12 week Anti-gravity rotation


I LOVE this rotation and want to start it soon. I don't have Great Glutes, Turbobarre, Lower Leg Blast or Lean Legs. I do have Lower Body Blast and Butts and Guts. How would you substitute the leg WOs with what I have. I wouldn't mind getting another leg WO, so a suggestion would be great as to which one would cover the most terrain for this rotation.


Hi Sara and thank you! I have been enjoying this rotation and getting DOMS too;-)
I would use Lower Body Blast premix #2 or 5 in place of Great Glutes, Turbobarre (add a core workout -maybe extra one from Butts and Guts?), and Lean Legs and Abs, again subbing a core workout. You could use Butts and Guts premix #1 (abs included) or 3 (warmup on own) for Lower Body Split adding Pilates or Yoga abs.
Hope this helps and let me know please how you like it!
Wanted to add you could add the floor portion of both LBB and B&G when you sub them in if you have time and energy!;-)
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Hi Sara,

If you enjoy working out legs and need variety, I encourage you to purchase more.
within your budget of course. Cathe's daily deals do help!

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