A Simple Recipe: Mix 1 part Workout with 2 parts Nutrition


Not only is my husband a deer hunter, but all 3 of our kids are with him. Our youngest (15) daughter shot her first deer last weekend during Missouri's youth hunt. They all converged on the farm last night from 3 different places and will do so again next weekend.

Our daughters are funny. Both can be very girly when they want to and they both love to hunt. I've never been, although I have been invited. I love the fact that the kids have a few weekends a year with their dad all to themselves.

Alright, since yesterday's workout got cancelled, I'm going to attempt Athletic Training again this morning. The water heater is all good now, everything is dried out, and I should have no interruptions. I just hope my back lets me get through it.

I'll check in later. Have a wonderful Saturday! :DHelen

Jane Royse

Hi gals! How was the weekend for you? I was traveling, so didn't get any work outs in.
Helen: I think that's awesome that your girls all love to hunt & get to spend that quality time with DH. I never wanted to hunt, either. However, I LOVE to target shoot. I don't do it very often, though, because I'm better than DH, & that definitely wounds his pride. LOL ;) Did you like Athletic Training? I did it on Friday night - it was definitely harder than I remembered. HA!
Stephanie: How's the STS going? Are you incorporating the LIS series, or are you just going to use that on rest weeks?
I did Low Max yesterday when I got home. I needed it to work out the muscles that were screaming at me from the long car ride. I had to pause a bit longer after a couple of the blasts, but I made it!
Go get a great day!


Hi girls

Jane: i worked in a few of them..so far i have tried AT:eek:k, Cardio ss: not as hard as i expected, AB: hard but totally do-able, Barre: about 4 times to thin my man-thighs..the legs only part though

I am liking it but just you mentioning lowmax makes me want to do it!

The deer won this weekend and my hubs came home empty handed...my son was so disappointed because he LOVES deer meat!

I am back to sts meso 2 and am starving all the time...must resist the chocolate...must resist the chocolate:eek:

I hope you all had a good monday!


Jane: I liked Athletic Training. But I was really concentrating on NOT jeopardizing my back, that I can't decide if I liked it better or not as much as Afterburn. I did Afterburn again on Sunday and it is definitely a keeper.

My back is okay one day and not so much the next. Actually, it seems it's good one MINUTE and not so much the next. I find that standing still sends a terrible pain down my right butt cheek and into my leg. I have to bend over and stretch it out every few minutes.

I tried an inversion table last night. I could definitely feel the pull on my back, and that felt pretty good, but it gave me a massive headache that lasted too long. I could only handle being upside about 15 seconds (3 different times with about a minute in between) because of the pressure in my head. I think I'll stick to some stretching and yoga.

It's workout time. Yoga Max first, then Athletic Training. I'm resisting the urge to lift weights...

Have a great Hump Day! :DHelen

Jane Royse

Helen: I'm sorry to hear about your back. It almost sounds like you've pinched your sciatic nerve (the pain running down your glutes & leg). I have an inversion table, too & absolutely love it. My DH always kids me that "I'm hanging around". I hang every morning for 5 minutes. It helps my back immensely. I started out very slowly, but I never got a headache from it. I hope your back feels better soon. Do you ever go to a chiropractor?
Stephanie: Isn't it really hard to resist chocolate? Even though I'm in menopause, I still seem to have cyclic cravings for chocolate (darn it!). Sorry that the deer won...
I did pretty well with eating yesterday, but I did give in & have some bite size Snickers last night...:eek: I did the step only portion of Low Impact Circuit. I think I'll go a little lighter in my work out tonight - I seem to have aggravated my hip. I think it's because the step is higher in LIC & Low Max. Maybe Slide & Glide...
Have a great hump day, ladies!


Jane: I've never been to a chiropractor. I know a lot of people swear by them, but I'm not convinced. I've been doing some major lower back stretching every chance I get and it's feeling better today.

Stephanie: My son was the only one to shoot a deer last weekend. He went back to school and my husband processed it. He made quite a bit of jerky, which I can't keep my hands off. It's so good. They're going again this weekend. Hopefully they'll fill the freezer.

I worked 3 days this week. Yesterday they had an intruder drill. I was telling the 5th grade teachers (who I work with/for a lot) that I wasn't really sure what to do. They said, "Don't worry. We use substitutes as our human shields and decoys." Nice. ;) The kids knew what to do, so when the drill was announced, they barricaded the door (which was also locked) and went to the 2 far back corners of the room, got on the floor and were totally silent...for a few minutes. When they heard footsteps in the hall, one of the boys said, "It's a lady!" And the giggling started. Then the footsteps stopped right in front of our door. As I got up on my knees to try to silently "shush" the kids, the "intruder" started banging on our door and somehow got it open just enough to get his face in. He looked me right in the eye and mouthed the word, "Bang." It was really kind of creepy and made me think...a lot. Those giggling kids may have gotten me killed.

