A Preliminary Look at the "LITE" Body Weight & Bands Workout and a LITE Project Update


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You don't always need weights for a great muscle routine and Body Weight & Bands will prove it! This workout requires nothing more than your body weight and fitness bands making it a great low impact, travel friendly routine that will challenge your body through varying exercises and rep patterns using body weight and rubber resistance.

As long as everything will fit on the disk, in this DVD we plan on including a Calorie Crush cardio bonus, a Pyramid Pump, an extended LITE stretch and a 6 Pack Bonus Abs add-on. The entire LITE series includes over 2 hours of bonus workouts.

The Body Weight & Bands main workout should come in around 42 mins in length. We plan on offering numerous premixes that will feature shorter and longer workouts. Every exercise is chaptered in this workout allowing you to easily skip to any part of the DVD you want to and a vocal only audio track is included so you can use your own music if you want to.
We have now finished filming all of the LITE bonus workouts and 7 of the 8 main workouts. We had hoped to finish filming all of the LITE workouts last week, but ran out of time and decided it would be best to film the last workout this week (tomorrow 10-23-180) instead. In the past this would not have been option as the crews we hire to do our filming would have had to remove their equipment and it would have been to costly to set up everything again. Having our own fully equipped studio now allows us to film whenever we want.

We also spent most of last week editing some of the LITE videos and this work will continue almost everyday at our facility until we're done. We're making good progress, but we still have a lot of work to do - so back to work we go!

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