first try. Isn't that the point -- that it should present a challenge? I would get awfully bored with a workout if I could breeze through after only a few tries. ;)

ETA that I completely understand why you wouldn't want to work out in front of company -- I look like a total dork when I work out. :7
OHMIGOSH! try them! TRY THEM NOW! i love LIC.... too much fun! drill max too (except that stupid hopping and skipping cardio section *rolls eyes!* lol! but i LOVE the football part!)

just TRY them!

i don't care for BM2 as it stands... but when i discovered scrambled eggs (read about how fun it was on here).... now i love that workout too!

ok.... that's it... JUST DO IT!

cute work out clothes are good for AT LEAST an additional 10-15 calories burned!
Oh, so many dirty little secrets - I'll just tell one:

After stumbling all over my step when I tried to do ricochets, I decided that I am too much of a klutz to risk a broken neck like that again, so ever since then when Cathe and crew do ricochets I admire them while I do heel-toes.
Here's mine....please don't tell anyone guys k? Yesterday I did kpc kickbox part and my front is solid as a rock but when I do the shuffle I hear smack smack from my inner thighs and I look in the mirror and my butt is trying to catch up big time jiggle jiggle...hard to put a game face on when your backside is still on the other side of the room.....shhhhhh!!

I'm cracking up at duck's butt story.

My secret is now I have every DVD Cathe has for sale (and I've preordered the new ones) but there are several I have yet to try, such as: Bootcamp (though I've done ME), Body Max (the original--but I love BM2), MIC, Circuit Max, GS Legs, any off Terminator, HST (though I have done the other two HS workouts)...the list could go on. My excuse is I bought a whole bunch in a hurry and I'm just intermediate level so I'm easing into them!

That being said, I've done at least premixes on the latest series, and they are awesome.

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