Okay, back to reality. I'm going to do P90X Back & Biceps today. There's really not a lot of lower back work in this one, so I should be okay. If anything is questionable, I'll skip it. I may follow it up with Yoga Max. We'll see how it goes.

Have a wonderful Friday! :DHelen

Jane Royse

Hi gals! Gearing up for Thanksgiving?
I had to take some time off from working out last week - fibro was flaring up & the fatigue was something awful. But, I was able to work out yesterday, Slide 'n Glide, & I'm feeling better today. So, I hope that's behind me! ;)
Hope you 2 are doing well! I'll be traveling again this week, so I won't be working out after Weds. :( I could take a travel DVD, but there is literally no room in my parents' house to do one... sad...
Helen: The intruder drill sounded very scary!
Here's to safe hunting!


Quick check-in to say "Happy Thanksgiving" to you both and anyone else who may be lurking about.

Monday was our 24th wedding anniversary. I turned 48 years old on the 13th of this month. That means that I have been married to my husband for 50% of my entire life. And I wouldn't change a thing.:D

The hunters netted 3 deer total, with our youngest...the rookie hunter...bringing home 2 of them. We have a freezer full of venison now. Bill made bratwurst for the first time and it was delicious! I love bratwurst, but haven't eaten "real" brats in years because of the fat. I tried turkey brats, but they just weren't the same. He mixed a little bit of well trimmed pork roast in with the venison and they were fantastic.

I've completed all my workouts this week before the sun came up (except for today). Yoga Max is on tap in a few minutes. No Black Friday shopping for me, either. I'll be in my workout room as the shoppers are jockeying for position.

We are off to my parents' house today. No overindulging for me. Have a wonderful day. Enjoy!

:D Helen


Good Morning girls and happy Black Friday...
Although i am in Canada I shopped some online deals and had them sent to my sister who lives in Texas! I am going to visit her and my new nephew Jan 1..I can hardly wait to hold a baby in my arms again...mmm...they smell so good.

Helen : Holy Deer meat Batman...my son is salivating as i read your post!

Jane: I hope you are feeling better,,chiropractors scare me for some reason??

Yesterday I sympathy ate for all my American friends and today i will hit the gym for my sts workout (i like going for the chest so i can bench more)

I hope you all have great workouts today and squeeze in some shopping if you can ( I LOVE shopping)

Btw Jane i didn't respond to your post of what we are thankful for...I am thankful for my family, my health and my news friends here and on my fitness pal. I find chatting even though it is on posts sort of keeps my spirits up when times get a little tough...
So thank you to both you and Helen for helping make my days a little better :)

Jane Royse

Hi ladies! How's it going?
I did Imax 2 on Sunday after I got home from visiting my parents for Thanksgiving. Then, I did AfterBurn last evening. I like to do that one the first of the week - since it's rated the hardest, I figure it's all downhill from there! If I can get through that one, I can get through the rest of them! LOL I still have a little bit of trouble with the 2nd set of Spider Mans - when she gets to the "speeded up" ones, I just can't! But, I made it through them once, so I know I can do it again.
I didn't do too badly at Thanksgiving - I did have one small slice of pecan pie. My sister makes the BEST pecan pie! Yum! She only makes it twice a year, so I figure, what the heck! I know it's pure sugar...:eek:
How was your trip to the gym, Stephanie? Got a chuckle out of your "sympathy eating"...
Helen, how are things with you? A belated happy birthday & happy anniversary to you! Was it a weird feeling to realize you've been married half of your life? Have you stayed out of the deer jerky?
My hubby is going deer hunting next week with his son. Cross your fingers!
Take care!



My how the days are flying by! I have been working a lot, and with Thanksgiving last week, we were just on the go, go, go!

I was the PE teacher yesterday morning. Boy, was that tons of fun!:D I thought of you, Stephanie, as I was getting the kids lined up and ready to warm up. I did the warmups with them (jogging around the gym incorporating different speeds, skipping, galloping, etc.), their stretches, situps and pushups. They were all very impressed that an old lady could do more pushups and situps than they could. It was fun.

