Amy Bento

Funny you should start this thread because I am actually doing an all Amy rotation right now. First time I’ve ever done that. I got her latest workouts (Kettlebell Power and KB2 last week).

My all time favorite Amy workout is ASC2. I know most people prefer ASC3 but there is just something about ASC2 that I love. It took me the longest to learn of her ASC workouts, but I am totally glad I stuck with it. My next favorite step workout by Amy is ASC4. I know a lot of people didn’t like that one because the set was too pink or too dark, and I agree that the production isn’t up to her usual standard, but I love the choreography in that one! Next up is ASC3. I think ASC3 has the toughest Power Ups, and the ab workouts alone make that DVD a bargain!! ASC is my least favorite of the 4, but only because the music is terrible and it was her first workout so it has a lot of whooping. Amy has come a long way as an instructor.

My second favorite Amy workout of all time is Hi/Lo Dome Challenge. Don’t let that ‘dome’ word fool you. This is a complete hi/lo workout. There is also a 20 min. BOSU weight workout at the end of it, which I like, but I love this workout for the hi/lo portion. I think this workout is MUCH more fun and challenging than Hi/Lo Xtreme. I also really like Hi/Lo Knockout. I am not crazy about Hi/Lo Xtreme. Hi/Lo Dynamics is fun too but oh how I wish she would have put all the combos together at the end – it just ends after combo 4 is done. This was filmed in the same dark, pink set as ASC4, which might bother some peeps.

Amy’s kickboxing is also really fun. I like Kickbox Surge best, followed by In The Ring. I also like Kickbox Xtreme. KB2 is a new favorite also. The choreography is sort of basic, but the fun factor is high. Instead of doing kickboxing intervals or blasts or surges, you do kettlebell intervals instead. And they are hard.

For her weight work, I really like her Slo Mo Challenge. All Pump Xtreme is good, but it is so long when done as a total body workout. I often use the split premixes, though. Amy’s strength astounds me. She uses such heavy weights during Slo Mo, and never seems to tire. I did Slo Mo Legs yesterday, and I have stronger DOMS in my arms than I do in my legs because I matched her weight selections and it was so TOUGH.

My favorite kind of Amy workout is step, but like Cathe she excels at a number of different methods of workout instruction.
I love Amy's ASC workouts (except ASC4 as I still haven't accomplished it) and any of her KBX workouts. I am not a big fan of HiLo but I LOVE hers! She combines excellent music choices and fun moves that aren't repetitive for a great workout.

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