Botox/Juviderm or Mini Lift

Lucia A

Hi everyone, these are before and after pictures of "the threads"... as you know the mini-lift cost approximately = $6,000.
The face lift = 10 to $12,000
The Threads = $2000.00 last approximately 18mo to 2 yrs

The Threads take some of the wrinkles but not completely. The other two = completely! And last longer

I've had injections done, for me they lasted a year.

I paid for something called Exilis for my eyes: it was $ 800 for 4 sessions in 4 weeks, I'm on week 2 about to do 3 today. Already the skin looks and feels tighter.
again it does not remove all wrinkles completely but the results look refreshing.

I work with the public so a not so scary face makes a big difference in the customers attitudes towards me. So I think it's worth it to do something.



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Old thread but anyway an interesting one.
From what I have noticed recently, many people try botox and see this as a perfect solution.
Of course, it is always risky because there can be cases in which problems and complications appear along the way, but in most cases, everything happens successfully.
I'm still struggling to try botox but I'm still thinking about it, I hope I decide.
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I understand Botox for the wrinkles but as far as the sagging of the jaw line, I don’t know if that would help.

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