April 2015 Pregnancy/TTC Check-in


Happy Monday, Lisa!
Great work on your mash-up smash-up boxing workout on Saturday -- sounds like fun!

To reply to some of your questions:
Yeah, I think Nia's approach to ab work is pretty minimalist. Which makes sense to me, honestly (see my first experience with DYP below). In the program I'm currently doing, she does one straight ab exercise on lower body days, and that's it. But I'm working my core plenty, that's for sure!

I've thought about doing yoga teacher trainings before, just to go further with my personal practice, but I don't think I'd like being a yoga instructor, honestly. Not sure why. I've enjoyed teaching dance -- but yoga's a different kind of space.

Weaning? Meh, gradually. Cutting back, then seeing how it goes. We're down to two times a day (or even just one at bedtime), which is pretty low.
Re: engorgement, I had awful engorgement if I was away for half a day while DD was exclusively breastfeeding, but now it's not really an issue even we don't nurse all day until bedtime. So I don't think weaning will be too bad when the time comes. Probably that annoying tingly feeling, but the supply/demand just isn't that high anymore, so I don't think I'll suffer too greatly. Thanks for your concern, though! Yikes, I can imagine that would have been awful going cold turkey from the pump. How long did the engorgement last?

So I did receive DYP on Saturday, and yesterday rested (actually, took a stroller walk at naptime -- it's an alternative to nursing to sleep at naptime, so it works well these days).
I was thinking I'd do the DYP discs according to their order in the case, starting with hips. But that sounds like a good pre-deadlift practice so I skipped to #2: core. It's a 60-minute core-intensive practice. Now let me first day, I don't really care for core yoga 'workouts'. They don't excite me, they bother my neck and tailbone... just not my thing. I've done Vytas's core work on Udaya, it's fine, it's not him -- it's just not 'my' yoga. So it seemed wise to do this disc first, to ensure I actually do it. It was fine. I did it with DD and paused a lot because she wanted things, and that was fine. I won't likely reach for it again (or at least not soon), but this has nothing to do with the DYP program. I expected as much.

Then I did my Nia Shanks workout:
Parallel Bar Dips: 2x3 (bodyweight + 5# total ankle weights)
1x5 (bodyweight + 5# total ankle weights)
Standing OH Press: 4x8 55#
Chin-ups (er, press up with feet, then eccentric part of c/u only): 4x8

After that, DD wanted a nap, so I strolled her for about an hour (I can easily walk an hour and then think 'where did the time go?' -- I'm just so excited to be outdoors! :D )

How was your weekend -- any excitement? Is your DD loving her new concrete bike space?
And more importantly, how's your leg??
Hope you're feeling much better!
Big hugs,
Hey there, Roz!

Thanks for answering all my nosy questions! ;) I still mostly like doing dedicated core work, but I do see the beauty in core being a part of the main routine itself. I've told you before that my DH is currently doing a similar low rep/high weight program that is very minimal when it comes to specific core-only exercises, and his core is stronger and more defined than ever. It's really helped his sensitive back as well.

I totally get not wanting to be an instructor. I was just thinking that you have such a wide knowledge base that you would be a terrific educator, but knowing/liking/enjoying something is totally different than teaching it. :)

Speaking of yoga and core...at least now you can put away the #2 core DVD having used it one time! If you hate it, why bother? Here's hoping you'll enjoy the rest of your DYPs!

Nice weights, as always! That Nia knows how to put together a program. And I also love walking. It is just such a simple but refreshing form of movement, especially when outside. Honestly not being able to take long walks is what is bugging me most about this ankle/leg thingy. I'm just still trying to focus on what I can do. It felt pretty good this morning so I pulled out Great Glutes since it's low (no) impact. There were exercises I couldn't have done because of pregnancy (regardless of the ankle) but I was surprised that I was able to do most of it. Sumo squats, hover squats, deadlifts (with the super light weight Cathe uses), the band work, etc were actually no problem. Those standing moves + the floor moves = a great butt burner today! My cheeks are already barking at me!

