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    Video Clip Of Cathe's Trisets Total Body Live Workout

    Attention CatheLIVE subscribers, Thursday, Sept 21st, 2023 at 9:30 am EST, we’ll be doing “Trisets Total Body”. Get ready to get busy with this no-nonsense, nonstop, moderate-to-heavy-hitter! We’ll start with a lower body triset and repeat it before moving on to an upper body triset and repeat...
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    Cathe's STS 2.0 Trisets Total Body Workout

    Today’s video clip is from our STS 2.0 Trisets total bodyworkout. Training in a tri-set format, grouping three exercises back to back, is an excellent technique for hypertrophy and strength because of the extra volume and time under tension with little to no rest between the exercise...
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    STS Muscle & Recovery Trisets Lateral Raises

    Pictured here are Cathe, Jenn D, Kristin, and Al performing a lateral raise in the scapular plane. For the health of your shoulders, your lateral raises shouldn't be completely at your sides. Instead, you want to work the lateral raise in what's called the "scapular plane." That's about 20 to...
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    Close Grip Sumo Squat in Cathe's STS Trisets Total Body workout

    Pictured here is Cathe with Jenn A and Brenda doing a Close Grip Sumo Squat in the STS Trisets Total Body workout. Muscles worked: quads, glutes, hips, hamstrings, and inner thighs…oh so good
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    Introducing the cast from STS 2.0 series!

    Introducing the cast from STS 2.0 series! From left to right we have Jenn A, Jenn D, Brenda, Cathe, Al and Kristin. This picture was taken right before the filming of Trisets Total Body Workout. We know you enjoy knowing what the cast is wearing so we’ll share that with you now. Jenn A is...
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Toasted Trisets Upper Body Live Workout

    Attention Cathe Live subscribers: May 3rd, 2018 at 9:15 am EST we will be doing “Toasted Trisets : Upper Body” LIVE. A solid upper body weight workout taking three consecutive exercises per body part and repeating them for three sets before moving onto the next body part. Rests will be minimal...