A complete Low Impact series please please please


Oh, yeah!

High intensity, low impact would be amazing for all of us as we get older! I still love to jump (it makes me feel like a kid!) but I know, at some point, my knees will probably give out if I'm always slamming them in my workouts, no matter how good my form - or the workout shoes.

Cathe, I think you have a lot of people on this Forum who would buy this series in a heartbeat. Please consider making it in the future.



Just participated in my first road trip in TX - loved the workouts!!! We did have a step and low impact High Intensity workout and it was great. I also vote for a low impact series. Great suggestion.


This is BRILLIANT!!!!!

I would be in heaven!!!!!

No one does high intensity low impact like you, Cathe!

I am so excited to see I have company....thought I was the only one!
I've been dying for a low impact, high intensity series for years now. Not just one or two token low impact, high intensity vids every now and again.

However, realistically, how much intensity can we have with all low impact, and how much variety? I don't know, but I know if anyone can figure out how to deliver an excellent low impact series with variety, Cathe can.


After doing Cathe's Intensity- Lo Hiit/Bootcamp premix yesterday, I too would love to see a High Intensity- Low Inpact series from Cathe.



I too would love to see a low impact series from you! I hope you are listening to your fans and consider it!!

Thanks for the high quality, awesome workouts you produce.


A low impact series could include separate workouts focussing on, for example, yoga for athletes, without too much of a spiritual component and rock music rather than cymbals and drums, etc; it could include a long DVD with a graduated plan to master pilates moves, kind of a grow-with-us type approach that would last us forever, pilates would totally complement the very high intensity work cathe usually offers by reminding people to think of form and function, body alignment, injury prevention and that every day should not be lived at the same level of intensity; the series could include a couple of kettlebell workouts, one as a circuit (see Paul Katami), another more as a skills clinic and strength/cardio focus. Kettlebells suit low impact exercise fabulously. The series could also include a low impact circuit that does not use the step, or that does use the step but the cardio segments are all taught blast-style.

Some ideas to make low impact into a series and not just a few, token low impact segments dotted here and there hat fans have to cobble together to make a workout.




keeping this to the top ,as its a must for most of us.A HIIT that is low impact ,dvds without equipment that are low impact and maybe something on a trampoline to take the joints rather then the floor.Hope you consider this as it seems a winner.


Include Boot Camp 2 Please!

Cathe, I would love a low impact Boot Camp 2. The blend of circuit-style cardio/lower/upper/core, 1 minute each, 8 segments, all done-in-under-60-minutes format is just inspired perfection!

Thanks for all you do!


I love the idea of a low impact series. I have so many of Cathe's DVDs, but like others must modify them on my own (which may not be the best thing). I'm 48 and have many strange injury issues: bunions, upper back stiffness, ankle weekness, shoulder issues, lower back issues only when doing certain ab exercises....I'd love to be able to do the workouts as designed w/o having to adapt them to my needs.


All Low Impact dvd

I'm all for all all low impact dvd!!! It can just be one dvd with a couple workouts without having to buy a whole series


A low impact series would be fantastic! I modify as needed right now but it would be nice to have a series to pick from and not have to modify!


Is this the longest-running thread in the history of this forum? I think that speaks for itself. There's an audience for high-intensity, low-impact workouts! PLEASE.

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