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I bought Amy Bento's Advanced Step Challenge 3 and loved it so much I've just ordered 1, 2 and 4.

Do you like her other cardio workouts - Hi/Lo or Kickbox? What are your favourites?
I love Amy! I bought ASC1 way back when it originally came out and I use it quite a bit. The choreography in that one took me forever to master so years (literally lol) later, I just bought ASC3 and am working on mastering ASC3's choreography now :) I really like All Pump Extreme, but there seems to be mixed reviews on this one. She gets really creative with the exercises in this one and if you're a "stick to basics" kind of person you may not like that. Check out the reviews on for reviews! I also tried her kickbox extreme workout and just never mastered it, I have a really hard time wrapping my head around very complex choreography (although I can do all of Cathes!) so that one just wasn't for me but if you have no problem picking up twisty turny routines you might like it.
Ha! I did ASC3 this morning. It's one of my highest cal burners so I do like it for my Mon morning guilt workouts. ;)

I'm not a huge fan of her hi/lo, but In the Ring & KB Surge are rocking workouts. I highly recommend them.
I like all of her kickbox dvds except Kickbox Xtreme, the choreography starts out too fast and complicated for me to keep up. Kickbox Surge is a great workout, and only a couple of the moves were a little complicated, but if I just can't get it, I sub in some other moves just so I keep moving.

I don't do any Step workouts - see above comment re complicated choreograpy ;)
I love Amy's step workouts and I got to visit the set to watch the filming of ASC4. I also love her kickboxing workouts. Her hi-lo workouts also seem fun but I can't seem to get the hang of them. It's probably weird that I can get her complex step but not the hi-lo. I always have trouble with hi-lo--maybe because I don't have a step there as a point of reference.
I have Amy's "In the Ring" & "Kickbox Surge" and In the Ring is my all time favorite kickbox workout. Love the med ball intervals between the combos. I rented Kickbox Extreme once but couldn't get into that one. Haven't tried any of her hi/lo but you have me interested in trying some of her step workouts.
Looks like I'll be getting In the Ring and Kickbox Surge (to start)...thanks everyone! :D

I'm not very good at Hi/Lo whenever I've tried Cathe's so I'll wait to get those.
Kickbox surge is my all time favorite kickbox workout!!! I LOVE the music and the energy of this workout!
I love Amy! She is 2nd to Cathe in my book. While her ASC2 and 3 are super fun, she does take complex choreography to a new level in my book and after a few years of owning them I still don't have it down and therefore don't grab them much. I love LOVE Hi Lo Knockout... and normally don't like hi Lo.
i love amy's workouts....i have all of her advanced step challenge dvds and love them all....she's just a little annoying to me in the first one with all of the whoo hoo...but that's just my opinion and doesn't take away from the the workout....i also have in th ring, and all cardio hi/lo knock out dvds and they are both very will be sweating buckets after i really don't think you can go last with most of her dvds....i think i want kickbox surge b/c i have heard great things about it also..:D
I have all her step workouts and highly recommend them. I also love ITR and Kickbox Surge. I am not a fan of Hi/lo Extreme, Hi/lo Dome, or Kickbox Extreme. The combos just don't count out evenly or something, it just puts me off.

Bear in mind that she presents the step workouts in an add on method with no breakdown. If you want breakdown you need to watch the tutorials on the dvds.
I know this thread is old, but I've recently discovered Amy's step workouts, and just had to comment. I LOVE all 4 ASC workouts!! The choreography is so much fun (hard as heck to learn, but after a couple of weeks, I can do all the workouts without the remote in my hand to rewind!) and they are strenuous workouts. She's reenergized my cardio world, for sure. Just bought kickbox surge... Can't wait to try it. Her step workouts are just awesome!!
Well as long as we are going to talk about Amy, let me just put in a glowing recommendation for her new KB2 workout. It combines intervals of kickboxing with kettlebells, it is almost entirely low impact (there are some optional jump kicks), and I work up a crazy good sweat. The kettlebell intervals are not very long and add a nice element to break up the kick box routines, the kick box routines are just complicated enough to make them interesting without being too difficult to master pretty quickly, and it does not feel like you keep doing the same move forever. The music is good not great like some of her others, and a big plus for me is she does the workouts barefoot which I love. It's the kind of workout I look forward to doing because it's fun and feels like I am accomplishing a lot.

Only one issue, there was a problem with the first round of dvds sent out, so they are not shipping any more orders until they get the newly pressed dvds in to fix the issue. But when it's available, I highly recommend this DVD.
You can rent them through Netflix

I too, like Amy Bento but have only done ASC 1. You can rent a lot of Amy Bento's workout's through Netflix so you can view them before buying them. They do have the first 3 ASC ones, plus some of her high/low dvd's and other of her workout's.
Netflix also has some of Patrick Goudeau's workouts. I haven't tried any of his yet.
I love, love, love Amy Bento! She is second to Cathe for me. What is really great about her ACS videos (besides the actual workouts) are her premixes - they are not quite as "smooth" as Cathe's premixes (in terms of filming), but there are some great ones in there with her "Power-Up" sections, that can give you an interval-type workout in 40 minutes or so - perfect for when I am trying to get a full workout and shower in during one toddler naptime!
well since this thread has been revived, I thought I'd add that I LOVE her new kickboxing rebounding workout. Fun, tough, and low impact.

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