April 2015 Pregnancy/TTC Check-in


Hiya Lisa,
As promised, here's my workout for today:

Parallel Bar Dips 2 x 3 bodyweight + 25 lb toddler in baby carrier ;) nailed these today!
1 x 5 bodyweight + 13#
Standing OH Press 4 x 8 60(2), 55(2)
Chin Up 4 x 8 2, 1, 2, 1 (the rest of reps in each set were stepping up, lowering down)

I felt strong today!
Oh, and I'm going to the dentist for a cleaning shortly, so I had a large serving of ice cream already today ;) I figure I'd better get that sugar in before they clear the slate, eh? Just trying to plan sensibly here, you know... :p

ETA: Oh yeah! I also did a 45 min yoga practice of my own this morning. It was great! Nothing like buying a $75 set of yoga DVDs to make you want to do self-led practice, LOL. Oh well. I'll use 'em.
LOL, Roz! I was just about to razz you about your self-guided yoga practices while your yoga DVDs collect dust on the shelf! :rolleyes: All in good fun, of course. You don't want to overdo it on the DVDs otherwise you'll get bored with them. You're savoring them, like you would a fine wine. Makes perfect sense to me!

Nice workouts over the weekend and today! When you do self-guided yoga do you listen to music? Glad that you've got another Nia program waiting for you when the current KISS program is done (that's what it's called, right?). It can be stressful to figure out what to do next but it sounds like it will still work within your goals and you're kinda guaranteed to love it since it's from Nia, right? The only question I have is will toddler weighted moves be included? If not you might have one very disappointed little lady on your hands! ;)

Why didn't I consult you before my dental cleaning a few weeks ago? I waited until after my appointment to shove some chocolate into my face because I figured the sugar wouldn't harm freshly cleaned and fluoridated teeth. Your plan makes much more sense!

Rest Max and Wait Max today. Ankle is definitely trending upward. Hoping to start working slow walks back into my routine sometime this week.

HUGS and HOPES for zero cavities! And feeling jealous over your free samples of floss and toothbrushes (the best part of the dental trip, don'tya know).

Hi Roz! As mentioned, I actually have two workouts to report to you! (momentary pause to give you time to pick your jaw up off the floor...:rolleyes:)

Yesterday I did a Lindsay Brin 3rd Tri Cardio workout and 3rd Tri Core workout. Not super intense, but I wasn't feeling up to super intense and it also helped justify the purchase of the DVDs! :)

Today I went a little more hardcore with KCM's Trim Down, which basically alternates boxing with lower body moves. It's incredibly low impact but can be made as difficult as you want depending on whether you use weighted gloves for the boxing and also the weight selected for the lower body work. More and more I am coming to truly value the versatility of KCM's workouts.

Also, I realized that I have not done one.single.solitary Jari Love workout during this pregnancy. She was my go-to at the end of my first pregnancy, but not so much this time. I guess it's really because of my ankle thingy (which continues to improve but probably won't be 100% until my body is my own again). I've had to be selective, which has meant weight work for my UB but mostly toning/bodyweight work for my LB. I am truly looking forward to getting back at it again, but am so grateful for the movement I have been able to enjoy during this pregnancy.

You take care of yourself and your pumpkin and your DH. Hope you're week is going well! XOXO,



Hi Lisa!
Thanks so much for your message -- the last couple days have been crazy busy, and it brought a big smile to my face!

Wow, you never cease to amaze me, mama! Great job on your workouts! :D
Speaking of Jari Love, I used her workouts a ton when I was getting back into lifting after pregnancy. I eased back in with TA Postpartum, Lindsay Brin's Postnatal Bootcamp, and The Perfect Postnatal Workout (whatever it's called -- same woman as The Perfect Pregnancy Workout, which I loved). Then the next level up was Jari Love's workouts, which were perfect for that time (and I did have some fat to lose, so I'm sure they helped there). Maybe your JL DVDs will get some use in the proverbial 4th trimester (or 5th!) -- you never know!

