Best Cathe workouts for runners?

Hi Cathe & Forum!
Any suggestions on the best Cathe workouts for long distance runners? I'm an intermediate level runner, have run consistently for the past few years, and am trying to up my game to shave time off of my half and full marathon times. I haven't focused on strength training lately, and I suspect this is why I've dealt with injuries and just haven't run as well as I could have. Time to get back into Cathe mode!
Would love to hear your thoughts!
The biggest things that have impacted my running speed are HIIT and plyo. If you'd like to incorporate strength, I would look at doing contrast training for legs. The plyo leg workouts in STS and XTrain cardio leg blast to name a few. You might also try doing Shaun T's Insanity, that level of intensity for plyo HIIT definitely impacted my running speed.
After many many years of doing Cathe's workouts, my favorite is still Body Max because it covers everything - cardio, contrast training for legs, upper body, endurance, and total body strength. I try to do either Body Max 1 or 2 as my Saturday workout at least 2 times a month. The first one is my favorite though.
I've been running 20-25 miles a week for the past few years and I found doing lighter weight exrsices cut my time significantly. I went from a solid 9 minute mile to more like an 8:20 on a regular basis. I've done 50-60# dead-lifts, 30# FULL squats, 25# lunges, double sets of all. I also added on 12, or so, full push ups every other day. It took about a year to notice full effects. Good luck.

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