I have been wrestling with adult acne longer than I care to divulge. I saw my dermatologist yesterday, and she presrcibed Accutane. I am unable to conceive, so, no worries there. There are just so many other possible side effects. Has anyone here tried it?
I went on it and was on it for about a week and had to be taken off of it, I got to where i felt like I couldn't breath and something was crushing my chest really scary. I have heard good things about though.
My doc put me on Tazorac which does what Accutane does but it is a cream you apply to your face instead of taking a pill.
I'm really curious about this too. I have probably mild to moderate adult acne, I can't stand it. I've been debating going to the doc to see what I can do about it. So far, after what's happened with you Amanda, I'm a little scared. ugf..well at some point, I HAVE to do something about it. cause it makes me uncomfortable. Thanks for starting that thread AliCurtis!
I took accutane many years ago. ( 1989 maybe). I was out of college and my face broke out horribly. I took it for 6 months. I had to be on birth control and had to go in for blood tests one a month. I lived on Carmex. Your lips get very chapped. But otherwise it wasn't really bad. It cleared up my acne and to this day I rarely have any break outs. I know there are some people who have major problems with it, but I was fine.
Hope that helps.
I've had to take it twice for my stubborn acne, and the only side effect I really had was dry lips. Major dry lips. My cholesterol also went up, but it came back down to normal levels after I was done. I'm hoping that I won't have to take it again, but it was worth the hassle. It's nice to have clear skin.
I took it about 18 years ago with no problems at all except some dry lips. Worked wonders. Still battle with occasional small pimples now and then but nothing like before. Good luck!
If you're unable or unwilling to stick with Accutane, try

I've had grade 3 acne for 20 years. (Ugh) I'm a long-time user of Serious Skin Care and Clear Complexions, but I wanted a product that was 100% cruelty-free. When I first saw this site, I thought no way 2.5 % benzyol peroxide would cut it for me. Much to my surprise and relief, it's working quite well!
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I used Accutane back in 1995 before my wedding and it did wonders for my skin. Unfortunately, after about two years I started to have problems again, and while I could have done a second round, I wasn't anxious to go through all the blood work and side effects that it had...for me it was extremely dry skin, especially my lips, and it made me very constipated.

I just started using Tazorac, which was prescribed by my dermatologist, and am so far very happy with it!

Good Luck!
After years of trying different oral and topical medications, my son went on Accutane as a last resort. He took it for 6 months and it cleared up his acne like nothing else could. He was required to have a blood test every month and his cholesterol went up but everything was monitored very closely with the doctor. Now, 4 years later he is completely free of acne. To him, it was a miracle drug after suffering all through middle & high school with horrible blistering acne.
If you're unable or unwilling to stick with Accutane, try

I've had grade 3 acne for 20 years. (Ugh) I'm a long-time user of Serious Skin Care and Clear Complexions, but I wanted a product that was 100% cruelty-free. When I first saw this site, I thought no way 2.5 % benzyol peroxide would cut it for me. Much to my surprise and relief, it's working quite well!

I've gone through two rounds of Accutane and both times it worked incredibly well--but the acne came back. The first time I went on it was in 2000 and the second time I went on it was in 2007. You can only go on it three times during your life and I'm not sure if I want to do it again. The chapped lips were almost unbearable and the blood work and birth control pills were a pain in the ass. I'd be willing to go through all of this again if I had assurance that it would actually work forever, but my Dr. can't promise that, and I refuse to go through all the hassle of it a third time if the acne is just going to come back.

I was just visiting and I think I may give that stuff a shot (thanks, LaughingWater!) I've tried everything--accutane, topical prescription meds, no meds, every over-the-counter face wash and acne treatment, Proactive--you name it. I wouldn't wish acne on my worst enemy. It's so unbelievably awful.
My acne started when I was in the 6th grade, I tried every over the counter remedy there was, including benzyol peroxide and salicylic acid. I also tried many prescription remedy's such as retin A and oral antibiotics, including one that created a whole in the lining of my stomach!

In my late 20's I begged my physician to let me try Accutane, because I didn't have cystic acne I wasn't a good candidate for it. Finally she did allow me to try it and it changed my life. It was the only thing to get my acne under control and and in a very short time it was completely gone.

I was also required to take birth control and have my liver tested every month. It was well worth it, it did dry my lips out (well beyond chapped lips) completely dry and cracked beyond belief. That was my only side effect, if I have any regrets it would be that I didn't get to try it sooner. I have been acne free ever since, I'm 48 now.
It's really great to hear some of you are acne-free. It gives me hope that maybe someday my acne will eventually burn out. *crosses fingers*

Allison, good luck with Dan's stuff!

Read through his directions and follow them closely. You'll be spreading the benzoyl peroxide on thick...way thicker than you would normally. And if you can, either buy his jojoba oil or look for a bottle at the store. That helps so much with the initial dryness (plus you can use it to soften your hair :) ).
Thanks a bunch you guys for your responses. I have been on Accutane for a week now; and I cannot wait to see results. Reading your posts makes me feel better about my decision to try Accutane :)!
My friend was on it and I recall her guzzling copious amounts of water and using a ton of moisturizing products and lip balm. It did help her but not without having to suffer the unpleasant side effects.
I have been on Accutane before too and although at that time I thot it was worth the effort as it cleared my acne. However, friends have used cucumber with same result but not the side effect of terribly dry lips and eyes.

Try cutting thin slices of cucumber and keep lightly going over the acne. I prefer to use cucumber from the fridge as it feels cool. When the cucumber slices becomes warm, just change to another cool piece. You will see results very fast.
I went on Accutane two years ago as a last resort for the cystic acne I developed as an adult. It was a pain having to get monthly bloodwork, but my only real side effect was dry lips. I used Aquaphor constantly, and it was bearable and totally worth it for me. I started seeing results really quickly, and once I completed the cycle, it completely eliminated my acne for about a year. When I went off the pill, though, I had a mild-to-moderate flare-up that lasted for several weeks and eventually cleared up again. Now within the past month, I've curiously started breaking out along the jawline again. If it doesn't clear up on its own in a couple of weeks, then I suppose I may be a candidate for a second round.

Good luck! I hope a single round is effective for you.
My daughter went on it in November of last year. After about 2 months - her cholesterol level went up so she had to reduce the dosage by 1/2 (from 2 pills a day down to 1). It still kept her skin very clear, dry, but absolutely no acne.

On the downside - she had to go off of it in April because of the side effects. We decided with the doc that she would go off of it for a few months and the finish up the last 1/3 of the treatment which just started this month.

I am crossing my fingers that the 3 months ahead of her do not give her the severe side effects she had before but she really wants to finish up since her acne started coming back in July. She not only had the dry skin, the medicine really messed with her head. We thought she was going through severe depression - talked to the doctor about it and that's when he took her off of it and wouldn't prescribe anymore until she saw a therapist who would evaluate her mental health. Within the first two weeks of stopping the Accutane - she noticed how different she felt and was back to her old self.

She was cleared to start taking it again but I am worried. As a 16-year old girl she is willing to go through the side effects again rather than start back in school with a face full of acne.

Good luck - but stay in tune with your body and talk to your doctor about anything that just doesn't seem right.

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