Altus Turbo Tower


What does everyone think about the Altus Turbo Tower?

I think I'm going to buy the one on the Walmart website for $80. I'm on week 2 of mesocycle 1...been modifying the chin-ups with a band but would really like it do the real thing or shall I say TRY and do the real thing ;) Also seems like with Meso 2 and 3 it will really be needed.

Does it have a rack for a barbell? It was hard to tell from the picture?

Any other comments welcome :) Likes? Dislikes?

Thanks in advance!


Go for it!!! You will be glad you bought it.:D

you might want to check amazon they have it for less than $70 and no shipping.


I agree, you'll be glad you bought. It's sturdy and well made with lots of different uses.

It does have a rack for barbells.


you will be so glad you got one, especially if you are doing STS. When I first started doing STS I did not have one...and then I finally got one and so glad...because it has the little rack holder thingys for holding the barbell to do bench presses. Also it is great for doing the pull-ups. It is just very convenient to have if you are making a commitment to fitness.

You will be very pleased! I was so excited when I finally got I just have to get the extra risers for my step !:D


I think you won't regret your purchase - I held out for the longest time and just received one for Christmas. I'm really enjoying the sturdiness, the barbell holders, the ability to do pullups, etc. The only thing I have to be careful of is when I move it - I have a tendency to pick it up by the adjustable bar and that slips the lever out of the holes in the side and moves the bar. Just annoying for me, not an engineering issue.


I bought it to use withbarre workouts. I'm very happy with it. It's a solid piece of equipment. I adore Turbo Barre!


Yes, with LIS, it comes in handy. Plus, you should get your return on investment with STS alone.
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