I've been getting my workouts in starting at 4:45 every morning for the past 2 weeks. I'm back to the P90X resistance workouts. They seem to be gentler on my lower back, which is still giving me issues. I do Cathe workouts for cardio and yoga. I wish I could bottle the feeling I have after finishing an early a.m. workout. :)

My nutrition has been spot on, too. I have been nibbling on the deer jerky...good protein! :) I am hoping (and expecting) for a weight loss to show up on the scale on Saturday morning. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me. :p

Stephanie: No Black Friday shopping for me. But I did do a little on Cyber Monday. I had to do it from school. The shopping sites were not blocked, and other teachers told me it would be fine. My only concern was when I entered the web address for "Dick's Sporting Goods":eek:...I thought the internet police might show up, but all was fine. ;)

Jane: Yes, it was a little strange to realize I've been married for half of my life. But I can't imagine spending that much time with anyone else! :D I am truly blessed.

Today's workout was Yoga Max. It is so hard for me to stretch, etc. so early in the morning.

Have a wonderful day! Don't let the hustle of the holiday season make you stray off course!

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Jane Royse

Hi ladies!
Yes, I have to admit, this year has absolutely flown by. They say that the older you get, the more time flys, but even younger people are mentioning how fast this year has gone.
My DH went deer hunting today. Haven't heard from him, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
Helen, I can't imagine trying Yoga Max first thing in the morning! I did it the other day, also. I think I like Yoga Relax better for stretching.
Stephanie, I didn't shop, either, but then, I absolutely hate to shop. My DH even does the grocery shopping! LOL He has to BEG me to buy new clothes...:eek:
My eating has been fairly good... & my workouts, too. I tried on my size 4 slacks this morning (I don't usually weigh myself), & I would say that within a week or 2 at the most, they'll fit like a glove. They fit now, but I wouldn't want to sit down in them! LOL! I've been trying to do a few pushups every other day, & my elbow started hurting again. :mad: I'm going to break down & get an injection in it on the 12th, so I'm hoping that will help. If not, there's always acupuncture. Several people on the forums have mentioned that it helped them with various things...
Have a great weekend & keep up the good work!;):D


Good afternoon Girls!

I was seriously disappointed to know you gals don't shop! We have much else in common :)

Helen: Isn't being the PE teacher the BEST???? My students are impressed by me as well...It helps keep them in line when i show them my kickboxing moves...;) I am glad you enjoyed it...

Jane: You are going to rocking those size 4 any day now...I had to laugh on your description...made me remember the days before spandex and the girls that used to use pliers and vaseline to get on their skinny jeans!

I have been having some up and downs lately...I have lost a total of 4 pounds since august (took me long enough..i have been at it at least 10 months) that was last week anyways...this week was a bust so i am not stepping on my scale which i am sure is "broken" for another week at least;) This week we had my sons bi-annual full day Dr. blitz...sucks the energy right out of you...one of his friends was using a wheelchair for the first time and it brought back his illness. You tend to ignore it or try to at least when you can..its harder when it is right there with the Dr.s and friends however..
So like any good Italian...I ate my sadness and other emotions away:(

So this week is my rest week...I have 1 more month of sts..I have pyramided down and all i have left is meso 1 (not my fave) I plan on getting outside if the weather permits and getting some nice walks..It is corny but i find it soothes my soul..I will probably do some yoga max and relax (although max is not as hard as the title infers..) and hopefully i can work in some Turbo-Barre..

Hope you are all well!

Jane Royse

Hello ladies!
No deer for DH - bummer. He's worn out & bummed.
Stephanie: I'm sending you a hug - sounds like you had a rough week. I'm a "stuffer", too - I think a lot of women are, because we have to be the strong ones for our families.
I laughed at your description of the jeans - I never tried pliers & vaseline - too funny!!!!! Congrats on your 4 pound weight loss!
Helen & Stephanie: I think that it's awesome that you wow your students with your prowess!
I did TurboBarre last night - what an awesome workout! My eating has suffered because we've been eating too much fast food. Yuck! :eek:
Here's to a good week!


Jane: Muchos gracias for the hugs...needed them..
I really enjoy Turbo Barre as well...not to girlie and I love the feeling after!

Sorry the deer won this weekend;)


Hello, ladies!

Stephanie: I hear you on weight loss struggles. I based this thread on the idea that this whole process is simple...but definitely not easy. I can work out until the cows come home, but if my nutrition is not where it needs to be, I am doing it all for nothing as far as fat loss goes. I'm sorry you have the added stress of your son's medical issues, too. All the more reason to take care of yourself.

