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I just completed the 1 rep max for week disc 1. It took me a long time, maybe the better part of an hour. And this is on a lifting day. I printed out my results and see that many are on other discs as well.

I’m wondering if I did it for the first 3 disc, would that be all the exercises? I’m thinking no, since exercise #254 is only on one disc. I’m wondering if there is an easy way to sort, so I’m not requesting 1RM tests?

So if I do week 1 disc 2 Thursday,do I just need to look on my results page and see that I don’t need to redo 5 exercises, because is what I see in here already completed? (Now this is from a long time ago, so I will likely redo them for the first 3 discs,but after that?) I was hoping to start next week, but now I’m thinking I will have to wait until the new year or later...


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I spent a 3 days doing the 1RM testing; its best to print the 1RM testing sheet and follow along that. The sheet will not have to repeat the samething.

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