I'm relieved for you that it sounds like you've already been through the worst of the engorgement. I was dying for about 4 days (I even had to pull out the pump and use it for a few minutes just to get some relief) but then on day 5 suddenly felt normal. Amazing what the human body can do.

Anyway, we had a great weekend here and hope you had a goodie as well. DD loves "my concrete" as she calls it because, well, of course she paid for it, right? LOL! Well we did really buy it for her anyway (mostly). She's so happy to be out there. Wish you could come over for a BBQ and our two little cuties could zoom around on their bikes! :)

Have a wonderful evening and talk tomorrow!



Hiya Lisa,
Geez, sorry you can't get out to walk with your leg thing... that's a bummer... But speaking of 'bum-ers', amazing work on GG! That's a great workout and a toughie! :D

So glad your DD loves 'her' concrete. I mean, she earned it, right? ;)

It's been a crazy day (hence the late check-in), and one of those days when I was just in an awful funk for no darn reason. Ya know what I'm sayin'? I'd had a busy morning and was planning an afternoon of maybe some housework mixed with moping? ha. Anyways, I tried to do some cardio but DD wouldn't have it (don't know why, she loves watching me strength train but has no patience for cardio), so I took her downstairs for some deadlifts. Lisa, I pulled 1.5x my bodyweight! Yay! I've had that as a goal and I was so stoked. It totally lifted my funk. :)
Here's my workout:
Deadlifts 2x3 210# :D
1x5 205#
RDLs 4x8 140#
Ab Wheel Rollouts 4x8 (I sprang for an $8 ab wheel at WalMart so I don't have to use my funky loose dumbbell anymore.)

Then I did the Gentle Balance Flow from DYP. It's a really nice hour practice that's a pretty basic, slow flow class with some restorative elements (a nice long pigeon and a great sequence with a strap a la Stretch Max #3). It was a great gentle practice that left me feeling pretty fab. I sicked (sp?) DD on the tupperware cabinet and gave her a pile of raisins and that kept her going for about 20 mins, then she came to hang out. She kept hugging me and I was like... why is she so cuddly? Then after about 10 mins of affection I realized that Vytas kept saying 'hug your leg in' or 'hug your chest in', so she was just following the cues! ;)

Oh, also, last night I tried the DYP Short and Sweet #1. Basically there are three DYP 'Balance Flow' practices: Gentle, Moderate, and Strong. Each one has a Short and Sweet (20 min) practice on the same disc that's a corresponding level/intensity (and they're separate practices, not premixes), so this was the gentle one. Another goodie, and a great add-on stretch (much preferred to STS Extended Stretch, etc.).

I think I'll likely take two days off lifting (keeping to my 4 days/week schedule) and try to get a couple DYP practices in over the next couple days).

Anyways, sorry that this has turned in to the Roz show... I guess it's that kind of day! :rolleyes:
Like I should whine about anything, Mrs. 36 (right? tomorrow?) weeks pregnant! That's full term, right? Or is it 37?
Do you have your snacks packed? ;)
Big, big hugs to you, my friend!


Hi Lisa,
I hope you're doing well! I'm thinking of you! :)

Today I did the Strong Balance Flow from DYP during naptime. It was a great practice. I love Vytas's cueing. It's definitely advanced (not intermediate, but I think an intermediate practitioner could follow the practice and grow with it) and challenging, but honestly I find the practice fairly accessible (though I have a pretty solid background, as you know). I wouldn't call it crazy advanced. But very enjoyable!

I'm curious to see what 'The Advanced Practice' holds, but the DVD insert says Strong Balance Flow (which I did today) is the most physically rigorous. (I'm guessing that means the poses in Advanced are just more... advanced. :p)

I'm liking DYP so far, and exciting to explore it more.

DD really wants to go outside, so I've gotta run -- just know I'm thinking of you, wherever you are in your journey! :D
Big hugs,

ETA: The new maple toffee rosemary thyme sunflower seeds from TJs are awesome!!
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Hi Roz!

Life did not allow me to get on the computer yesterday. I sure do miss checking in with you when that happens! I don't want to put the latest happenings of life on the forums, so after I finish up here I will send you a PM to fill you in.

