12 week challenge week 9 thursday 6/15

RE: 12-Week Check-in

I would argue on the 1.5 baths. There are only 3 of us and we have 2.5. Even though cleaning is a pain, I love having my own bath (well I share it with dh, but you can't tell that if you look at the sink LOL). DD has her own bathroom and has been responsible for cleaning it since she was a younger teenager. The half is nice because that's the one you keep clean all the time for company to use. And it's easy to clean since it's small and only has a sink and commode in it. Of course when we have company that spends the night, they use DD's bath, which means I give it a good cleaning before they arrive, since DD's idea of clean and mine are a little different. Since we are talking of bathrooms, has anyone tried that new automatic shower cleaner, that sprays down the shower with cleanser after you are through?

Added note, resale value of a home is higher for houses with more bathrooms.


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