12 week challenge week 9 thursday 6/15


Good Morning Challengers!:7

I went to bed too early last night. Joey went up about an hour early because he missed some nap time so he was in bed by 8 and mommy followed suit!;) I was tired....I apparently caught a bit of a bug from my coughing boy (his cough is about gone now!:)) so I guess that was wearing on me. SO anyway....by 8pm I was in bed with my book...by 8:30 I was snoring!;) But then I woke up at midnight and couldn't fall back to sleep so between coming on the forums and reading, I was up until 1:30am...actually worked out well as I got the PERFECT amount of sleep and was up at 6am this morning!:)

I never got my run in last night. DH ended up working O/T so I thought of bringing Joey with me as he's pretty much cough-free but like I said, I was beat and so was he so we stayed in bed instead! LOL

Today I will go and run though. :)

Gloria, the name of the work out I ordered from deepdiscount is Strong, Lean and Defined by Madeline Dolente.

Have a great day ladies!:)
Ok, I"m up Wendy. I thought I just follow you over here from the Cheetah Thread. Or should I say run over here.

Today will be a run for me. Hopefully a good 4 or 5 miles and then some yoga.

Last night I ate some buscetta and wheat thins. It was so good but it did not agree with me. I took out like 17 wheat thins because that was a serving for like 130 calories. Then the buscetta had like 10 calories in 2 tbsp. Before I knew it I must of had 15 tbsp of buscetta and like 40 crackers. Man was is good and pretty healthy but the portion got way way out of control. Now I must go run it off.


Karen, that's priceless!:7

That's like what I did not too long ago...

I bought a pint of Ben and Jerry's icecream for DH at the store. He ate a tiny bit one night and then the next night while he was at bowling I proceeded to eat the ENTIRE rest of the pint in one sitting!!!!

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
Good morning Wendy and Karen! I'm laughing about Karen claiming the uneaten Wheat Thins! LOL!

This morning at I have a HairMax workout as my good friend (who's also a very talented professional hairstylist) is highlighting my hair. It's a grey day though, hardly inspirational for enjoying summery highlights.

Later on I'll be doing S&H Chest & Back.

I also have a date with CleanMax because someone wants to come see our house tomorrow night at 8pm. This place is so not ready to be viewed. We actually know these people, they love this neighbourhood and hang out with one of the neighbours. I'm not getting my hopes up though, I've done that too many times already!

Hope everyone has a great day! A cheery good morning to those that follow me in checking in.

Oh "greetings" Jeanette!

Heidi :)
Hi Heidi,

It must be the season for hair...I just got mine cut last night. I need a dye job in the WORST way! UGH! I am too cheap to get it professionally done though so I'll be visiting Walgreens soon!;)

Enjoy S&H!

I must be going...want to get ready to head out to the gym now!
I hear you Wendy on doing your own hair coloring. I maintain my color myself, my hairdresser is the one who encouraged me to do it to save myself some money. Of course I got good advice from her on choosing my base color, and she recommended L'Oreal so that helps!

I let her add the fine touches! ;) She actually does it from her home, so it's like a really nice visit with a friend, but you walk out of her house feeling like a new woman. :)

Hi, ladies. Count me in on the "too cheap to get my hair done" group. LOL. My mom is a licensed "hair-doer" so she cuts my hair on a regular basis. I think I've only ever gotten my hair professionally done 6 times in my entire life!

Sorry I've been MIA from this check-in lately. I simply have too many posts going at one time for me to keep up with them all. The boys and I are enjoying our summer vacation!

As for me, once the birds woke me this AM, I hopped to the basement for my workout. 3 mile easy run, some push ups, then Stretch Max #1. I'm working hard on taking it easy! LOL. This is only week 1 of my marathon schedule and I don't want to go out too fast or hard. I know where my problems were with my Disney training, so I'm working on avoiding those pitfalls again.

Getting ready for our weekend camping trip. Then hitting the town pool with the boys.

good morning challengers!
coming here to look for motivation...BIG TIME!!!

I have my exercise class that I teach in about an hour. It's 45mins long, so I want to add a Muscle Max premix...probably just timesaver!

Wendy: I am just like you. Don't want to pay for a hairdresser to do my hair. Gonna head over to walmart today as well. Thanks for the info on that tape. will check it out!

Karen: LOL about those wheat thins!

I did cleanmax yesterday. Glad that's over w/ for awhile, anyway!!!! LOL

have a good day ladies!

take care:)
12-Week Check-in

Good morning! I did Power Max yesterday. I just made it through the warmup before work. I did not enjoy the warmup at all. It did not inspire me to complete the rest of it. I did the actual workout last night. It has a lot of fun moves, but the choreography is very basic and athletic. Cathe breaks it down a lot more too, which is not good for choreography lovers like me. I love dancy workouts like Rhythmic Step. Power Max is nice for a change and might grow on me, but it is not destined to become a personal favorite. At least Cathe added a few mambos and spins at the very end. It is definitely a good workout. I worked up a sweat and kept my heart rate in my zone. I will reach for this one when I want to work my body and rest my brain, but I will likely do the step section of Step, Jump, & Pump first (or another good warmup). A much younger Cathe made me laugh and smile during this workout with her cheerleader whooping and comments about looking hot. :7

I had a restless night and did not get to sleep until 5:00 a.m. I woke up at 7:00 a.m. No morning workout for me today. I will do something tonight if I have enough energy to move.