MAJOR yoga for you the past couple of days! I loved the story of your little cuddle bunny following all the "hugging" cues in your DYP workout. I can just picture the adorableness! :) Sorry you were in a funk yesterday, but you definitely got a good dosage of Mother Nature's Prozac with your 1.5x bodyweight deadlifting! YAY! YAY! YAY! So proud of you, lady! But I'm starting to get worried about your spending budget...I mean, blowing a whole $8 on an ab wheel. ;)

Dang! I saw those maple toffee rosemary thyme sunflower seeds the other day and I restrained myself from purchasing. Now that you've given them your Roz Seal of Approval I have to try them!

Hugs and off to send you a PM,



Hi Lisa,
OK, to-the-point, as promised...

Close Grip Floor Press 2 x 3 85
1 x 5 80
Floor Press or PU 4 x 8 75
BO BB Row Palms Up 4 x 8 75
PLUS DYP Intermediate Short and Sweet (20 min) practice -- great straightforward intermediate flow practice that 'got the kinks out'.

Front Squat 2 x 3 110
1 x 5 100
Squat 4 x 8 100
Hanging Knee Raise 4 x 8 2.5# ankles w/ stability ball
I gave Ilaria's Atletica 4 a shot -- DD interfered so I lost the last 3 mins and took some extra breaks. I like Ilaria and it's a great, challenging bodyweight workout. My personal issue with it is that there are a lot of sit-ups and other ab moves that irritate my tail bone (topically) and my neck muscles -- my two 'problem areas' when it comes to more traditional core work. If I didn't have these particular, weird issues, I'd say it was a perfect go-to travel workout or bodyweight add-on. There's some good cardio bursts in the form of burpees (regular, sumo and one-legged! :eek:) -- those were fun.

I'll take tomorrow off lifting but hope to get out with DH for a long walk or hike.
Hope you're feeling well/better and that cranky ankle is keeping quiet...
Big hugs, and have a great weekend!
High fives for yesterday and today! Feeling your leg DOMS from today's workout yet? Looks like this part of the program has somewhat higher reps...at least for a few sets where you are doing 8 reps, and I don't recall that many reps from the first part of the program.

Sorry to hear Atletica 4 was only so-so. You can always send it back to Mary @ totalfitnessdvds if you conclude you aren't happy with it overall for your body's needs.

Hope you get in a wonderful walk tomorrow! Take a few extra steps for me as I enjoy Rest Max (and, ironically, my ankle is feeling worse after all the rest). GRRRRRR!

HUGS! Be back Monday!



Hi Lisa,
Hope you're enjoying your rest day!
Geez, sorry to hear about your ankle... :rolleyes: Hope it's feeling better! I know you can't go for walks, but can you get around OK for everyday errands/household stuff/DD chasing?
Hope it gets better very soon!!

I'm definitely feeling my quads from yesterday's workout!
Re: higher reps, actually (for the most part) Phase 1 had higher reps. Main lifts are the same for both phases: 2x3 and 1x5. Then the accessory lifts (two per workout) are 5x10 in Phase 1 (with the exception of front squats, 5x6) and only 4x8 in Phase 2. But you're right that the accessory squats are higher reps in Phase 2!

Today I did the DYP backbends practice. I really enjoyed this practice -- it's possibly the most advanced practice I've done so far (not the most rigorous, but the poses and variations are the most advanced). I'm a backbend gal, anyways... they always wake up and create space in my body in a really great way. I think it's got to be great for the nervous system because of all the spine activation/mobility. It's actually a great rest day practice, I think.
Also, it's more like 50 than 60 minutes, which for me really makes a difference (fitting it into naptime, etc.).

I tried part of the hips practice yesterday -- just the first 25 minutes. I stopped because I was hoping they'd get into some deep hip openers early on (he says they'll start with hip openers...) but it wasn't really what I wanted, and my legs were too tired for the more active poses with longer holds. I wasn't too inspired by those 25 mins, tired legs or no... I hope the second half is better!

I may send back Atletica 4... it's definitely not for me. But I do have some DOMS in my core from it, which rarely happens! Too bad -- I like the workout, just doesn't jive with my body.

