April 2015 Pregnancy/TTC Check-in


Happy April Fools, Lisa!
Did your DD play any tricks on you this morning?
So glad to hear she's no longer subject to princess costume confiscation, and that you'll only have one in diapers come May! Great news!!

I hear you about needing to follow someone to get me stretching/yoga-ing. It's too easy to get distracted!

I had my UB-workout-o'-dread today -- but I had some moments of accomplishment (as well as humbling moments)! I lifted more on the 2 x 3 OH presses than I ever have, and did more parallel bars dips than ever (and with shorter rest, I think). Here goes:
Standing OH Press 2 X 3 75
1 X 5 65
Parallel Bar Dips 5 x 10 7, 6, 6, 5, 4
Chin-Ups 5x10 I did a push-up-with-feet and lower-with-arms move again, for as many reps as I could per set. I think I was pretty wiped by this point in the w/o, so these didn't feel particularly strong! :oops:

I warmed up with some rapid sun salutations, but was in such a mental hurry to knock out the workout during naptime, I forget my warmup sets of OH presses... oops! :confused:

Oh yeah, I wanted to throw a little cardio in there, so just for fun, I did the first song/dance/combo/whatever it is of the TA Dance Cardio workout. One time through the combo and I remembered the combo, halfway through the... 5 minute?... dance I was like... oh no, so bored. This is why I stopped doing this DVD (in addition to her ridiculous get-up... sequined crop top? No thanks. And it's not cute and cheeky like when Cathe rocks sequins... it's just like... uh... you really need to fire your wardrobe consultant)... once I got the combos down, it was super boring and repetitive.
But I was saved by the bell! DD awoke and saved me from my TA-induced ennui.

Maybe a walk or a stretch later? We'll see...

Hope you're having fun chasing your DD around the neighborhood! :D
Apart from pee-insomnia, how's your 3rd tri treating you?
Hugs and lots of sunshine to your and your sweet pea(-free) DD!
Hi Roz!

No fools here in our check-in! You rocked it out today with those weights! We were in the same boat in terms of UB workouts-o'-dread. I wanted to do an UB workout today but didn't want to continue to abuse (through overuse) PUB and Strong UB Live, so I decided to do LIS TBT UB since I did the LB variation on Monday. Ugh! I always feel like I got a good workout when the ordeal is over, but I watch the clock during this one like no other Cathe workout (well, except for the HiiTs when I'm wanting a break for air--not because I'm bored). Lots of pregnancy-mandated modifications for this workout, too, since I'm not doing push-ups these days, nor can I lean against the ball for preacher curls! ;) Ah well, I made it work and now I can feel justified by the fact that I spent money to buy this DVD...so, yeah, I can totally relate to your UB workout dread and your TA boredom. :rolleyes: But we got 'er done and sometimes that's all that matters!

April Fool's pranks are not allowed in our house! My DH knows better than to prank on me (we've been together since we were 16, after all!) but for some reason last night I felt the need to issue a preemptory "don't you dare punk me tomorrow!" warning. "Of course not" was his response. Just weird that I even said anything...I blame the baby belly! I think for the most part I am pretty even keel emotionally speaking during pregnancy, but every now and again I surprise myself. o_O For the most part, the symptoms are all physical. I'm starting to feel a slow down coming in all aspects of my life--from workouts, to cooking, to chores/housework. Did you feel that way towards the end of your first pregnancy? It seems more pronounced for me this time for some reason.

By the way, princess costumes are still being confiscated on occasion, but mostly for moments where DD is not making "big girl choices." Her royal getups are her most prized possessions and, thus, the ultimate currency for parental guidance/correction. ;)

Lots of noise in our backyard today since we're getting demo work done in preparation for laying concrete tomorrow. Gotta get out of the house before my head explodes! Hope you and your cutie have a terrific day, maybe get in a walk, enjoy some extra snuggles, etc.



P.S. How are you doing? Any updates on the fertility front (if you care to share).


Hi Lisa,
Hope things have quieted down chez Lisa, demo-work-wise!
Yeah, I definitely slowed down towards the end of my pregnancy. Perhaps not as much as I should have, though... sigh. I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself to do things, even when I shouldn't and when no one else is putting pressure on me.
Great job knocking out LIS TBT UB yesterday in spite of the dread factor (is this prep for L&D or something? ;) ). And, by the way, never feel ashamed about doing PUB for the 10,001st time! I love that you love that workout!

