AT&T cell phone users please help


Hi all,

I need some help, it is time to upgrade our cell phones and DD who will be 12 next month is wanting her first phone.

I am so confused as to what get my self. I like the iphone and the samsung mythic similiar to an iphone but cheaper.

To iphone users what do you love and hate about your phone?

I'm thinking of getting DD a pantech matrix any comments about this phone or suggestions for a decent phone for her.


We have iPhones and love everything about them except that they are exclusive to AT&T. I would wait to get an iPhone at this point as they are coming out with a new model next summer and their exclusive contract with AT&T is ending. They are supposed to expand service to other providers. Otherwise, I would definitely go with an iPhone!


I have the 3G iPhone and love it!

Two things I didn't like:

1) Short battery life (solved by buying a battery extender/protective case)

2) Until recently, you weren't able to send MMS texts (and receiving them was a pain-in-the-butt), but the latest software upgrade resolved that issue.


My DD and I both have the pantech matrix phones and like them. Keep in mind I don't need a phone with bells and whistles just one that makes texting easier. My DS who is 14 is getting the Soltice for christmas. Apparantly this is the one the younger teenagers want cause couple of his friends are asking for the same one.


I also love my iPhone. Ring is a little quiet. Otherwise, great. And while the plan right now is that iPhone should be going to other carriers in the summer, Apple and At&T are back in negotiations, so that may not happen.



I really like my iPhone, but I will admit that I hate touch screens. My phone always looks so grimy and nasty from finger prints and even though I obsessively clean it, it still always looks "dirty" to me. My next phone is going to be one of those flip ones with the keyboard that pulls out for texting. ;)


If I were buying a phone right now I would definitely get one of the Androids. The operating system is written by Google and from what I've seen from a few friends and college students who have them, they blow everything else away. I am not sure if AT&T is carrying them yet.

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