Botox/Juviderm or Mini Lift

Hi Ladies,
As I work even harder to stay in shape the older I get, I'm noticing my face is starting to have its own issues. For the first time I'm considering looking into some cosmetic procedures. Two things though, I don't have a lot of money and because it's my face, I'm hesitant. Have any of you had any of these procedures and if you did what was your experience like? Also, was it costly? The most I've had done is the Microblading for my eyebrows.
I get Botox from time to time. My sister is a dermatologist, so that helps. I get a little headache, the following day, and some very minor bee sting like pain that is gone in a few days. I look naturally more awake as a result and my forehead crease disappears. It lasts about 4 months.
Find a dermatologist who is experienced. I have not tried Juviderm yet or microblading.
As for the microblading, a blogger I follow ( talked about her experience with microblading and Botox in a post last year.
Tried Botox between eyebrows 11 wrinkles—by 2 experienced doctors 2 years apart with no effect. Neither had ever experienced this. They even gave additional dose several weeks later. Nothing. I was so disappointed.
Wow! I’ve never heard that before. I actually see that space between my chin and neck beginning to get a little looser and I know aging is inevitable but I did check on what a mini lift cost. That’s a lot!! It’s like don’t they have just a mini tuck for that area?
I saw a highly recommended plastic surgeon to inquire about a mini face lift. He told me that his work is conservative, but that I would definitely notice a difference in my neck and chin area after the procedure. The cost is $9,500. I'm still debating.....
Ivy, a great forum discussion question. I wanted to simply share additional information in case it can help.

I have looked into microneedling with platelet rich plasma (PRP). PRP is created using your own blood. It assists the body in repairing itself, particularly in producing collagen, through your own growth factors. A person can also have PRP injections in the face.

There is also a Deka Dot, which is a laser that assists in resurfacing the skin and also assists the skin in producing new collagen.

I have been doing quite a bit of research before I commit to something. Like you, Ivy, it is my face and I am a little concerned about doing something that might cause damage. I am an all natural girl so I really like the PRP idea as it is helping my body repair itself.

The practice I went to, to get a consultation indicated the microneedling with PRP as well as PRP injections, for the face only, would be $800. I have to be honest I cannot remember how much the Deka Dot was. I believe it was a little more. I believe the Deka Dot would help me the most; however, since I have not done any cosmetic procedures I think I will start with the microneedling and PRP injections.

I hope this helps.
I have had a mini lift, the eyes done & I get botox & judivderm twice a year. I have it done by a reconstructive plastic surgeon who is an ent. He only works the neck up. I had the mini lift done over 10 years ago & I am still thrilled with the job he did. I maintain it by getting juvidern on my smile lines & botox on my forehead. It is costly but I am lucky I was able to afford it. The botox & juvidern cost me about $650 each time. I am on the right & I am 67


This is all such good information. I will continue to do my research. It may sound strange but I’d like to get something done before my face looks like it’s falling down. Right now I’m the only one who notices things but I don’t know how long that’ll last
I hear you Ivy. I swear, in this last year my face decided to head south and start sagging. No, not bad, yet. Just enough I ponder if I should spend a few hours everyday upside down to counter gravity's effect lol.

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