I got my deadlifts done today with another PR! Woo!
Sumo Deadlifts 2 x 3 195
1 x 5 185
Deadlifts 5 x 10 135
Ab Wheel Rollout 5 x 10 STILL HARD! ;)

I've been trying to lift late mornings/afternoons, and my sleep has improved and I just feel I'm doing a lot of self care that was lacking before. I'm trying to just let working out and nutrition be easy and sensible. Eat when I'm hungry and not when I'm not (both of which are challenges for me, sometimes). Turns out my estrogen and progesterone are super low... go figure. I'm also nursing less. I feel like I'm slowly moving in a good direction, and don't want to take any big leaps right now (in terms of fertility treatment, etc.). The time for leaps may come, but it's not now. Ya know what I mean?
I'm also weighing myself less. A lame/bad/neanderthal habit, I know but... I'm not immune to it all.

OK, my friend! Time for afternoon errands.
Hope your backyard is shaping up! You rest!
Yeah, I definitely slowed down towards the end of my pregnancy. Perhaps not as much as I should have, though... sigh. I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself to do things, even when I shouldn't and when no one else is putting pressure on me.

Roz! This is one of the reasons we relate so well to one another. We are both perfectionist-type people who want to be super productive and do it all every day, day in and day out. I am constantly having to remember to rein myself in, and some days are better than others. I think today is one of the better days. DD is now and will be in her PJ's all day! We didn't have any place in particular to go today and I had a horrible night's sleep, so we just did the regular grooming but she's still in her "jam jams." I was raised to view this as lazy, but I'm 34 weeks pregnant and just don't care today! (Now, talk to me tomorrow when I'm obsessed over getting her dolled up, hair done, etc...like I said, it's a work in progress.) Just know that I think you are amazing and even if all you do in any given day is give your precious DD a little extra lovin', then it's been a day well lived! :)

On that note, I am loving how you're new BBA program is fitting so well into your goal of increased self-care. You deserve it! Besides, with another PR it seems to be working for you and in a super fantastic way! I hear you on pursuing sensibility and balance. I'm guessing your decreased cardio has helped your appetite regulate itself...at least that's how it seems to work for me (I am not suggesting that you were doing too much before, you have just noted that you've been doing less lately). Honestly, that's one of the reasons I try to keep my cardio going during pregnancy, so that I will eat enough. And I'm pretty good with the scale, but I totally avoid it during pregnancy (except at the doctor's office). We're still human and that's OK. We'll help each other through it. :)

Thank you for sharing your fertility update. My estrogen levels are chronically low, so I can relate. I totally understand your desire to not rush into any aggressive fertility treatment. Go at your own pace. That's what we did and I wouldn't have had it any other way. You may not even need to do anything extraordinary (hoping and praying that this is the case). (((HUGS)))

The backyard concrete is progressing. I think demo day was the hardest and most labor intensive of all 3 anticipated days. The demo took 12 hours, but pouring the concrete only took about 4 hours this morning. There are still workers out there doing finishing touches (which will be today and tomorrow), but it's shaping up nicely...and much more quietly today, thank goodness! ;)

Oh dear, gotta run. Must report that I did Step Moves today. As I said, sleep was awful (nonexistent) so I needed an easy and familiar routine.

Sending you all of my support! Have a wonderful rest of your day!



Hiya Lisa,
Thank you so much for your unconditional support -- you rock! :D The road to and the journey of motherhood can be rocky and complex, and I'm grateful to have you to share the ups and downs with!

Awesome job knocking out Step Moves yesterday, despite a lousy night's sleep! You go.

DD and I had a great stroller walk this morning -- probably almost 75 mins with a break for her to run around halfway. It's as warm as it's been this Spring (mid-50s). I'm hoping to get to the playground this afternoon -- hooray!

Tomorrow's scheduled to be another/rest/walk/stretch/whatever (no weights) day, but we'll see -- we may go away for a day for Easter, and if so, I'll adjust my schedule for that and maybe lift tomorrow. Next w/o begins week 4, which is my deload week (lighter weights, higher reps) and the final week of Phase 1. Week 5-8 is phase 2 (3 heavy weeks, 1 load). Then I'm done! I may take a week or two off to do this or that, but I'm guessing I'll want to do another BBA program shortly after.
Oh, and you're totally right that cutting cardio has regulated my appetite -- and I didn't hear you as saying I was doing too much. I sort of feel like I'm regulating more broadly, too. Finding balance.

