Can anyone do Powermax on 8" step?


I barely made it through the Powermax workout on a 6" step. Hats off to anybody that can do it on 8" step. High Five to you!! Peggy


When I bought this tape years ago I used to do it on 8 inch step. But now I only use the 6 inch step and still get a great workout, my knees cant take the 8 inch step like they used to. Its a oldie but a goodie!! Lori


I still do all of my step workouts on a 4" step. Every time I try to add a riser, I really feel I have to LIFT my foot (I guess since I am used to the 4"). I can not imagine doing ANY step workouts off of 8" anymore! I am always amazed when I do BM2 that Cathe does it with an 8" step!!!



I also used to do Power Max, MIC, and others on an 8" step. That was back in the old days, though. Now, I do everything on a 6" step and get a great workout. :)



I do it on 8. It depends on how much carbs I've had, if I have been eating more carbs I do it on 8, if not its 6.


I'm only 5'3" and I can do it on 8", but I believe that PowerMax is the last "slower" of Cathe's cardio step. The ones which came after have a faster BPM - at least, that's how it feels to me.

ETA: I LOVE PowerMax!!!


I do my cardio in the morning before eating. I am glad others use a 6" step. I am most impressed with those who can do 8".
I am going to try to work my way up to 8" by summers end. I would be very content if I could do it just 1x through on 8".
Is anyone else doing Cathe's longer cardio oldies this summer for cardio? I have done Step Jam and Step Fit and Step Works are on for the coming week. Of course I'll do those on 6" riser for now. Peggy


I'm so old school... I only use 6" steps when I teach. For my own workouts I go to 8", and yes, I always do Powermax on 8".

How about the Imax's? Who's brave enough to do those workouts on 8"????


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