dudes is STS cardio....? Sure!! It would be cool. And hey, if those particular guys aren't up to it...I'm always available :)
Guys and girls working out together is great and I love it! No problems with any of the Cathe workouts with guys, but I don't have STS yet, so I guess I can't really comment on that series (I'm getting STS this summer). I love Bootcamp though (and I want to get Cardio Kicks)! For step, I've seen guys take the classes at the gym, but on film with Cathe stepping? That'd be kind of awkward/funny/enjoyable to watch.
I have to say that I have not been impressed with the guys in STS. Their form isn't great, much of the time their weight selection is significantly less than Cathe. They do not seem very coordinated so I have a feeling they would suffer on the cardio workouts. I know that sounds harsh, but that is honestly my opinion.

Absolutely my opinion too!!

But if Cathe were to find some male background exercisers with a dance or martial arts background who *moved beautifully* it would be really nice. Also, if they looked as if they were mentally present and enjoying the workout. The STS guys seemed to be zoned out half the time and doing the macho love-myself thing the other half...
I like the guys. They are working soooo hard and did you see those muscles.:rolleyes: You can see the pain on theier face. I love them. And come on I know all ladies like them.:p Of course I like the old crew but I also like to change things up a bit. That is why I am here and doing Cathe workouts.
I would like to see the guys in STS cardio too. They are part of the STS crew. :cool:
Am I right? :D

Ya know, I am not impressed with the addition of the guys in STS strength. I don't know. Maybe I just don't like change, but I find them to be distracting and have really poor form. I say bring back Rhonda and some of the other people, maybe the guys from Boot Camp.
I enjoyed having the guys in STS and I truly hope that they are included in at least some of the segments in STS cardio.
As a guy doing or to begin doing STS, I do like the addition of males into the mix...I know it may seem minor but it is definitely something I would think many men doing STS would find a positive addition for the same reason Cathe's women customers like seeing other women as part of the crew. Not to mention, as a gay man, these guys are totally eye candy.
I vote to have guys in the STS Cardio. I leave it to Cathe's good judgement to choose them.

Don't be too hard on the guys, I think they did great and if having them in the video draws more men to use Cathe's videos--YAHOO!!

My 2 cents
I don't mind the guys, but I don't think they are going to be in the STS cardio. Rhythmically challenged, as Cathe said...

Not sure if it was by choice or not but if they went to go do the bikes to warm-up, they probably don't want to do 45 minutes of Cathe choreography. ;) I am indifferent one way or the other - although maybe they would make a nice addition to the MMA series. But as another poster mentioned I am too busy trying to keep up to notice the background exercisers.


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