Anyways, hope last night's sleep was better! Big hugs and enjoy the start of your weekend with your wonderful family! (Oh my gosh, so sweet that you and your DH have been together since you were 16! :D )
TGIF, Roz!

I'm grateful for you, too! I've learned a lot from our conversations. :) And I can definitely sense that you are finding more and more balance in life. You seem so happy and like you just feel good, and that's what it's all about! (Well, that and the Hokey Pokey.) :rolleyes:

Your stroller walk sounds so fun! Can't think of a better way to get some movement into your day, and I'm sure your pumpkin loved getting out and about. I adore warmer weather, and most especially the first dose of sunshine after a long winter! I can only imagine how you feel given that your winters in your neck of the woods seem to drag on infinitely. Hope you get to the park this afternoon!

Wow, almost week 4! I'll be interested to see what lighter weights, higher reps looks like in the BBA program. I think it's so cool that there are so many different rotation options. You definitely got your money's worth here. :) Whatever you end up doing this weekend, I hope you enjoy it!

I think I tweaked something in my lower leg yesterday, maybe during Step Moves? Wonder if it was because I was so tired? I have a strange pain (which seems to be ligament/muscle/tendon related) on the outer side of my lower right leg. It's not my calf and it's not my shin, but on the outside rising up from the ankle. Anyway, doesn't seem to be anything to worry about but I'm going to be taking it easy today and for the rest of the weekend. I don't want a small problem to become something major, ya know? So lots of rest, stretching, and laying down for me...plus some time for Easter activities, of course!

Even though I'm taking a break, I'll most likely be back tomorrow to say howdy and MIA on Sunday, as usual! HUGS!



Hi Lisa,
Geesh, sorry to hear about your leg tweak. I think I know the spot you're talking about. I sometimes get sore there (though it doesn't sound like you're talking about plain ol' soreness) when I do... um, what?... is it plyo? Or a bunch of step? Or just something new, cardio-wise? Rest sounds like the perfect prescription. Good for you for listening to your body!

The deload for the program I'm doing is simply all the same exercises, but with light weights (no specification of what 'light' means) for 2-4 x 10-15. Today, I did 4 sets of 10-15 reps of floor press (55 lbs), close grip floor press (45 lbs), and bent over BB row (45 lbs).
It was pretty fun and I got it done! I think we're going to be away tomorrow/tomorrow night visiting family for the holiday (sometimes we wait until the last minute to see how DD's faring), so I'll likely be MIA, as well. Then Monday will be squats (or I'll do it tomorrow am before we leave and take Monday and Tuesday off).

Oh, I checked out the Total Fitness DVDs sale and caved! ;) Actually, a lot of the sale prices are still higher than the Amazon prices, so I stuck to two titles (which are were cheaper than the Amazon price): KCM Muscle Up (your recommendation! :D ) and Ilaria Montagnani's Atletica 4 (I wanted to try one of her workouts, and this was the cheapest -- ha!

I think I may make this for Easter. I bought some plain TJs Speculoos cookies for the crust and will likely sub lemon juice + orange juice for Meyer lemon juice, because I don't feel like going back to Whole Foods.

Gotta run -- rest up and Happy Easter to you and your family! :D
Hey there, Roz!

Sorry to be so late. It's been a day on the couch because of my leg. :( I'm hoping that I'm overreacting but I am erring on the side of extreme caution over the weekend because I can (aka because DH is home to tend to DD). Thank you for your healing vibes. I will take them! I really just chalk it up to pregnancy. My last pregnancy introduced me to achilles tendinitis, and this pregnancy has introduced me to this weird side-o'-the-leg thingy! Motherhood is not glamorous, that's for certain! ;) Life will move on, I will survive, and adapt as needed.

Way to go on your workout! I have to say that you and I differ greatly on our definition of "light"! As always, you rocked it! Yaya!

Oh, you're gonna really like KCM's Muscle Up! It is one of her most aggressive weight workouts for sure. And please do tell me how you enjoy the Ilaria workout. I need to give her a try as well!

