Brenda's back!


I was soooo glad to see the cast information on the blog! Cathe or SNM, is it possible to ask Brenda to post a little bit on how she rehabbed from her injury enough to film STS (which I couldn't do on a good day, let alone after breaking a hip!!). :)

I have never been so excited about a workout series before! Both for me and my husband. I am also glad Brenda is back. It wouldn't have been complete without her!! Also, bring on the men!!!}(
Yeah!!!! Brenda is back!! *happy dancing* Glad that she has recovered so well. :)
I'm with everyone else and anxious to see who gets to join your wonderful team. :)
Yeah Brenda, Miss Ironwowman!:7 I listened to her interview in the OD, and wow, she is an inspiration. Oh, and of course! Bring on the big boys!}( :p }( :p
It's great to see that Brenda will be back - it just wouldn't be the same without her. I'm just curious, what interview?
I am sooo glad Brenda will be a part of this series. I just feel "at home" with the crew and I'm glad they are together again.
Hello and Welcome back Brenda! Great and speedy recovery on your part. You are an inspiration to all of us. :)
>>It's great to see that Brenda will be back - it just
>>be the same without her. I'm just curious, what interview?
>Wendy CLICK HERE to listen or visit

it's really nice that coach troy has been so concerned and proactive in keeping people informed about brenda's injury and recovery by having article and interviews on his site as well as featuring those articles and interviews prominently in his newsletters!!!!! YAY coach troy!!!!!!!!!!! a million kudos to him!!!!

cute work out clothes are good for AT LEAST an additional 10-15 calories burned!
Yay Brenda!
Glad to see you healed and back in action.
:) :) :)

And thanks for the link -- it's great to actually hear Brenda speak!
I cannot believe how quickly Brenda's hip healed!! I'm so motivated by her -- Little Miss Spunky!! I would love to hear more about her recuperation, too, and how she got into shape for the new workouts.

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