c&t girls eat clean even on holiday weekends!

kate, are you up with j, or just up for you?

good morning everyone - i am on my way to work shortly. nice 9 mile run and a little boxing drills this am. i am tired. dh will watch the boys this am, then leave to study this afternoon, so another solo evening i think. what is everyone's plans?

eats got bad yday afternoon - ic sandwiches:mad: it is out of my system, and today will be good
Good Morning Girls !

I didn't get back yesterday so I've missed a lot. We ended up in Indiana, doing some stuff for my parents. They have a spot at a campground there and for my dads father's day gift we said we would get it all ready for them to camp this year. There are some repairs to do and cleaning and yard work . Yesterday we went and DH dug up a huge area in the yard to fix a water leak. Then we mowed the grass .
Still a lot to do there. But now with my Dad needing back surgery, they really aren't in a huge hurry, since they can't camp real soon anyway.

Kate, I'm going to PM you.

Nina, I LOVE ic sandwiches. CanNOT keep them in the house for that reason !!

Going looking for glasses today........wish me luck!
Good morning~

Nina, sorry about the ic sandwiches. Anything w/ic is a weakness for me.:eek: You motivated me to clean out the garage yday so thanks! What kind of work do you do?

Becky, good luck finding glasses!

Kate, glad you had fun yday w/the waterslide. Makes me want to do something like that for our kiddos.

Eating was clean yday and WILL be again today. Off to the dr again for the fever. It's starting to get me a little stressed.

Have a good morning everyone.:)
Just wanted to pop in and say hi. Workout this morning was BM2. Woohoo! Have a great day everyone!
Great workout Colleen!!!!

No luck on glasses yet. Costco didn't have one frame I liked, Sam's had a pair that were oh-kayyyy I guess, didn't WOW me.....and the price was very close to the price from the dr. office. I'm a little bummed.

Now we're cleaning the garage, so double bummed! LOL :)

Hope everyone's having fun !!!
i am so tired! busy morning at work with some stressful cases. sigh. got home and read to the kids, put aidan down and had a big egg white and veggie omlet and 1 bite of an ic sandwich:eek: i need to relax and gear up to be a good mama this afternoon since dh is off to stady.

becky, i forgot about your dad's surgery - when is it?

julie, great job with the clean eats. i am a veterinarian, but very very parttime right now.

colleen, have a fun weekend.

wish me luck today guys - bbl
Nina, i would think with your job there would be so much that is fun but that sad stuff would be just heart-breaking!
Deep breaths & enjoy your afternoon!

Becky, Bummer on the glasses! Hope you can find something soon!
What a good DD you are! And mom & grandma too! You da bomb!:D

Julie, The waterslide was an awesome treat - abt the same cost as a night at Great Wolf Lodge but from the comfort of our home!:D
IC is an absolute fave of ours too. We make it homemade.... a lot!
That is worrisome abt his fever....keep us posted!

Colleen, That's a great Saturday WO!

I did Pure Barre. Gosh, I haven't worked legs in a month & I was QUAKING!!!

Today is our 11th anniversary! My mom is coming over in a few minutes to stay with the kids so we can go out to eat. We'll haev to hurry to get back - with her MS the kids wipe her out pretty quick but it will be sooooo nice to get out. I'm abt to explode!:eek::eek::eek::p They aren't being bad they are just all so LOUD today!!!!:eek:

Eats are clean & will be for dinner too! Peace!
so... do we really eat clean even on holiday weekends, cuz I've been a BAD girl =( at least i have a good explanation now... TTOM has appeared. i swear my cycles are getting shorter =(

kate, waterslide sounds amazing! and so glad youre getting out with DH, you deserve it and i know you dont have sitters often.

nina, sorry abt the IC, hope it was a good one at least! if its any consolation I have had a rough 2 days and IC was the least of it.

becky, hopw you find a good pair soon, maybe yr better off at the DR anyway, do they offer warranties?

julie, keep us posted on that fever, please! i'll be thinking of you guys.

hi colleen! great WO!
Anne, i forgot ya!! good to hear your dad is able to avoid the open heart surgery and I hope it works out with the in-home care person. nice that you got to visit KL again!!
Thanks, Wendy! We will see on the mom and dad front, but at least things will be somewhat settled for a time, I hope. And, no, I don't eat clean on holiday weekends, but I think we all know I don't really belong in this check-in anymore! Since I rarely work out and eat like crap, but I know you all love me anyway, right?

Kate, Happy Anniversary! I hope you and M had a great night out!

Nina, now I'm going to have some ice cream--I bought those tiny tubs of Hagen Dazs, I think it is. Sounds yummy since it's HOT here. Well, hot for us--close to 90, I think.

Becky, bummy about the glasses, but hold out until you find something you love since you'll have them on a lot. I used to wear glasses, but had lasik 4 years ago. It was the best thing I ever did, I swear.

Colleen, holy work out, batman! I *have* to start lifting weights again if I'm going to be able to keep up at all on the RT. The plan is to start tomorrow. Well, the plan was to start today, but that didn't happen.

I have been productive, though. I planted more flowers, hung pictures, did laundry, picked up the house and read some of my book. Okay, reading's not productive, but very enjoyable. I'm actually invited to 2 parties tomorrow, so I'm going to go to both. One is at my brother's house and he has a pool, so that is good. Every year they have a big part for his MIL on/around the 4th. And then my hairdresser invited me to a party on the lake--should be fun!