I hope you're well, my dear friend! You're getting so close!
Have fun watching DD1 cruise on her concrete...
Hugs to you both,


Hi Lisa,
Happy Monday!
Hope you've got some sun where you are... it's an icky, rainy day here -- but at least the snow is gone!
How are you feeling? So much better, I hope! You're one tough mama.

Today I did the DYP twists practice first thing in the morning. I really enjoyed this practice. But I expected to -- like backbends, I love twists. They're so good for the body and soul!

Then my BBA workout:
Parallel bars dips -- since this is the main lift in this phase, I need a little extra weight (in addition to my bodyweight). Last week I added 5# with ankle weights, so today I put DD in the Ergo baby carrier and got out one solid rep but couldn't do the whole 2x3. I thought you'd get a kick out of this. ;) I'll keep body+toddlerweight dips as a goal (though a moving target, as she's a growing girl!), but for now I put an 8# med ball in the Ergo (LOL) + 5# on my ankles = 13# -- about half DD's weight. So...

Parallel bars dips 2x3 BW+13#
1x5 BW+8#
Standing OH press 4x8 55#
Chinups 4x8 (all sets I did one legit chinup then 7 push-with-feet-lower-down-with-arms)

Any ideas of what else I can shove in the Ergo to add weight? :p
Hope you're doing well -- I look forward to your update and have been thinking of you often!
Big hugs!!
Happy Monday right back at ya, Roz! ;)

Thanks for explaining the difference between phase 1 and phase 2 rep patterns in BBA. I get it now! :)

Soooo, you're not super satisfied with Atletica 4. What's your overall impression of DYP? My sense based on your comments--correct me if I'm wrong--is that you're feeling 50/50 about it? Some you love, some are just meh. Also I find it interesting that your body adores the backbends and twists, but then you get tweaks from some floor core work and other lower back work. Is it the pressure of your spine/tailbone pushing into the floor during core work that you think does the harm? These are kinda weird questions probably...just random curiosity I guess! :p

In terms of my ankle, I'm pretty much hobbling everywhere. :( I feel like it's getting better but I am moving slowly. It's actually driving me batty because on the outside it probably appears to people that I'm moving slowly because I'm super pregnant, but my cardio capacity is still fairly high (given the workouts up to this point). I think I'd be bounding around much more quickly if it weren't for the ankle. I guess it's a pride thing. And as for chasing after DD? Forget about it! She's pretty much always 20 steps ahead of me with a good ankle, so imagine the chaos that has been ensuing with my bad ankle! :eek: But, again, overall it seems to be getting better. Plus my appetite is back to normal after last week. Last week was definitely one of those "never want to live it again" kind of weeks. Unfortunately, I think we all have those at times....

PLEASE tell me you took pictures of your Ergo DD baby weight! :) Or better yet, cell phone video or something? That would surely go viral on You Tube! I'm loving it! And as for substitute Ergo weights, nothing would be as cute as your pumpkin DD, but maybe consider investing in a weighted vest? You're so strong I see you surpassing your barbell's capacity and needing one soon! :)

Don't think I said this yet, but great job on your workouts. My mind is all over the place today!

I did a punching KCM premix from her original KB workout today. Just wanted to move my body and was able to bust out the punches without ankle pain. Tomorrow I'm thinking an UB weight workout. We shall see.

Thanks again for your thoughts! I was corrected by my doctor that my calculation of pregnancy weeks was wrong...I blame baby brain for that one! I thought I moved into a new week on Wednesdays, but it's actually Tuesdays, so that means I am 37 weeks tomorrow! Officially, no questions about it, full term! I want her to stay in longer but after last week it is a relief to be at this point...knocking on wood that I'm not jinxing myself to go into labor tonight, LOL!

HUGS! Stay warm and dry. I will try to bottle some of the sunshine we are having here today and send it your way, ok? ;) Share a mug of hot chocolate (with some cookie butter stirred in!) with your precious little one.

Roz, I don't know if you get Cathe's weekly newsletter, but there are 2 articles in there that made me feel a lot better about my ability to bounce back after all of life's latest "surprises!" It's actually encouraging for all of us, since we all have hiccups along the way.