So here's my deadlift workout -- I actually did it late late last night just before bed:
Deadlifts 2x3 220# (PR!)
1x5 200#
RDLs 4x8 155#
Ab Wheel Rollouts 4x8
I actually supersetted (or would you say 'I superset' as a past tense? LOL) the last two exercises to save time because I was tired.

Great workout but as I drifted off to the Land of Nod I kept thinking that I'm not locking out my deadlifts properly at the top of the move. (You're supposed to sort of thrust your hips forward a little at the top, but I don't think I always completely do this...) What I'm doing is nothing that would be injurious, but I do want to keep form as perfect as possible.

No workout today, but I walked a lot. Tomorrow I'll start my final KISS deload, then on to the next thing!

I hope I'll have time to reply with a full update tomorrow -- but it's getting late and I've still got quite a few things to take care of before I hit the hay!

Big hugs, mama! I'm thinking of you often and sending you all my happy vibes!
You're fabulous everyday, whether it's a workout day, a day for Rest Max, or, finally, Push Max! :p
Oh, and that cookie butter ice cream is just plain evil... my spoon can't stay away!


Hi Lisa,
Apologies in advance if I'm terse here... I have a dozing toddler on my shoulder and I'm on my phone typing!

First deload today:
Close grip floor press 4x12 55#
Floor press 4x10 65#
Bent over barbell row palms up 4x10 65#

I also practiced a few deadlifts with proper lockout using the 65 lb BB.

Then most of the DYP strong balance flow (maybe 45 mins) until DD woke from her nap and proceeded to fall back asleep on my shoulder!

BTW, did you see the post announcing today's Live? Think Cathe got your memo about boxing + legs? ;) plus some plyo HiiT in the for fun! 'Cause why not!?

I feel like this is the busiest week I've had all year, so sorry if I'm slow and quick in replying... all my positive thoughts and prayers are with you!!
I'm cheering you on! Yayayaya! :D

ETA: Just got the Collage Video newsletter, and this postnatal workout (http://www.collagevideo.com/products/quick-fix-post-natal-workout) is $4 today. Not that I think you should get it -- I haven't heard of it. Just FYI.
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Hi Lisa,
I hope this message finds you wonderfully well! I'm thinking of you often and hoping you're feeling excellent.

I did a quick workout in the hotel gym this morning (squat deload):
Front/goblet squats 3 x 12 one 50# db
Dumbbell squats (holding at sides) 3 x 12 two 35# dbs (I'm finding this position so much less comfortable than BB squats!)
I did my reverse crunches as straight leg raises on one of those dips station/leg raise thingies (sorry if that makes no sense), 4 x 10

We just got back and got DD to bed after a long day. I'm very tired and feeling a bit incoherent! :eek: It's been a wonderful but tiring day.
More details, etc., soon... but for now...


Hi Lisa,
checking in is doubling as record keeping at the hotel gym (2nd UB deload):
Parallel bars dips: 4 sets of (3 bars dips + 10 dips off bench)
Dumbbell OH press 4x10: 2×25 (1), 2×20 (2), 2×15 (1)
Chins: 4 sets of (1 neutral grip chin + 10 reps on lat pull-down machine at 70#, whatever that really means)

Then I tacked on 2x10 concentration curls at 20# just because they have nice dumbells! :p

Gotta run, big hugs! !
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Hi again, my friend!
I did my final KISS workout this morning (what???)! 4th deload. I stacked the last few workouts together and plan to take several days/a week/however long feels right before I start the next program. Hopefully I'll get some walking/hiking/yoga in the next few days (yoga is the hardest to fit in, walking the easiest).

Here's my workout from today:
Deadlifts 4 x 10 120#
RDLs 4 x 10 120#
Ab-Wheel Rollouts 2 x 10

It was nice to go way lighter on dead lifts to really hammer my technique.

OK, mama, I'm thinking of you often and hoping your life is filled with joy and and well-being! All's well here back home -- nothing much going on, which is fine for a change. :)
Big hugs to you!

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