Hopefully you are on the road right now to a fun family vacation. Happy Easter to you and yours! But how can your day be anything but terrific when you are eating that cheesecake! I think I just found my "must make this next!" recipe. Tell me how it turns out with your tweaks and substitutes. I always find the commentary on recipes to be the most helpful.

Hugs and hippity hoppity Happy Easter to you, your DH, and your greatest blessing DD1 (and I say "1" because "2" is coming your way...maybe will be DS...but still...fingers crossed and prayers to you).



Hi Lisa,
Hope you and yours had a wonderful Easter! We sure did! :D
Oh, and that cheesecake is awesome -- you should make it when you feel like baking next, for sure! And I'm a perfectionist, like you, so it takes a lot for me to say unreservedly that something I made was awesome!
I used 3 smallish lemons for juice/zest + a scant 1/8 tsp of orange oil (I have really strong stuff) to make it more Meyer-y. We have a convection oven which, oddly, always seems to take longer than the listed bake time, but this took a lot longer. It says bake ~40 mins or till middle just sets, but 40 mins was honestly closer to 80 -- but it was not overbaked at all -- I think just keep an eye on it. Then I did 15 mins (instead of 10) after adding the sour cream mixture. So good! And the acidity of the lemon balanced the richness and sweetness of the cake nicely.
What about you -- do any cooking? (That was the extent of my Easter cooking, since we were visiting family.)

So I did get in my squat deload workout before leaving yesterday: Back squats (4 x 10-15), front squats (4 x 10-15), and ab wheel rollout (to deload I did 4 x 10-15 of the stability ball rollouts that Cathe does). Then today I did a quick bodyweight circuit where I was because I had a few minutes to myself in the morning and wanted to move a bit.

I think I may get creative in my deload of UB workouts #2 (the one that includes chinups and parallel bar dips) -- that'll be tomorrow or Wednesday, depending on how things pan out.

I hope your weird leg thingy is better and that the long weekend of rest did you good! Hey, you're going on 35 weeks -- rest as much as you/your body want! Heck, rest every day and just dance around your living room with DD1 if that's what you want! ;)
Whatever you decide to do, you'll rock it!

I've got to run off to do some more unpacking/resettling after returning home, but I'll be back tomorrow!
Big hugs to you, your DD, and your Easter egg,


Hi Lisa!
I hope you're feeling well and that Easter entertaining didn't leave you too tuckered! Hope everything is OK -- big hugs to you! Sending lots of happy, restful thoughts your way.

I did my UB workout #2 deload today -- quick and straightforward:
Overhead press 4 x 10 45#
Triceps dips (long lever off high step) 4 x 15
Highly modified chin-ups 4 x 10 (I think it's how Brenda does them in STS... a low bar and legs extended forwards, heels on the ground)

I also got in a 20 minute walk outside (it's not beautiful here today so I kept it short) and a 30 min Udaya yoga segment (with some toddler assists ;) ). I hadn't done Udaya stuff in forever and was about to cancel my membership, but I think I can do it with DD (sometimes), so hopefully that will get me doing more yoga. I just can't cram one more thing into DD's sleep time (without cutting into my own -- recently much improved -- sleep).

Hope you're sleeping and resting well! You're so close, mama!
Big, big hugs, high fives, and a large hunk of leftover cheesecake,
Hi Roz!

Sorry I have been absent for so long! I really wanted to get on to the forums yesterday but it just didn't pan out.

Soooo, here's the update. Looks like I have a minor fibula stress fracture. It might even be on the side of a fibula strain (though I'm not sure what the difference is, other than in the severity level). Won't know for sure because the doctor, understandably, doesn't want to do an X-ray on a lady in her 35th week of pregnancy. Anyway, the outside of my right ankle really started to hurt on Saturday and into Sunday. Thankfully our doctor is also a family friend, so he kindly came over on Easter Sunday to evaluate the situation and gave me my diagnosis + a walking boot. The walking boot is mainly for when I am out of the house. It is cumbersome and not ideal for the already totally-out-of-balance pregnant shape. :rolleyes: I'd be lying if I said I wasn't bummed, and yesterday was a hard day as the pain persisted at quite a high level. But, as I walked over to the computer to type this (sans boot, since I'm at home) I said to my DH "I wouldn't know I was injured if I didn't know I was injured." Go figure. Either way, I'm going to take it easier because I just need to. Maybe this is the Universe's way of forcing me to slow down? My DH has worked from home the past two days which has been a tremendous help, but I think we'll try to get back to some normalcy tomorrow.