This article and this article.

:) Lisa


Hi Lisa!
Thank you so much for your encouragement and positive words -- I can't tell you how much it means! :)
It's a transition, not without its challenges -- but everything considered, I think it's going pretty smoothly. Not much to update today, and I haven't got much time now so I'm just going to report my workout. I will definitely keep you posted as things unfold!

On the DYP front, I've got a couple scratched discs so I need to have those replaced, and I've been trying to plow through so I can let them know all the damaged DVDs. I wanted to check out the final two DVDs (there are more practices I haven't done, but no more untouched DVDs) today. I did the inversions practice in the morning -- loved it. I knew it wouldn't tax my legs too much before deadlifts so that was a plus.
I then did my Nia Shanks workout and added in the Gentle Balance Flow practice afterwards. It was perfect -- lots of hamstring and hip stretching and not too much intensity.
I enjoyed both of today's practices and will return to them. They both are good for certain kinds of days, if that makes sense...

OK, so deadlifts!
Deadlifts 2x3 217#, 210#
1x5 200#
RDLs 4x8 135 (2 sets), 155 (2 sets)
Ab Wheel Rollouts 4x8 -- still hard but I'm getting better at these!
Speculoos Ice Cream 4x8 (4 sets of 8 spoonfuls, er, reps!) -- Amazing and dangerous!! :D

Lisa, thank you again for your support -- you're the best!
Hope your ankle is healing steadily...
Oh yeah and...
HIGH FIVES ON MAKING IT TO FULL TERM!! YEAH YEAH YEAH!! (I think 37 weeks is a PR, yeah? ;) )
Hiya Roz!

Pardon me as I pick my jaw up off the floor after reading your DL poundage. ;) Your RDL poundage is particularly unfathomable to me. Those are just so much more difficult for me. Do you have versa grips or anything like that to assist your forearms? I can't remember. Best of all, you enjoyed my very favorite cool down! Nothing relaxes the body like a good round of Speculoos dynamic stretching! :p (that ice cream really is divine, isn't it?)

Bummer on the scratched discs but you're smart to identify all the culprits now so you can get it taken care of. Still at a 75% rate of approval for DYP? And I totally know what you mean about certain workouts fitting certain days. I had that today with Lean Legs minus the abs. Ankle is still a pest but I can do the squat presses and barre work in there and the leg raises/lifts without any difficulty. Tomorrow will probably be more UB or maybe a rest day. I didn't have much time today because I also had to do Haircut Max, which involves going downtown. Trying to do as much self-care as possible for DD2 makes her grand entrance...which I'm still hoping is at least 1+ weeks away!

Best of all, YAY for the progress going on at your end. No news is good news in this case. I'd be shocked if you didn't have some hiccups but it doesn't sound like they are too major. Hope you're having fun having your parents around as well.

Yep, a pregnancy PR for me. I'm envisioning us toasting spoons overloaded with Cookie Butter ice cream. :)

Big hugs and "see ya" tomorrow!



Hi Lisa,
Wow, great job on LL - A! Did it feel good to finally be able to get in a solid lower body workout?
I hope your ankle is getting better and better.
And hey, every day's a PR for you now! :D

Oh, let me explain some stuff about the deadlifts in Nia's program. This totally confused me initially. I actually emailed Nia for clarification. With Nia's deadlifts (and, if I understand correctly, 'conventional' deadlifts), each rep starts and ends with the bar on the floor. Ditto for sumo deadlifts (only difference is you're in a sumo stance). RDLs begin with the bar racked about knee height. You pull it off the rack and the rep starts at the top (standing straight), you hinge at the waist and lower the bar to about knee height, then return to standing straight. So basically a deadlift with a smaller range of motion. I think Cathe's RDLs are often one-legged RDLs (right?) -- these are not. LOL, did you imagine me doing one legged RDLs with a 155# bar? I would smash my face on the ground! :eek:
With the conventional deadlifts, you can either do full stop or touch-and-go-reps (see Nia's article here) -- pretty self-explanatory, but when performing the latter, you just touch the bar to the floor quickly as opposed to letting it come to a complete stop for a second before pulling agin. I prefer touch-and-go reps for higher reps, full stop for lower reps. Actually I think my favorite thing about deadlift day is the sound effects of the heavy bar thwapping down on the concrete of our basement gym! :)

I was going to do the Advanced Practice of DYP today, but my short-term discomfort makes some poses annoying -- especially jumping my feet up to my hands. So I might just go ahead and rest today. I'm feeling my low back (in a good way) from my deadlifts and almost 2 hours of yoga yesterday, LOL. I deserve that rest!