Heather B.

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31 NIV).
RE: 12-Week Check-in

Hi all, I'm back. I did get in a 4.5 mile tempo run and then the stretching. So now I'm off to eat some oatmeal. I'm sure dh won't want that. It is so typical of men to say that. I can make a cake or buy ice cream and it will sit and sit. The minute I finally cave and eat it he asks " Where is it at" I'm thinking it's an evil mind game to see how long it will take me to eat it. He always wins. I don't know if it's men or what He can go for days with cake sitting on the counter and it won't bother him in the least. If cake is sitting on the counter around me. It talks to me. It knows my name, address, ss#. I have to eat it in order for it not to give out all my info. Ok, now I'm losin it.

Count me in on the cheap hair girls side. Mine I color myslf. I't all one length except for some layers. It's a good pull it in a pony tail kind of do for me.

RE: 12-Week Check-in

Morning ladies - doing a quick check from work -- you crack me up. I am still a bit under the weather - no workout today - hope to be back at it tomorrow. I have a sinus infection......and also I began another cycle - that is twice in 3 weeks.....what is up? Anyway I had a check in this morning - I am sure I am holding water - my head is congested and throbbing but the medicine helps that.....and with the other I am also shall I say.....stopped up?........I am sure that is too much info but I say that to explain my new stats to myself??????

Stat History
Beginning Stats Weight 140 BF 29%
1st Week Weight 138.8 BF 28%
05/26/06 Weight 136.8 BF 27.4%
06/02/06 Weight 141.3 BF 28%
06/07/06 Weight 137.4 BF 25.3%
06/15/06 Weight 140.6 BF 23.8%

I have to be holding water...... I had a nice drop in BF - my clothes do not fit better right now but I think once I take the water off they will. However, I am beginning to see more definition in my upper abdominal area, between the knee and mid thigh, and I have always had pretty good definition in my shoulders and arms but I noticed a new muscle "bump" in the mirror last night when i was removing the little makeup I had left after my eyes watered all day.....my upper torso is really tight where my obliques are. I took my beginning pic with clothes on - sigh......

anyway, back to work - have a great day ladies!
RE: 12-Week Check-in

Hello ladies,

Karen- hilarious!!

Wendy- what are you doing at the gym today?

Kathy- girl, your bf % is dropping like crazy:D .

Heidi- i just got finished with cleanmax yesterday, took me about a weekx( . i detest cleaning.

This morning i did Jari's ripped to the core for the first time. It definitely gets your heart rate up. I will have to see how my body feels tomorrow as of right now I don't feel like my muscles received a hardcore workout. I did like the workout and Jari.

Happy workouts today ladies!!
RE: 12-Week Check-in

Hey Sunny...

Anyone who has done Ripped to The Core or Slim and Lean gives them a could review. I'll bet you have DOMS tomorrow. If you don't, maybe you need to go a bit heavier!}(

I did my 20 min ITrain elliptical work out but I walked backwards }( and then I hopped on the treadmill and ran 2.5 miles in just under 26 mins. I was varying my speed between 5.5 and 6.8 the entire time.
It was 43 mins and 494 calories. I'm happy!:)

Detest cleaning you say? Who doesn't!? :7 :7 :7 Actually it gives me a sense of accomplishment but when I have TOO much to do all at once I get aggravated with it...x(
RE: 12-Week Check-in

Karen, I am still LOL'ing over your post about the food!:7 :7 :7

Heather, Sorry you didn't find Power Max fun. I like that one...it's the 3rd Cathe step I ever did! Granted it was TOUGH being sooo new to step but I perservered and learned it after mastering BS and BF!

Gayle, Have fun at the pool with your boys! I want to get back in our little pool w/Joey but the weather doesn't seem to be cooperating...maybe tomorrow.

Kathy, Hope you feel better fast! Great results girl!

Gloria, So did you do an MM timesaver? I love MM! It's such an awesome weight work out!!!}(
RE: 12-Week Check-in

Good afternoon to everyone! I've missed a lot of new chatting!

Back from my hairdresser/friend's house. I love her, truly love her, she is a master hair artist and she just takes whatever money you feel to give her, she's crazy! I didn't feel like I gave her near enough so I'm going to give her one of our plastic organizer thingy on wheels for her to organize her hair stuff in. I feel like I belong on a red carpet somewhere!

Now I need to go do S&H Chest & Back....I hope I don't mess up my hair!! LOL! ;-)

CleanMax still not started...that's one workout I HATE doing!


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