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Hello Cathletes!
If you watch the newer DVDs like those from the Lite Series, Amanda's Six Pack is enviable.
After 4 years of daily workouts with a high proportion of kickboxing, I am actually very satisfied with my waist. My problem is the Lower Abs. I would like to reduce 1 - 2 cm of my lower abdominal circumference. Can anyone recommend me a workout program/rotation, based on the DVDs of the Hardcore, Low Impact and Lite Series, to build defined Abs like Amanda's?
Thanks for the efforts in advance!
Kind greetings
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Hi Eden,

I don't have any advice in this regard, but thought you might enjoy reading a little about Amanda from when she was selected to be part of Cathe's crew:

Very interesting
Is there any article about Jay also?
I think without a strict diet you're not able to build a six pack like those of the girls....
Thanks Debinmi!


From what I know about abs is if you want them you should lower the sugar you eat and processed foods. Hopes that helps!
Hi, Jennifer!
Yes, you are probably right. After 4 years of daily workout, I am actually quite satisfied. It's just that I can't get my lower abs in shape. That will most likely be due to the sweets I eat daily. Without self chastisement you will not get abs like Amanda has.

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