We are TOTALLY having virtual cookie butter toasts! In fact, I had to pack myself a lunch today and made myself a PB&CB sandwich in your honor! ;) (totally selfless, really...)
And yes, the ice cream is amazing...
Are you getting to enjoy some sun while you incubate? Having some concrete-side spoonfuls of Speculoos?
Thinking of you and sending happy, healthy wishes to you daily!!
Big hugs,
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Hey there, Roz! I don't even have to ask whether you had a good day today...how can a day with a PB&CB sandwich be anything but blissful? I do appreciate you taking one for the team...your selflessness is touching. ;)

Ummm, yeah, I was a little confused on DL definitions. Like you figured, I'm mainly used to the Cathe DL terminology which doesn't really match up with the lifting world's DL terminology. The link with all the videos from Nia's site was particularly helpful--except that I did gag a bit when I saw Bret Contreras's (sp?) video and remembered what you and Karen were saying recently about his derogatory comments rooted in nasty machismo. Other than that, I'm with you about how totally wicked that slamming of the barbell on the floor sounds. Hard core! Thanks for educating me. Seriously, I learn so much from you! :)

I ended up doing a bit of a mish-mosh of KCM UB workouts. I did the UB premix from her Shape Up DVD and the UB moves from NYC. Burned my arms out for sure! I may have a bum ankle and a big belly but I do still have strong arms! Not sure about tomorrow....might do a rest day like you did today or maybe will do some boxing if my UB can handle it. Just taking it one day at a time now.

Oh yes, loving the warm sunshine on our backyard concrete jungle! I enjoy sitting on my egg while watching DD1 buzz around like a crazy maniac! I'm definitely not getting much done these days. Feeling the nesting/stay-at-home urge quite strongly. Did you have that with the final days of your cutie's incubation? I don't remember feeling this way with DD1.

Speaking of your precious lady, sending you prayers that things are still going well with her lifestyle change! BIG HUGS and talk tomorrow.



Hi Lisa,
I'm just popping in quickly because we've still got visitors (who will be back in a moment)...
Yes, I definitely felt nesty/stay-at-homey at the end of my third trimester. And I was not kicking butt on intense workouts like you are! :D I did a bit of yoga and a few prenatal DVDs and some walking, but that was about it.
Speaking of kicking butt, amazing work on your intense UB mashup! You rock! Hope you have a great day today, whether it's a Rest Max or boxing day (or something else)!

So here's my BBA workout:
Close Grip Floor Press 2 x 3 90, 95
1 x 5 85
Floor Press or PU 4 x 8 85(1), 80(3)
BO BB Row Palms Up 4 x 8 80(2), 85(2)

I totally went up in weights on everything today, which was exciting, especially given my sleep was totally awful last night. (Though I shouldn't complain to you! How is sleep during the final weeks for you?)

I then did the Advanced Short & Sweet (20 min) DYP practice. I enjoyed it -- there was a fair amount of dedicated core work, but mostly not the stuff that bugs my tailbone and neck, so that was fine. A nice little add-on with some handstand practice in there.

Oh, and ITA, I definitely puke a little when I see Bret Contreras now. Like -- how does he think it's OK to say stuff like that, or even think he can get away with saying that garbage? So weird, I feel like in a certain corner of the fitness world, there's this confluence of encouraging women to be empowered and strong while simultaneously preying on their body insecurities. One thing I've noticed about Nia is that she's really one of the only female lifting coaches/trainers/etc. who doesn't have ab selfies prominently featured on her site. And the woman's clearly fit as can be. It does seem she walks her talk about encouraging women to be the best version of themselves, and I appreciate that.

