Anyone interested in a 10 lb check in/challenge?


I'm joining. I am really ticked I have gained back some of the weight I have been struggling with for 5 years now. I was so hoping to have it gone by my 20 year H.S. reunion, but it won't happen. Anyway, I need the weight gone for my health, so I am in.


I'm in...10 lbs or bust!!! This will be the first check-in I've ever participated in, but I'm psyched! For some reason, after I finished STS in July I totally lost focus and gained a few lbs. I need to get back on track.


I'm in!! I need to lose more than 10 lbs but I can't seem to lose ANY right now. I'm down a pound, up a pound and on and on. How will this work?


I'd like to join the check in too. I had a baby 6 months ago, and I'm really struggling with motivation. Between taking care of my new daughter and my almost 5 yr old son, I feel like there's hardly any "me" time for exercise.



Me Too

I lost weight and was down to my desired weight last winter and have been gaining it back. I have not wanted to weight myself, but I can't fit into the pants that I was wearing last winter :(

I think this contest would help kick me in the but to lose the weight and work on again the reasons why I gain weight. Starting today!

We can do it!


I would love to join you guys too. I have more than 10 lbs to lose but 10 is something to work towards.

I have been slacking since the RT too. I got into such a funk and then went on vacation. I have barely even been on the forums. I have been back on track for about 2 1/2 weeks now. ( although not on the forums)

I am looking foward to this. What exactly are we posting every day? Food, exercise, weight, all of the above.


see ya monday


New Member
10 lb challenge

I'm in. Just ordered my first Cathe DVD (I have about 25 Cathe VHS tapes, all dusty, lonely, and forgotten) and am in the worst shape of my almost 48yo life. 10lbs will be a great start---25% of what I ultimately want to lose.

What will we look for on Monday 9/14? Somebody suggested putting this thread on the challenge board, and that makes sense. I'll look for you all there on Monday.

Karen (future success story)


This challenge couldn't have come at a better time for me. After sitting on STS for over 3 months now, I'm starting the program on Monday the 14th. I was working with an online trainer for about a year and doing great, although the strict diet was too much for me to handle and as soon as I stopped working with him, I rebounded and gained alot of the weight back. Looking forward to a new challenge!


I'm in! I'm a long time lurker (over 5 years!!:eek:) but this thread has me coming out of lurker-ness!
I've learned so much from everyone on these forums and it's time I started posting and stopped lurking!!
See you all on the 10 lb check in/challenge thread tomorrow!


I am hoping I can still be a part of this, as I really need the push, but I am not going to follow the “rules” exactly. I am not going for the money prize, but the best prize for me the weight loss. ;=))

The best feedback for me is not the scale, but how the nx smaller pair of pants fit. My goal is fit into my former favorite size 8 pair of jeans. I am wearing 10s now. I also want to start changing on how I deal with snacking and portion sizes.

I learned a lot why I overeat at times yesterday from a couple of forums also here on Cathe. I have the books mentioned on ordered or on the waiting list for them at the library. Using suggestions mentioned on these forums I have not touched the large bag of yummy animal cookies that I was pigging out on before using these suggestions. A small success step!

I have also recording everything I eat or drink on the website MyPlate. Just have to record it and look at it later, helps in self-control.

The forums I mentioned above:
Enf of Overeating, 2nd Thread

NEW!!! Gaining Control (End of Overeating): 1st Thread


I'm in! I'm brand new here, so I haven't really studied the boards much yet - what will I need to do tomorrow morning? :)



I'd like to join in as well. I just visited the forums for the first time though I have been tracking my workouts and diet in workout manager for a few months.I have started working out again but the scale isn't going anywhere... the challenge should help.

Hopefully I can figure out where to find this thread again tomorrow!



so what happened? Did everyone give up? I'm still trying but no check in? Maybe a weekly check in would work better.


I'm just hearing about this (I'm slow on the uptake, haha). If it's not too late, I would love to join! Is this still going on???


I'd be interested too! 5 weeks late, better than never, right? 10 lbs would be a good start for me.

So ... is this checkin actually happening and if so, what's the title of the thread?


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