Needless to say, we've had better Easters. Ha! But I'm kinda dying inside that I didn't get to taste your celestial cheesecake creation. Drool! I can't wait to make that! It's so funny that your oven tends to take longer because my oven burns hot and fast, so I always have to decrease temp and baking time. Last week I was baking homemade bread in the oven for my DH and had to run to the grocery store so I asked him to "watch it" and pull it when it was done. Not too hard, right? I had a timer tentatively set but knew it would need to come out sooner. Guess I took for granted that "watching" stuff in the oven is a learned skill because the bread ended up burnt! LOL! We had a good chuckle on that one!

LOVING your workouts! Monday's looked especially fun to me. Glad you got to fit in some yoga and walking today, but sorry that the weather was no bueno. :(

I didn't work out Sunday (normal rest day) or yesterday, and I'm still trying to figure out what this injury means for my workouts. At this point, I still plan on getting in some upper body work and I want to continue lower body toning, which will probably be in the form of leg lifts and mat work. I had been hoping to at least continue walking cardio through the end of this pregnancy, but I'm not sure what (if any) cardio I will be able to safely do. Maybe the elliptical at some point? The bike is too hard because of the baby bump. I'm just going to listen to my body and do what feels right. So, today was upper body and I did Live Strong UB. I modified as normal but was able to perform the moves with absolutely no ill effect on my ankle. Felt great to do something!

Despite all of this gloom and doom, I do have EXCELLENT news as well. We had an ultrasound today (my doc is just being cautious due to DD1's small size at delivery), and DD2 is measuring precisely at 35 weeks. Party + happy dance + high fives + jigs! So happy, so relieved, so delighted! :D

Sorry for the weighty post today! All in all I am doing OK, and just really focusing on the fact that this pregnancy has been an overall healthy one. Going into pregnancy #2 I had so many fears, and I'm grateful beyond belief about how well things have turned out. :cool:

(((HUGS))) to you, my dear friend. Thank you for all of your support. Enjoy the last bits of cheesecake with your little doll (who am I kidding? it's all gone by now!). ;)



Hi Lisa,
When I read your message last night, I was simultaneously totally bummed due to your stress fracture/strain and relieved that your absence yesterday didn't mean early labor! I mean, don't ever ever feel pressure to check in when the time isn't right -- that's not at all what I'm saying -- I was just thinking of you and hoping everything was OK! IIRC, you went into labor at 34 weeks last time -- or was it later?
ANYWAYS, major major party time power jigs for your big ol' bean (a Great Northern bean?)! Hooray!

Wow, great job knocking out Strong UB Live despite your seriously annoying situation (I know it's your leg, but still...). Hmmm... could you do boxing cardio with 1 lb weights and just nix any lower body stuff? There are some goodie boxing lives. And RK cardio + gloves and HS cardio only.
Also, maybe you could take this opportunity to check out Senior Fit Live? ;) I think the thumbnail photo is medicine ball in chair so... could be fun to check out! Is KCM's TLC LB-heavy? Maybe try that free month of Udaya and start with the prenatal stuff? If you lived nearby, I'd lend you my TA prenatal DVDs. They're not worth buying at this point, but if you see them at a library, they have some good mat work, and the light UB work gives a really nice stretch to those tight pregnancy spots in the back and shoulders. Or so I found.
Big hugs and healing thoughts and prayers to you!

So Lisa, I've been a bad, bad girl (and not just because I'm one slice away from polishing off that cheesecake)... I bought Vytas Baskauskas's (sp) Deepen Your Practice -- I sought to be enabled, it's my doing -- but there's a great price for it on Groupon. Vytas is far and away my favorite instructor on Udaya, and DYP sounds right up my alley. I've been doing more yoga and I just feel great when I make time for it during playtime with DD.
So today I did my final deload workout (I kept rests short -- can you say cardio?! ;) ):
Sumo deadlifts 4 x 12 105#
Deadlifts 4 x 12 105#
Reverse crunches with 2.5#/ankle: 4 x 12

Over the day, I've also worked my way through a 60-min Udaya segment: Travis Elliot's Yoga Cross Training (one of the Ultimate Yogi workouts, I believe). It's fine, but it doesn't excite me. However, I do have a pretty extensive yoga background, so I'd rather just be given the names of poses (which Vytas does) rather than sort of led into them (and I don't know where it's going). This workout was pretty straightforward intermediate power yoga. Challenging (in part because DD thought it was funny to sit on my back for the chaturanga pushups), but not novel. It did feel great, though!