OK, end of rant (for now) -- must run, I hear the door!
Hugs, sunshine, rest, and all happy things!
TGIF, Roz!

Nia's program is clearly agreeing with you. High fives for going up on all your weights today despite poor sleep! Also glad to hear that you have found another DYP workout you enjoy, especially a core workout that fits your needs. Woot woot!

Thanks for boosting my ego about my own workouts. Honestly I feel like I'm ending on a rather pathetic note because of this ankle but I also have a tendency to be too hard on myself. I keep trying to remember that I should be slowing down right now. I really do think it boils down to not being able to go outside for walks. That is such a springtime ritual for me and, while I'm loving our concrete jungle, I would like to be able to stroll down the streets as well. Whine, whine, whine! :rolleyes:

Today felt like a good day for some punching, so I combined the punch combos from MMA Boxing with the heavy bag segment from Amy Bento. No jumping around for me but it was still a good workout. I'm thinking rest days Saturday and Sunday (well, Sunday is a guaranteed rest day since that's my norm).

ITA with your observations on the fitness world. Enough said! :)

Have fun with your guests. I hope you have a terrific Friday with them and your pumpkin...oh, and I guess your DH too, LOL! :)



Hi Lisa,
Oh my gosh, are you kidding?! Your late-pregnancy workouts are amazing! Way more intense than anything I was doing. I'm always totally impressed -- both by the intensity of your workouts and also by your ability to smartly back off when it makes sense to do so and not mindlessly plow ahead!

OK, I will send you a full update soon, but I've got to keep it brief today -- it's another nonstop day!
I did get my squats in this morning:
Front Squats 2x3 115, 120
1x5 110
Squats 4x8 110
Reverse crunches 4x8 2.5# each ankle + stability ball between feet

I've also got plans brewing for my next program (only 1.5 weeks left of this one -- I can't believe it!) -- but that update will also have to wait for a day when I've got more time...

Big hugs and big sunshine to you and your big belly :D
And high fives for another PR for both of us today...
Happy weekend, Roz! Had a rough night of sleep last night, but thankfully DH was here to take on my responsibilities this morning so I could sleep in! I literally did not fall into deep sleep until 3:30am. Not good!

Rest for me this weekend. Hope to be back on Monday with nothing to report because I want a few more days of baby incubation!

Looking forward to hearing about your next program. Why do I think it will involve Nia and her awesomeness? Hmmmm! ;) Way to rock it out on squats today. You keep bringing it with those PRs! High fives!

Hope everything is going well with DD still. Big hugs and have a wonderful weekend full of fun!



Hi Lisa,
Hooray for continued incubation! 2 days till 38 weeks -- woot woot! :D
What's in your L&D snack pack?? Important questions...
In my mind, I'm laying out the Speculoos-themed L&D care package I'd send you! ;)

I had a nice 30-minute yoga practice of my own this morning (no video) -- it was great! I do love practicing this way, and need to do it more. In past days, I've also been getting in some walks and hikes (the later with DH and DD, the former often just me strollering DD to sleep at naptime), which is just wonderful.

Tomorrow I might give those toddler-weight parallel bars dips another try!

You guessed it -- I'm sticking with Nia for my next rotation. I'm trying the Singles Program (which, amazing, does not involve watching reality dating shows on TV while eating ice cream ;) ). It's a 16-week program with 3 total body lifting days/week. The 3 main lifts are the 'big 3': squats, deads, and bench (uh, floor, actually, I think) presses with accessory lifts, too.
I'm emailing with Nia about how to add in a bodyweight day per week -- hopefully I can do that without interfering with recovery.
I was thinking of holding off on the Singles Program, but then I realized it's not a program I'd undertake while pregnant. I don't know when that will happen, but I'm being optimistic in my decision to do Singles now.
I will keep you posted about training plans -- 1.5 weeks left of my current program.

Enjoy your Happily inert incubation Time, concrete-side (seated) cheerleading, Nest Max, and quality family time on this wonderful Sunday!
Big hugs! I'll be sending you an update privately, too.

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