Jane: Yoga Max early in the a.m. wasn't fun. I've never been able to do a yoga workout early in the a.m., so I don't know what I was thinking. I'll save that one for a bonus workout on Sundays. How is your elbow feeling? My husband got 2 more deer this past weekend and has spent the last few days making bratwurst and jerky. We should be all set until our son comes home for the holidays. He'll tear through all that meat in no time! :)

I began my third week of early a.m. workouts on Monday with P90X Chest & Back. Let me tell you...Tuesday was a struggle to get up early and get going. I slept like a rock and when the alarm went off, I felt like I'd just gone to bed! There was a little voice in my head was telling me to stay in my warm bed for another hour and a half. "You can do your workout later", it said. "You've deserve to sleep in", it said. "Who's going to know?", it said. "I will know!", I said. So I got up, got dressed and put in Afterburn. Holy glutes on fire...It was the first time I did that workout before dawn and it was so hard. Thank goodness it flies by. I was so happy to hear Cathe say, "This is the last interval."

This morning I did P90X Shoulders & Arms. It was a good workout and I am seeing consistent gains in my strength and stamina.

One more thing: My nutrition has been really good (thanks, MyFitnessPal) and it showed on the scale this past Saturday. I lost 3.5 lbs. in a week and all the math tells me it's all fat...no loss in lean body mass. I saw the number on the scale, let out a sigh, said a very quiet "thank you" and knew that the challenge would be to keep going. So far, so good this week. I am hoping for 1 or 1.5 pounds this week.

Have a wonderful Humpday! I'll be at work tomorrow and Friday but will try to check in on you!



Helen: What is your name on myfitness pal...there are a whole bunch of us catheletes having a blast during the day on there!!! you must join us...its really fun and well really fun!
I am steph__arena look me up and friend me if you want. We sort of try and motivate each other and give each other virtual high 5s after a workout...

Jane: You Rock! that is amazing how you are able to get up and workout at that time in the am..I just play around the computer at that time...I squeeze my workouts in at lunch of during breaks...Its the only quiet time in my house..if I start working out the kiddos will be up with me:eek: there goes my moments of peace and silence!

I am just about fed up of this funk i have been in and I am sick of people asking me if i am sick..apparently I look exhausted...I feel worn out and not to motivated to exercise..good thing I am on my rest week...I think I miss my weights;)

I am so happy to read you are all on track and doing well..Its motivating and helps...


Steph: I just sent you a friend request on mfp. I am hwc130...same as here. :) Hook me up with others. As long as they're not creepers...:confused::p

I haven't used their message boards and only discovered the facebooky status bar a day or two ago. I've been using mfp for a very long time (off and on) and I never noticed it before. Probably because I only logged in my food and didn't seek out support from others.

I'll be up and at 'em at 4:45 tomorrow morning! I've got MMA Boxing on the schedule.


Jane Royse

Helen: Kudos to you - getting those workouts in every morning. Whew! What time do you go to bed at night? I'd be falling over myself by 8 p.m. if I were getting up that early!
Stephanie: Hope this is a better week for you!
My eating this week has been spot on - I'm so proud of myself! LOL ;):p
I have either done cardio or weights every day this week, & I'm going to cap off my week with Yoga Relax tonight. I think that's a great way to rid myself of the work week stress & hopefully, it will help me sleep restfully!
Take good care, & have a great weekend!


Jane: I try to go to bed by 9:00 every night. It doesn't always happen, but I'm ALWAYS in bed by 10:00. Yay for your clean eating! Are you logging into myfitnesspal?

Steph: Do you post to any threads on mfp? I don't know if I can keep up with another message board. I feel like I've been slacking here as it is...

I've had an aching foot this week...self-diagnosed plantar fasciaitis. I skipped my workouts Thursday and Friday because it was just so painful right from the get-go. I've been icing, elevating, and ibuprofen-ing (which is what a doctor would tell me to do) as much as possible and it feels a little better today. I'm going to get yesterday's leg workout done today and then stretch everything out tomorrow with Yoga.

I stepped on the scale this morning and was happy to see a 1/2 pound loss.:) So that's 4 pounds in 2 weeks. I couldn't be happier. I'm shooting for a pound or pound and a half next week.

The closer we get to Christmas, the more goodies there are laying around at school. I had a double dose of chocolate covered pretzels last night...first time in so long and they were so good. This is going to take even more self discipline!! Who's with me????

It's simple, right? Have wonderful weekend! :DHelen

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