OK, Lisa, I'll be thinking of you and hoping you're feeling great -- whether you're all healed and ready to rock or whether this little bump in the road is a stop (or yield, or whatever) sign and you take it easy and change up your routine. I know you'll do what's best for you -- you're awesome! :D
Maybe your DD can help transform your boot into a princess boot? ;)
Big hugs to you and high fives for your awesome u/s!
Oh my dear, Roz! Thank you so much for your support/empathy/sympathy/encouragement/happy dances over the u/s. I love checking in and will continue to do so as much as possible, even if my workouts become limited to Couch Max. ;) I just keep reminding myself that I am an athlete (as are you and anyone else who has a physical fitness routine) and that sometimes injuries happen. Plus, I'm pregnant for the love of mud! I am grateful for the movement I have enjoyed so far and will continue to do my best to move in a safe, smart way for the rest of my egg sitting duties! ;) By the way, DD1 did come a bit early--37.5 weeks--but her issue was that she was super small, at a mere 4lbs 15oz, due to Intrauterine Growth Restriction. DD2 measured almost 1 pound over that yesterday at the u/s, which was a huge relief to me. Even if DD2 comes early as well, she's on her way to being plenty big. Phew!

Speaking of...

Wow, great job knocking out Strong UB Live despite your seriously annoying situation (I know it's your leg, but still...). Hmmm... could you do boxing cardio with 1 lb weights and just nix any lower body stuff? There are some goodie boxing lives. And RK cardio + gloves and HS cardio only.
Also, maybe you could take this opportunity to check out Senior Fit Live? ;) I think the thumbnail photo is medicine ball in chair so... could be fun to check out! Is KCM's TLC LB-heavy? Maybe try that free month of Udaya and start with the prenatal stuff? If you lived nearby, I'd lend you my TA prenatal DVDs. They're not worth buying at this point, but if you see them at a library, they have some good mat work, and the light UB work gives a really nice stretch to those tight pregnancy spots in the back and shoulders. Or so I found.
Big hugs and healing thoughts and prayers to you!

YES! Love these ideas. Picture me vigorously scribbling your suggestions down. I feel so encouraged by your reminder that there are so many things I can still do. :) And I am totally thinking Senior Fit Live. Why not? Not every workout has to be HiiT. I'm also going to check out my local library for any pregnancy workout videos I can find. Those tend to be very very gentle (but I agree that it would be a waste to buy anymore at this point for this pregnancy!).

On the note of doing what I can when I can, I still felt some twinges today but definitely positive movement toward healing. I opted to do some of the bonus leg moves from STS Meso 1...basically the floor work, though some of the standing leg lifts were just fine too. Got a good burn and it boosted my mood for sure.

I am by no means a yogi extraordinaire like you so I need the baby steps into each move from the instructor at this point, but I can totally see how that would bore you. And you are not a bad girl! You are a smart cookie for buying DYP. :) Believe you me, I've been tempted many many times from the glowing reviews it has received on OD. And your girlie helps make it even more challenging by acting as a weighted vest ("I'm going to sit on Momma's back while she does chaturanga!"). She knows fun when she sees it!

Done with deloading and now back to the regular BBA routine? Have you enjoyed the deloading?

And, the most important question of all: is the cheesecake gone yet? I'm thinking it would've made a perfect breakfast for you today! :)

HUGS my dear friend. Give your cutie a hug and high five for me as well. Talk soon!



Hi Lisa,
Great job on your STS Meso 1 Leg bonus workout -- that's great! I agree, doing a little something is soooo helpful for the mood and feeling good in one's body, etc. Especially when one is so very pregnant! ;)
I look forward to hearing about your workouts (and I very much include Couch Max as a workout) in the coming weeks. I recently looked at workout DVDs at my local library, and there seemed to be a lot of prenatal/postnatal stuff. Not a whole lot that tempted me, although they did have Hip Hop Abs, which might be fun to try. They did have JL Slim & Lean, which was cool to see, but I have it already.

