August 2012 rotation

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! *This month we will do an undulating rotation that varies from light weight to heavy weight, circuit workouts to Hiit workouts etc. *Your body will work hard to keep up with its "confused" muscles. *Good nutrition seals the deal so make that happen too! *Have "fun"!


Mon...Low Impact Circuit

Tues...Low Max

Wed..Pyramid Upper Body

Thurs...Slide and Glide
Fri...Kick, Punch and Crunch

Sat...Pyramid Lower Body

Sun...Yoga Relax or Off



Tues...Trisets Upper Body plus coremax seg 2

Wed...Hit 30/30 plus coremax Seg 3

Thurs...Trisets Lower Body

Fri...Cycle Max or workout of choice

Sat...Step Max

Sun...Yoga Relax or Off


Mon...Cross Fire

Tues...STS Meso Two Week One (upper body disc of choice)

Wed...STS Plyo Legs Plus Ab Circuits No Equipment

Thurs...Imax 3

Fri....STS Meso Two Week One the remaining Upper Body Disc

Sat...To The Max

Sun...Yoga Relax or Off


Mon...Circuit Blast

Tues...Turbo Barre

Wed...Hiit 40/20 Plus Ab Circuits Stability Ball

Thurs...Athletic Training

Fri...Kick Max


Sun...Yoga Relax or Off
Thanks so much. With all that's happening in your life, I can't believe you still find time to do a rotation for us. I hope your dad is recovering well.
Ditto on what nsaeolian posted.
Thank you for your class A+++ workouts, your thoughtful rotations, and your dedication to us fans. I do hope your dad is getting better!
Thank you Thank you Cathe!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate the rotations!! They help soo much!

Healing thoughts and energy to your Dad and your family!!!
I'm torn between this and starting STS/shock cardio rotation. The monthly rotations are always so fun. I didn't do much this week, fitness wise. First week of vacation and dealing with coming up to two year anniversary of losing Dad, and getting things out of mom' s house so we can try to sell it( I lost mom last September) . Mom and dad wouldn't want me to ignore my health so time to suck it up and get back to good eating and working out with Cathe and the Cathletes.
My condolances on ur losses (no matter how long ago it is-sometimes it still feels like yesterday).
U could try subbing some of the workouts for the STS Shock Cardio on the days u r feeling "Adventurous" or want to push urself.
As a Personal Trainer, I LOVE splicing several rotations together to create an entirely new rotation!
Happy Training!

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