Everyone have a great night and enjoy the 4th!

Hi everyone, quick post from my phone, my modem/router isn’t working, ordered and picked up one from best buy and hope to get it set up tomorrow, hope the weekend is going good for everyone - Clintonya
Hi everyone,

Sorry I am too tired to even read everyone's posts. Just wanted to check in. My little guy is doing better, thankfully. Hope to catch up tomorrow.

Kate, hope you had a wonderful anniversary!!!:D

Morning All! And Happy 4th!!

Church this AM, then fam time for the day. Gonna be hot & wonderful so we'll be chillaxin' poolside all afternoon!:cool::cool: Libby is babysitting Julia tonight after I get Ju to bed so we can take the big girls to see the fireworks!:D

Date last night was so nice - just a quickie to Outback & to get a couple things at Best Buy.....like the Dance Broadway Wii game! Can't wait to play that! :D:D

Wendy, So sorry for the bad eats. Pick a meal & choose that one to say NO MORE BAD EATS! You've come do far - you can do it! :D

Anne, Glad you and Klaudia had fun! Wish I could've been there with you guys!
You had a super productive Saturday - good for you!
Hope you have fun at your parties today!

Hi Clintonya! Bummer on the computer!!

Julie, GLad your bambino is improving - hope it continues!
Thanks for the anniversary wishes!
Good Morning Girls !!!! Happy 4th!!!

Okay, I am caught up ! Happy Anniversary Kate ! I'm glad you had time for a quickie on your special day.:p:p;);)
I HEART Outback!!

Julie, so glad your little guy is doing better finally . Was it just a stubborn virus ??

Clintonya, glad to see you again and blah on the computer ! glad you'll be back here soon !

Anne , have fun at your parties !!!!

Hi Wendy ! Yes, a warrenty with my glasses at the dr.

We went yesterday back out to Indiana and got the water leak fixed, the yard trimmed, sprayed weeds and trimmed branches in the trees. It was HARD to be out there, all work and no play because the campground was PACKED and everyone was cooking out and shooting off fireworks and running around in golf carts ! But we got a lot done, so that was good too.

Today we are painting the garage door and front door and THEN having a cookout !!!!!! Am so looking forward to some FUN and relax time !! :cool::cool:

Happy July 4th , hope you all are having a wonderful day today!!!

Becky Oops, meant to mention that my dads surgery isn't scheduled yet, because of the holiday weekend, but they only gave him pain med for 2 weeks, so hopefully it will be done soon . I think he is anxious and worried about it, and I don't blame him at all (we have a history with back surgery in our family , BIG TIME !) so I hope they just schedule it soon and have it over with quickly.
Last edited:
happy 4th!

fly by here - not sure of our lans but hope to see some of dh. great 14 miler this am, and just plan to play with my kids, and clean a bit. bbl

Yesterday we had Early's (yes he has a funny name) baptism. We had about 15 people from out of town. I not going into details about what we ate and drank:eek: but the cake was made into a cross and it tasted so good. Now the funny drama that took place was another family memeber, who weighs about 230# took a video of herself dancing and put it on her facebook.:eek: They must had watched it 20 times. She did the butt and dropped it like it's hot etc etc. She looked ridiculous and we all cracked up. Here is the funny part she said that she was hoping JayZ saw it and would put her in a video :DLOL. The sad thing was she is serious.

Today's plans is to try to get over this slight hang over and make it to church :eek: or just watch it on the internet. The gym is closing at 1pm so i'm not sure if I will make it. Yesterday I did myown premix with cardio, 2 leg machines and 3 core machines.

Nina I love veggie omelets and you are a good mom.

Kate happy anniversary! Dance broadway? Sounds fun.

Wendy I better eat clean today. Really I need to cleanse-out my system.

Becky after all of that enjoy your cookout.

Last edited:
Becky, LOL @ my quickie! I didn't even think of that! And I usually have a pretty dirty mind! LOL!
Hope you have a fun day today! Hug those grandbabies!
All of you r work reminds me that we need to powerwash the house in a reeeeally bad way!:eek:

Nina, So nice to have a good run! Enjoy your day!

Robin, OMW on your relative! I would die laughing!
Nice job on your WOs! How's the whiner?!:p
Good morning everyone! Happy 4th! :)

Just finished upper body circuit and we're headed to church soon. I'll catch up later. Hope you all enjoy the holiday!
Hi Everyone! Happy 4th!

Today is a rest day so I did Shiva Rae yoga. I have been busy this morning running errands and doing things around the house. Need to prep the corn for dinner at the in-laws tonight. We are having steak and MIL insists on serving everyone a huge piece. Hopefully I can exercise portion control.

Kate, Happy belated anniversary. Glad you were able to get out and celebrate!
Becky, sorry you have to wait to hear on the surgery. Enjoy your cookout!
Robin, So funny about the video. I hope you recover quickly from yesterday's festivities.
Nina, sorry yesterday was rough at work. Enjoy your day today!
Anne, I can't believe the RT is less than a month away! Don't kill yourself getting ready - everyone goes at their own pace and no one is critical.
Clintonya, good luck getting the router setup!
Julie, hope you are having a great day!

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