Today is a total rest day and a finish-the-cheesecake day! Hooray! Not sure if I'll start week 5 of BBA tomorrow or wait a day. I'll probably start! ;)
I have enjoyed the deload -- it's been especially easy to get in, get it done, and get on with it, which has been great for this busy week. I was feeling all those deadlifts (8 x 12) today, in a good way. Though I was working with a much lighter weight, the sheer volume (plus yoga) added up! I love deadlifts...

Oh Lisa, I am beyond stoked for DYP. I just got a notice from Groupon that it shipped. I'm such a nerd. :p

Another round of hoorays for your great u/s and ensuing feelings of relief!
OK, off with me! Be well, big hugs, and talk soon!
Hiya Roz,

I did visit my library and didn't find any pregnancy workouts but I did find a good number of: 1) workouts that I can do because they are basic (like an intermediate low impact Kathy Smith DVD); and 2) workouts that I have been toying with buying (like a couple Bob Harper DVDs...obviously not going to do any of these workouts now, but this is a good and FREE way to preview the workouts!). I checked out a couple of the basic ones and a couple of Bob Harper DVDs. Plus we picked up 101 Dalmatians for DD. Gotta love the library! ;)

Wow! Groupon is fast! Hopefully your DYP will be here by the weekend so you can get going! Are you excited for the latter half of your current BBA program? Besides feeling more physically and emotionally balanced, have you noticed any other results that you want to boast about (besides those killer DOMS!)? :)

Enjoy your rest day and cheesecake day. Yum! Are you getting super excited for summer? Any big plans for your cute little family, like vacations or hikes or picnics? The beginning of the summer for us is, obviously, going to revolve around Newborn Max, but we're hoping to spend lots of time outdoors, especially on our new concrete patio (which is finally done and we LOVE it!).

Thanks to you and your wise suggestions, I revisited KCM's TLC. This workout could not have been more perfect. I cut out the shuffles and the jumping, but that wasn't really a need to do major modifications. I put on my weighted gloves and boxed my stress away. I think my shoulders will be feeling this tomorrow! Ankle is definitely doing better (much better than I expected only 1 week into the injury) but I'm not ready for major jumps yet...oh yeah, and then there's that big belly that I'm sporting around. :rolleyes:

I just remembered that the totalfitness sale ends tomorrow, so I need to get my order in! :p

HUGS to you and yours!



Hi Lisa,
So glad you got a good workout in with TLC! Great! :D That workout is on my shortlist of ones to buy when I need a new cardio DVD.
Hope you enjoy the library DVDs, too! I have one Bob Harper -- Total Body Revolution, or something like that. It's metabolic, pretty good -- I don't remember it too well, honestly. I did it quite a few times when I started working out again postpartum.

Yes, lots of hikes and picnics planned for the summer -- I can't wait! Yup, you've got Newborn Max and Sleep Min up first -- yay! I hope sleep settles quickly for DD2.

Today I did my first workout of week 5 -- the next 4 weeks of workouts are slightly different from the first 4 weeks -- I think just enough of a change so you don't overstress your body doing the exact same thing.
Here's today's workout:
Close Grip Floor Press 2 x 3 85#
1 x 5 75#
Floor Press or PU 4 x 8 75#
BO BB Row Palms Up 4 x 8 75#

I tried to do yoga this afternoon, but in the first 10 minutes I had my head sat on every time I was in child's pose and I was force-fed a kiwi, so took those as signs from the heavens that yoga wasn't in the cards just then. I may try again after DD's bedtime if I have energy.

How are you feeling, my friend? How's the leg, sleep, and other 3rd trimester joys?
Hope you're feeling well -- TGIF! :D
I know, TGIF for sure!

Great workout today, Roz! I'm trying to wrap my head around an 85lb close grip floor press. No way I could lift that without a spotter, and by "spotter" I also mean "cheater" there to help me. ;) I guess it's good that the program changes a bit. Harder to get bored that way. LOL about being force fed a kiwi. My DD tries to force feed me too, but I guess it's only fair since we've been shoving food in their faces their entire lives. :rolleyes: Fingers crossed you get some yoga in tonight if that's what you want.

Today was UB, so I did Trace Staehle Parts Series, the UB segment. I typically do this workout in conjunction with another workout (either a short cardio or shorter leg workout) but that was not happening today. At least I did something, right?

