c&t girls eat clean even on holiday weekends!

Hi again everyone,

Trying to do a quick catch up while the babe is sleeping.

Colleen, Gotta love those MILs!;) Good for you doing yoga on a rest day.:)

Kate, I chuckled at the quickie, too.:D Glad you had a nice anniversary. Have fun at the fireworks!

Robin, your story made me laugh.:D Thank goodness for that internet.:) Take care of yourself today- you'll feel better tomorrow for sure.;) It's OK to have a free day once in awhile.

Nina, 14 miles??!! Again I'm amazed. And I admire the work you do.:) We are dog lovers here.

Becky, yes it was a virus and so glad it's over. My, you've worked hard this weekend. Hope you can relax.:) Made your choc/cherry smoothie today. Yum! Do you make up these recipes yourself? Keep us posted on your dad.

Clintonya, sorry about the computer issues. We wouldn't survive in our house.:eek:

Anne, so glad for you that your dad don't won't have to have open heart surgery. Sounds like you're having a fun weekend! Have fun at your parties.:)

Wendy, believe me I've been tempted this weekend to throw out the clean eating! Sorry about TTOM and shorter cycles. Maybe it's the recent breastfeeding and getting back to a regular cycle? It can really throw you off. Thanks for your thoughts yday.:)

I love hearing about everyone's wo's on here. You continue to inspire me...THANK YOU!!!:)
Julie, GRRR to lost personals! I know the feeling well!
WTG getting your WO early! I wish I had that in me!
So are you buying a hamster or ODS is just dreaming? I refuse to have anything in this house that needs to be in a cage!:p We have 3 outside cats(we live in the country and they just keep showing up!) and a Great Dane named Mufasa. He is BEAST....and very very stupid:eek: but we love him. He's very gentle & sweet...just not so smart!:p

Colleen, Good luck at your in-laws! I hate people trying to make your food choices for you. Mike's been on this kick lately making fun of the salads I eat all the time but I know he's doing it just to be goofy. But still, it makes me self-conscious. :confused:

Just finished CS Flexibility WO for Athletes. OMw! That is gonna hurt tmrw!:eek::D

off to play with my fam!
Hey girls! Crazy busy weekend here and I am beat! Just wanted to say I haven't forgotten about you and I will check back in the morning after I work out!

Happy 4th to you all!!!!
happy 4th everyone! gym is closed so it is "officially" my rest day =) so far eats have been clean. we are headed to the local fireworks tonight. i know DH is gonna have his heart broken tho, i dont think anyplace but boston and NYC does fireworks as long and amazing... hopefully he doesn't cry out loud, lol.

b - cereal, skim, peach
l - chili
d - who knows...

gotta put the rascal down for nap, ill try to be back before we leave tonight!
FD:why did someone say "yes jealousy is big in the Harrison household"

oh boy it's a big fight going on

help:eek: :confused:where is the Sangria
2 words: grilled. pizza.
so so so good. like a party in my mouth. wow. i am a grilling goddess.:D

Angie, I want to hear ALL about the concert!!!

Wendy, LOL @ fireworks! Hope you guys have fun tonight!

Robin, YIKES on the FD! Give us some good gossip!:p

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