Ankle still giving me fits. I can walk but not without pain. Still doing better than I thought I would be at this point, but not excited to be dealing with this now! At least baby girl seems happy--that is, assuming that rib kicks are equivalent to whoo-hoos and hip-hip-hoorays! :p

Sounds like our summer plans are identical. Just hoping that Sleep Min (LOL!) is a timesaver premix. After DD1's major insomnia (which was in full effect last night, BTW), I think the Universe owes me a superstar sleeper baby!

Hope you have a terrific Friday night and lots of fun on your Saturday!

High fives all around!



Hiya, Lisa!
Great job on your Tracy Staehle UB workouts. You know, I always used to feel I had to add on so I could work out ~1 hr, but I've been loving shorter workouts recently. I think your workout sounds great! :D

Definitely hope you get a timesaver premix of Sleep Min -- LOL! I think you'll get a supersleeper -- fingers crossed!

I did do a yoga practice last night -- a 60-min Udaya practice led by Vytas (who does DYP) called 'Short Holds' basically a Vinyasa flow class where you move through poses fairly quickly (as I'm sure you figured out). It was great!
I've had a very active day so far -- I was up early (sigh) so I did another 60-min Vytas practice on Udaya leading up to Visvamitrasana (and continuing on to some other arm balances). I really enjoyed this practice -- I think it's one of the most challenging Udaya practices I've done so far. I'm still working up to a full Visva, but I'm not far. I can't quite straighten my leg all the way yet.

I'd been planning to do squats today but my quads did feel worked from the yoga practice. I decided to go ahead with squats and see how it felt to lift after yoga. I think the ideal would be a shorter or less rigorous practice, so I've still got all my strength but am fully warm. I don't regret it, though -- I had fun! Here goes:
Front squats: 2 x 3 100#
1 x 5 100#
Back squats: 4 x 8: 100#
Reverse crunches 4 x 8: I used 2.5# ankle weights and a stability ball (I do this move as a sub for hanging knee raises -- they are challenging, esp with my lousy chin-up bar, so I do reverse crunches instead -- Nia suggests them as a substitute).

Later, I walked ~40 mins to get DD to nap. I'm working to cut back on nursing (I feel like she's ready, too), so I try to time her nap with a drive or stroller walk so she's not wanting to nurse to sleep at naptime. (We're still nursing to sleep at bedtime.)

Lisa, I'm so sorry to hear that walking gives you pain! But at least DD2's legs are at 100% -- I think rib kicks are a great sign! :D Hooray for that!!

Have a great weekend! I think I'll probably take a total rest day tomorrow (or perhaps gentler yoga and/or a nap-walk) -- I may also be MIA tomorrow, depending on how crazy our day is. We've got a couple busy weeks ahead...
Big hugs to you, and enjoy the weekend with your growing family!
Hi Roz!

Whew! I'm exhausted just thinking about your day! Late night yoga last night + early morning yoga today + rocking 100# on a barbell (wobbly legs in your future!) + a 40 minute walk! Um, yeah, you've earned a rest day! ;) Question about Nia's philosophy: is she a minimalist when it comes to ab work, with the idea being that your core is engaged so much during the main part of the exercise routine? That's the impression that I get.

Also, questions for you: have you ever considered becoming a yoga instructor? Seems like you'd be really good at it. Have you received your DYP yet?

Arms were sore from yesterday's workout but I wanted to do some cardio so I pulled on my weighted gloves and did a 20 min KCM punching mix from her 30MTF: Kickboxing (original video) and the 3 boxing combos from Cathe's MMA Boxing. Good stuff and it didn't bother my ankle. I'm still in pain, but it seems to be improving slowly. I think if I can just get the swelling to go down it will improve by leaps and bounds. Fingers crossed that a rest day tomorrow will accelerate things! :) Thanks for caring. :)

Yes, please, take some time to relax and enjoy. I hope the busyness coming your way over the next few weeks is "good" busyness.

So, you are feeling like it's time for weaning to begin? Are you feeling OK about that? I know we've discussed before the many emotions involved...(((HUGS))) as you work through that. I hope it's a comfortable physical experience for you, as well (because let me tell you that when I stopped pumping cold turkey...yowza!).

See you Monday! Sending you wishes for relaxation and cookie butter treats this weekend. ;)


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